Best Boy characters on Anime screen

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This year, the Crunchyroll Awards are anticipated to take place on January 18th, which is just around the corner in nearly 10 days. Currently, fans are eagerly awaiting the classic “Best Boy” category. Which anime character will be recognized in this year’s line-up?

Best Boy characters on Anime screen
Best Boy characters on Anime screen

Many fans have put forth potential winners for the “Best Boy” title of 2023. These are all promising male leads who have been featured in hit anime series since early 2022.

6. Vanitas – The Case Study Of Vanitas

Vanitas is arguably the most captivating character on the list. He consistently follows his own whims and doesn’t always adhere to moral standards. Through Noé’s eyes, this behavior paints Vanitas as a monster in human disguise.

Vanitas - The Case Study Of Vanitas
Vanitas – The Case Study Of Vanitas

However, few are aware of Vanitas’s true origins and concealed past, as he’s adept at keeping secrets. As the sparse tales of Vanitas come together to form a complete picture, they tell the story of someone who has endured immense suffering to heal cursed vampires. Vanitas is unpredictable and erratic, but deep down, he possesses a caring heart for others.

5. Shinei Nouzen – 86 Eighty-Six

Featured in 86 Eighty-Six, Shinei is also known by the moniker “The Undertaker.” Continuously surrounded by death and loss, Shinei is haunted by memories of those he couldn’t save, and this becomes a burden that weighs him down throughout the series.

Shinei Nouzen - 86 Eighty-Six
Shinei Nouzen – 86 Eighty-Six

Despite his profound inner turmoil, Shinei possesses a compassionate and generous heart, never hesitating to sacrifice himself for his comrades. He embodies both the strength and vulnerability of humanity amid warfare. With such qualities, he certainly has the potential to claim the title of “Best Boy” both on the anime screen and in the hearts of fans.

4. Takemichi Hanagaki – Tokyo Revengers

Takemichi might wear the label of a “delinquent,” but he’s one with unwavering determination and heart. Reliving his tumultuous youth, Takemichi has faced countless near-death beatings. Yet, undeterred by these challenges, his goal remains steadfast. He’s resolved to save the love of his life and the fellow members of the Kanto Manji gang, especially Mikey Sano.

Takemichi Hanagaki – Tokyo Revengers
Takemichi Hanagaki – Tokyo Revengers

If someone as wholehearted as Takemichi doesn’t clinch the title of “Best Boy” for 2021, it would surely be a disappointment for his ardent fans.

3. Yatora Yaguchi – Blue Period

Blue Period boasts an impressive ensemble of characters, but when all is said and done, Yatora stands out as the protagonist and is fully deserving of the “Best Boy” accolade.

Yatora Yaguchi - Blue Period
Yatora Yaguchi – Blue Period

Like many other anime characters, Yatora harbors a burning dream. However, he pursues it with grounded and practical methods. Through his passion for art, Yatora gains a deeper understanding of those around him. Overcoming personal prejudices is no easy task, yet through painting and empathy, Yatora manages to do just that.

2. Fushi – To Your Eternity

Fushi - To Your Eternity
Fushi – To Your Eternity

While Fushi possesses the ability to shift forms, his most frequent appearance is that of the nameless boy from the first episode of To Your Eternity. Through his unceasing evolution, Fushi has gradually absorbed countless lessons, not just in physicality but also evolving into a being rich with emotions and deep introspection. Fushi embodies the unchanging vivid memories of those he’s encountered, but he also symbolizes the future’s relentless transformation.

1. Izumi Miyamura – Horimiya

Although a reserved young man who appears to be the stereotypical “bookworm” or “outcast” in class, few know the truth behind Miyamura’s long hair, which conceals his pierced ears, or his preference for long sleeves to hide his tattoos. Miyamura’s true nature begins to unfold after his first encounter with Kyoko Hori outside of school while assisting her younger brother.

Izumi Miyamura - Horimiya
Izumi Miyamura – Horimiya

Hori-Miyamura is one of 2022’s most talked-about pairings. Their bond is unlike any typical romantic relationship often portrayed in anime. Given the buzz, many fans predict that Miyamura is a strong contender for the title of 2022’s “best boy” on the anime screen.

TOP 10 hot guys in anime stand out with white hair

10. Gojo Satoru

Gojo Satoru quickly rose to become one of the most iconic anime characters of all time following his appearance in the 2020 anime adaptation of Jujutsu Kaisen. With his confident demeanor, witty sense of humor, and a perpetual smirk on his face, Satoru instantly won the hearts of fans.

Gojo Satoru
Gojo Satoru

He possesses not only an endearing personality but also ranks among the most skilled Jujutsu Sorcerers in the story. In fact, he’s considered the most powerful sorcerer on the planet. He wears a blindfold because without it, his Six Eyes technique would overwhelm him over time. However, when he removes the blindfold, it reveals his dazzling, sparkling blue eyes that perfectly complement his striking white hair.

9. Zoldyck Killua

Killua Zoldyck from Hunter X Hunter is a trained assassin, but he often behaves like a regular child. Playful, outspoken, and daringly brave, Killua constantly seeks the next thrill. He has a unique skillset owing to his background in assassination, but mastering Nen takes him to a whole new level.

Zoldyck Killua
Zoldyck Killua

His signature attribute is lightning, and his ultimate technique, Godspeed, ranks among the most powerful in the series. Killua’s striking white hair has become an iconic feature, alongside Kurapika’s chain and Hisoka’s clown-like attire.

8. Hatake Kakashi

Hatake Kakashi is one of the most beloved characters in Naruto, thanks to his unique teaching style, impressive combat abilities, and overall charisma that few can rival. What’s more, he boasts a striking design that immediately captivates fans.

Hatake Kakashi
Hatake Kakashi

He sports silver-white spiky hair held in place by his ninja headband, which he wears over his right eye to conceal his Sharingan when not in use. Additionally, his snug-fitting, half-masked shirt adds an enigmatic touch, revealing only his left eye and hair. Fans’ initial glimpses of these features stirred up a lot of intrigue surrounding this mysterious Jonin-level ninja.

7. Inuyasha

As the iconic protagonist of his own series, Inuyasha has become one of the most emblematic yokai in anime, thanks to his rugged personality. Despite his long, flowing white hair that complements his pointed ears, he’s not your typical heartthrob.


Inuyasha is a half-demon and a fearless warrior, preferring death over surrender in battle. He possesses a plethora of impressive abilities, such as super strength, rapid healing, and achieving a full-demon form that haunts his foes for weeks with his razor-sharp fangs and claws.

6. Ken Kaneki

Ken Kaneki from Tokyo Ghoul doesn’t always sport his iconic white hair. Initially, it was black, but after enduring 13 days of brutal torture, Kaneki developed the Marie-Antoinette Syndrome, causing his hair to turn white.

Ken Kaneki
Ken Kaneki

As a half-ghoul, his human and demon blood constantly wage war within him. His hair transitions between black and white when these opposing forces clash. His hair is never entirely black or white throughout the series, with hints of other colors always peeking through. Kaneki truly elevates the group of characters whose hair reflects their personalities to new heights.

5. Kiryuu Zero

Kiryuu Zero from Vampire Knight was born into a family of vampire hunters but turned into a vampire himself after being bitten by a pureblood vampire. Zero possesses an icy demeanor and rarely loses his composure. He also boasts a fashion style that’s both comfortable and sophisticated, further elevated by his striking platinum hair that contrasts with his pale, eerie complexion.

Kiryuu Zero
Kiryuu Zero

He hardly ever wears his school uniform correctly, leaving his shirt unbuttoned and his tie loosely hanging. He also sports an array of earrings and even has a tattoo on his neck.

4. Hatsuharu

Even when confined to a dull school uniform, Hatsuharu from Fruits Basket always finds a way to make his attire stand out by adding a belt and refusing to button up his dress shirt.


His hair complements his punk rock aesthetic. He sports disheveled white hair with striking black roots. Despite often being teased for his unconventional hair color, he’s turned it into a signature Hatsuharu style and continues to own it. Though Hatsuharu is mostly subdued, he has a dual nature. People say that ‘Dark Haru’ emerges when he becomes more aggressive. Furthermore, if a woman hugs him, he transforms into an ox due to the Sohma curse.

3. Uzui Tengen

Uzui Tengen from Demon Slayer is the most flamboyant Pillar the Demon Slayer Corps has ever seen. His top priority is ensuring he kills as many demons as possible in the most dazzling way imaginable.

Uzui Tengen
Uzui Tengen

Tengen sports bright white hair, often stylishly tied back with an intricately adorned headband featuring large gemstones. When undercover investigating the Entertainment District, he wore it down to blend in, showcasing his ability to rock any hairstyle. After retiring, he swapped his headband for an eye mask with the same type of gemstone, never bothering with elaborate hairdos again.

2. Tomoe

There are many adorable yokai found throughout anime, but many pale in comparison to Tomoe from Kamisama Kiss. He’s a fox yokai with white hair that matches his long and flowing tail.


As he becomes more accustomed to his surroundings, his hair is trimmed to appear more groomed. However, being a wild yokai at heart, his hair remains windswept and unbelievably long, giving him an effortlessly rugged look. Fans adore Tomoe in any form because no matter how he appears, he always exudes charm and has a few tricks up his sleeve.

1. Near

Near is the youngest successor to L in Death Note. While his predecessor had long, standout black hair, Near sports a similarly styled head of snow-white hair. Much like how L had some quirky traits and peculiar habits, Near has a fondness for his own hair antics.


Despite appearing childlike and having a somewhat juvenile attitude, he is highly intelligent and observant. His favorite pastime is solving puzzles; he approaches every investigation as an entirely new enigma. However, he lacks the innate deductive ability of L. While L could apply deductive reasoning in all situations, Near can only utilize it in a mathematical sense.

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