Amina and Belel Kandil Update: Unsolved Mysteries Returns with Third Season

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The Amina and Belel Kandil update is back, this time with the third season of Unsolved Mysteries. Get all the details on the mysterious deaths and disappearances of several people, including ex NBA players Ahmed Kandil and Rebecca

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From love to loss, Unsolved Mysteries explores the tragic story of Rebecca and Ahmed Kandil. In a dramatic turn of events, Ahmed – desperate in light of economic hardship – is driven to abduct their two children Amina and Belel after losing his job in 2008. The captivating tale centers around the heartbreaking aftermath for both parents as they are torn apart by this inconceivable event. Tune into “Abducted By A Parent” on Unsolved Mysteries’ third episode season 3 as it sheds further insight onto this mystery!

#1. What Happened To Amina and Belel?

Rebecca was faced with every parent’s worst nightmare as her children went missing during a weekend adventure. Despite alerting the FBI, Rebecca lacked much-needed assistance for weeks until private investigators uncovered Amina’s iPad in Turkey near the warzone of Syria – elevating an already troubling situation to even more daunting heights. The AZIZ Unsolved Mysteries remains one of many unsolved cases and further updates can be found at their website.

Later, she got an email from someone she thought was Ahmed assuring her that the kids were fine and living on a farm with some animals.

Given that Ahmed’s family has a farm in Egypt, Rebecca has hypothesized that Amina and Belel may reside there. Still, she hasn’t been able to find or bring them back. Our best guess is that the children are currently residing in the Middle East, but at this time, that’s all the information we have. Here is the updated information about Patrick Mullins Unsolved Mystery case.

#2. Amina And Belel Kandil Update: Is There Any Updated News

No new information regarding Ahmed or the kids’ whereabouts has surfaced, which is very concerning. The FBI’s inquiry revealed that Ahmed had last been spotted at New York City’s JFK Airport, where he was preparing to board a flight to Kiev, Ukraine, where he would meet Amina and Belel before continuing to Istanbul. Ahmed listed his father’s residence for his Egyptian ID application in 2016. Unfortunately, nothing came of this.

During a podcast interview in 2021, FBI Special Agent Stacey Sullivan stated that she and her colleagues suspect Anima and Belel are currently residing in Egypt. The Inside the FBI podcast host revealed she’s been coordinating with the FBI’s Egyptian ambassador to find them.

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