A Biography of Eren Yeager

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Eren Yeager is a major player in the anime and manga series Attack on Titan. He is the only son of Grisha and Carla Yeager and has had a life full of tragedy, from having to watch his mother die at a young age to becoming a key member of the Survey Corps. Let’s take a closer look at this dynamic character’s background and story.

About Eren Yeager

Name: Eren Jaeger

Japanese name: エレン・イェーガー

Age: 19

Height: 183 cm

Weight: 63kg

Eren is a typical-sized man with a calm demeanor. He comes off as quirky due to his black hair and green eyes. However, Eren Yeager gradually improved her physical and martial abilities before taking the shape of a Titan. Eren frequently donned a dark brown cape with the Army Scouts uniform when he was a teen. It resembles a regular attire that the man dons when they meet and practice. Relationship with Eren Yeager

Member of the Yeager . family
Father: Grisha Yeager
Mother: Carla Yeager
Half brother: Zeke Yeager
Grandfather: Yeager
Grandmother: Mrs. Yeager
Aunt: Faye Yeager

Eren’s Character Yeager Eren is a passionate and obstinate person who always works with his teammates and friends to defeat the Titans. After his family was killed in a tragic battle, he decided to enlist in the Army Reconnaissance Corps after realizing his potential and desire. In addition, he is a profound individual who has a particular interest in Mikasa and Armin. He didn’t adopt Mikasa as his adopted sister until much later. However, he always finds himself in needless trouble.
Additionally, Eren is a highly excitable person who often acts violently out of control when his rage is at its peak. Eren Jaeger harbors a deep hatred for all Titans and strives to eliminate them as quickly as possible. Strengths and Capabilities of Eren Yeager, Other Titans are amazed by the potent energy source that Eren Yeager possesses. Talent for martial arts, Eren has developed into a boy who can choose to stand out from the crowd with peers ever since he was a very young child. Eren trained hard after he joined the Army, and his strength gradually and noticeably increased. By combining 3D Maneuvers with practical martial arts, Eren has access to martial arts tools and can also perform 3D moves.
Nevertheless, he first had a difficult time adjusting to the engine. But after everything is mastered, Eren Yeager may combine it with various other skills to become a formidable fighter who instills dread in his foes. Being able to change into a Titan When Eren Yeager transformed into a Titan, he was initially unable to control himself, but eventually, he was able to. Eren becomes significantly more potent when he transforms into a Titan; in just one change, he can take out more than 20 Titans. Additionally, this talent aids in the speedy recovery of his body following an opponent’s strike, even if he has been beheaded. But thanks to Titan’s strength, Eren Yeager was able to return to normal very soon.

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