7 Amazing Japanese Animated Films That Will Inspire You To Succeed

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Immersing yourself in the creative world of Japanese anime can be an incredibly powerful and inspiring experience. Not only can you appreciate the technical skill of the animators, but you leave empowered to think boldly, take chances and pursue whatever dreams ignite your passion. Fortunately, there are plenty of excellent Japanese animations to explore, from heartwarming family films to gripping adventures. Many have stood the test of time and even have generated devoted cult followings worldwide.

Here are 7 of the top 7 favorite Japanese animated films in the world.

1. New Game!

New Game!

The anime New Game!, which follows Suzukaze Aoba, a recent high school graduate transitioning into the working world by joining a gaming company, gives viewers an interesting look at the challenges and excitement of taking these early steps. While Aoba discovers what it means to wear grown-up shoes for the first time and manages to learn from both her successes and failures, she also gets help from her senior co-workers. With New Game!’s upbeat attitude and encouraging spirit, viewers may just be inspired to take steps towards their own dreams!

2. ReLife


ReLife’s approach is slightly different from other cartoons of the same genre. Rather than pursuing dreams, it examines the hardships of life when one gives up. ReLife explores this concept deeply with its focus on self-improvement. Through various characters’ experiences and insight, it educates viewers on the significant power of changing oneself in order to live a better life. The process of renewing oneself internally is shown throughout these episodes in full effect to further demonstrate the respect and appreciation for this valuable lesson.

3. The Royal Tutor

The Royal Tutor

Starting off as an ordinary butler for a royal family, Heine Wittgenstein unknowingly embarks on a journey of self-disovery and growth alongside the four princes, Kai, Bruno, Leonhard, and Licht. During the twelve episodes of The Royal Tutor, the audience follows their transformation while they attempt to claim the royal throne. This drama not only provides viewers with beautiful animations and stunning visuals but also holds lifelong lessons that we can each take away and apply in our own lives. Through comical scenarios along with insight into each prince’s hopes and dreams, viewers are provided with an inspirational story that may even potentially deepen their understanding of themselves.

4. Food Wars

Food Wars

Souma Yukihira may only be 15 years old but he certainly isn’t afraid of a challenge. His dream is to become a professional chef in his father’s restaurant and surpass his father’s culinary skills! To do so, he faces likely challengers head-on at Totsuki Saryo Culinary Academy. He competes against the students of the school as well as others in various cooking and shokugiki competitions, showing off his incredible talent along the way. Those who are looking to both entertain and learn have no better option than Food Wars – join Souma on his journey as he strives to reach his goals and dreams!

5. Haikyuu!


Haikyuu! is an anime and manga about a group of volleyball players that takes teamwork, friendship, and pushing boundaries to a whole new level. The show has found itself with a variety of viewership ranging from sports fans to non-sports fans alike. I still remember the lessons imparted by the teams, the coaches, and the athletes featured in both versions. These lessons are not only extremely entertaining but also immensely useful in our daily lives; an idea beautifully brought out by this show.

6. My Hero Academia

My Hero Academia

Midoriya Izuku’s story is one that inspires many, an underdog who from the start of his journey had no superpowers yet he still achieves greatness. With no strong backing to help him along his journey, all Izuku had was his sheer will and determination for which the world’s greatest hero All Might saw value in and gave him the superpower One For All. The movie follows Izuku’s struggles, successes, and battles and touches on themes such as hard work, loyalty and friendship. It also features plenty of adrenaline-filled action sequences that will keep viewers glued to their screens throughout the course of the film while they cheer on Izuku as he takes on any obstacle thrown at him. The inspiring story arc coupled with these breathtaking visuals make this movie a worthy entertainment experience.

7. Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail

Fairy Tail is a renowned anime which follows a group of individuals with various abilities in an expansive magical world. Set in the Kingdom of Fiore, the story centers around Lucy Heartfilia who leaves behind her lavish lifestyle and decides to join the legendary Fairy Tail society. Featuring compelling characters with distinct powers and personalities, this guild is not only interconnected but also dedicated to uniting to protect each other from harm. Additionally, their unwavering will to complete any daunting task regardless of how dire the situation may be creates a captivating sense of bravery throughout its narrative. From tragedy to victory, through thick and thin, Fairy Tail is about rising up as one despite differences and rejoicing in fellowship and understanding.

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