25 Photos of Nostalgic Items That Evoke Instant Recognition for Those Over 35 Years Old

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1. This is the exact alarm clock that your parents had in their bedroom, emitting a vibrant red glow.

/jeffmartin47 / Via reddit.com

2. This is the VHS edition of the Star Wars trilogy.


3. And the abundance of The Phantom Menace toys that filled the store shelves upon the movie’s release.

Jonathan Elderfield / Getty Images

4. These water bottles with the thick plastic straws that imparted a plasticky taste to everything.

Peterrabbit86 / Via etsy.com

5. The Cherry Coke that was packaged in this specific can design.

u/mnitsch56 / Via reddit.com

6. Vending machines featuring the oversized buttons for selection.

u/ROCKY13573 / Via reddit.com

7. The Forrest Gump soundtrack, a double-CD that your boomer parents played on repeat.


8. Anne Geddes books, often showcased on the coffee tables of your mom or grandma.

BOMAJTreasuresZE / Via etsy.com

9. Those acrylic cube photo frames that typically adorned your parents’ dresser, showcasing pictures that were at least a decade or more old.

Recy / Via etsy.com

10. Pizza Hut during its era as a dine-in restaurant.

The Washington Post / The Washington Post via Getty Images

11. The massage chairs found within The Sharper Image store at the mall.

Medianews Group / MediaNews Group via Getty Images

12. KB Toys and their recognizable blue checkout counters.

Spencer Weiner / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

13. When the iTunes homepage had this particular appearance.

Getty Images

14. The bicycle section at Toys “R” Us and the distinct scent of rubber that would engulf you as you strolled through it.

Langevin Jacques / Sygma via Getty Images

15. During the period when Subway restaurants adorned their walls with subway maps as wallpaper.

Mark Peterson / Corbis via Getty Images

16. The enormous toaster at Quiznos that would heat up your subs.

Ilgan Sports / Multi-Bits via Getty Images

17. The NES, SNES, and N64 cartridges, typically grey in color, that emitted a warm, plasticky aroma after hours of gameplay.

Robtek / Getty Images

18. Boomboxes with this appearance that made you feel like you owned the pinnacle of technological advancement.


19. The phenomenon of Wonderbra and the ubiquitous billboards promoting it.

San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

20. Spacemaker pencil boxes, notorious for their tendency to burst open if accidentally dropped.

u/Sea-Constant-9251 / Via reddit.com

21. The neon lights illuminating the rear section of Target stores.

Star Tribune Via Getty Images / Star Tribune via Getty Images

22. The microwave popcorn you would grab while checking out your videos at Blockbuster.

enso / Via reddit.com

23. The school milk that was packaged in those perennially difficult-to-open paper cartons.

u/Ok-Tax5517 / Via reddit.com

24. Lunchables, the portable meals that made you feel incredibly sophisticated whenever you brought one to school.

San Francisco Chronicle / San Francisco Chronicle via Getty Images

25. Lastly, there were televisions with approximately 18-inch screens, abysmal resolution, and an astonishing weight of 35 pounds.

Naumoid / Getty Images/iStockphoto

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