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The 25 Best Skyrim Clothing Mods” is an article that lists and describes 25 different clothing modifications for the popular video game, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The mods featured in the article are designed to enhance the game’s wardrobe options, offering new and diverse clothing choices for players. Each mod is briefly described, highlighting its unique features and design. The article serves as a resource for players looking to add more variety and customization to their characters’ appearance in Skyrim..

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Top 25 Clothing Mods for Skyrim
Top 25 Clothing Mods for Skyrim

What are the best Skyrim clothing mods?

While there is a lot of clothing to choose from in Skyrim, sometimes the vanilla options leave you wishing there was more.

Thankfully, no matter what Skyrim lacks, the modding community more than makes up for it, and it seldom disappoints.

If you want to make your Dragonborn look their best, then you’ve come to the right place!

The Best Skyrim Clothing Mods

We’ve taken it upon ourselves to become your Dragonborn’s personal stylists and rounded up the top clothing mods that the Nexus has to offer so that you don’t have to!

The Best Skyrim Clothing Mods
The Best Skyrim Clothing Mods

Here’s our list of the 25 best Skyrim clothing mods:

25. Colovian Noble Clothes

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Colovian Noble

If your Dragonborn has a taste for the finer things in life, this mod adds all of the noble fineries you could ever want.

Available for male and female characters, these clothes are weight slider compatible and come in many different colors.

Created for the project Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodill, this fine clothing set is completely custom-designed with handmade models and textures, and no small detail was spared.

It will definitely make you feel like royalty as you stride through the holds of Skyrim.

24. Linds’ Necromancer Robes Revamp

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Linds' Necromancer Robes

Moving on from the finer things into the dark side, we have redesigned necromancer robes that are definitely a huge step up from their vanilla counterparts.

This mod adds a new set of robes and accompanying hood with a unique texture, new skull motifs, and other decorative patterns. It is definitely a huge step up from the typical plain black robes emblazed with teal skulls!

Linds’ Necromancer robes definitely make you feel like the baddest mage in the college, and if you’re playing a Dragonborn who likes dabbling in the darker side of magic, you’re definitely going to want this clothing mod.

23. Diverse Priests

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Diverse Priests

Despite having some of the richest lore out of all the most popular video games of all time, the priests that serve the Divines (or Daedric Princes) come across a bit plain in the base game.

Diverse Priests is one of the few clothing mods that changes this by giving specific priests their own unique robes. For instance, priests of Kynareth now have green robes while priestesses of Dibella wear red.

This makes a lot more sense overall, and it can make it easier to differentiate these different priests without needing to walk up and click on them.

22. Velvet Robes and Cloaks

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Velvet Robes and Cloaks

Another of the best clothing mods for the more discerning Dragonborns, who prefer wearing only the finest apparel.

Velvet Robes and Cloaks adds six sets of robes, cloaks, hoods, boots, and gloves to the game, all of which can be created at a tanning rack.

These clothing sets are simply stunning, and the amount of detail on them puts vanilla options to shame.

You’re definitely not going to want to change back into base game gear after you see just how great these clothes can make your characters look.

21. Prince and the Pauper

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Prince and the Pauper

This mod aims to change the way children in Skyrim dress, giving them better apparel to match their socio-economic standing.

For example, the Jarl’s children are dressed in the finest clothing, reflecting their high-class position, while children in the lowest class have been changed to wear scruffy rags.

While it may not be the nicest change, at least for those orphans you pass on the street, it definitely helps diversify Skyrim’s children, which is something the vanilla game sorely lacked despite being one of the best open-world PS4 games.

20. DovahBling Jewelry

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Dovahbling Jewelry

The jewelry selection in the base game is okay, but it lacks any options for players who want to bling out their Dovahkiins.

This clothing mod changes that, and boy does it bring the bling.

Adding bracelets, a variety of large pendants, and unique signet rings for Thanes, this mod enables you to transform your character into the blinged-out dragon slayer you’ve always secretly wanted them to be.

Almost all jewelry in the game has been overhauled, and this mod even comes with a unique framework that allows you to equip rings on all ten fingers simultaneously!

Is it gaudy? Yes. Do we love it? Hell yes, and you will too.

19. Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Scarves and Mufflers

Skyrim is a chilly place, and not having enough protection against the cold can be immersion-breaking for some players.

Thankfully, this mod adds over 50 styles of mufflers and scarves so that your Dragonborn can stay warm and cozy while trekking across the frozen plains.

This mod is also completely compatible with the highly popular Frostfall survival mod, and it can help you stave off the effects of hypothermia.

While most items can be created at a tanning rack, you can also find them on guards and other NPCs, making their integration feel more realistic and natural.

18. Hoods and Circlets

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Hoods and Circlets

Not being able to wear circles with hooded clothing is a letdown in the vanilla game, and it means you could end up giving up some pretty good enchantments.

Fortunately, the modder Shinytickles (great name) removed the frustration with this mod that allows you to wear both a circlet and a hood without needing to choose one or the other.

Because seriously, there is no logical reason why you can’t wear a circlet under a hood.

17. Common Clothes Mod

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Common Clothes

The Common Clothes mod is one of the best clothing mods you can download to overhaul a majority of the clothing in the game, and it adds 100 new clothing options to the game.

All of these clothes, robes, and armor sets can be created with a forge or tanning rack, purchased through a merchant, or found as leveled loot.

The expanded clothing options that this mod provides are a welcome change, and they definitely help make the game feel more diverse and realistic while remaining lore-friendly.

16. Mage Backpack

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Mage Backpack

Skyrim has one of the biggest open-world maps in gaming history, and it makes sense that you’re going to need a sturdy backpack to help carry your gear across it.

The Mage Backpack is a great mod, and its enchantments increased carry capacity by 70. While this may seem like an overpowered upgrade, getting your hands on this bag isn’t as easy as crafting it.

Although it can be created at a tanning rack, you will first have to complete a unique quest and obtain a rare ingredient from a new creature.

The inclusion of this quest makes this backpack feel more balanced, and it definitely can help make carrying your important gear much easier.

15. Opulent Outfits – Mage Robes of Winterhold

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Opulent Outfits

Yet another of the robe-centric clothing mods, these opulent mage robes are a must-have for any magic-user.

This mod adds 86 new clothing outfits to the game, each with high-quality textures that work well alongside graphics enhancement mods.

This mod even adds a brand new necromancer robe for male and female characters if Linds’ Revamp isn’t your style.

While it may sound silly to play as a mage just for the cool robes, it definitely makes the experience a lot more realistic and fun!

14. Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Archmage of Winterhold

Speaking of mages, if you love the Archmage robes in the vanilla game and don’t want to change their appearance too much, this retexture is definitely something to consider.

This clothing mod retextures the archmage armor to make it look more high-definition and more connected to the College of Winterhold.

This includes adding the college’s symbol and eye to the robe and hood and the design of Shalidor’s Maze and the Mage and Atronach constellations on the boots.

These robes definitely are worthy of the greatest Archmage, and who better to wear them than your Dragonborn?

13. Fur Hoods HD

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Fur Hoods

Similar to the clothing mod that adds scarves and mufflers, this mod integrates fur hoods into the game so that your character can be better protected from the harsh climate of Skyrim.

These hoods are 100% lore-friendly, and they can make even vanilla outfits feel a bit more realistic.

All of these new hoods can be made by crafting fur scraps at a tanning rack and then using them at the forge. They are easy to make and great for both low and high-level characters.

12. Bandanas of Skyrim

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Bandanas of Skyrim

Bandanas of Skyrim is one of the clothing mods you didn’t know you needed until now.

It’s such a simple addition, but there is just something nice about being able to add one of these eight colored bandanas to your character.

This mod has full beast race support, so it’s not just humans and elves that get to wear these, and, honestly, they look great on Khajiits in particular.

Although Skyrim may be one of the best RPG PS4 games, it’s little customization options like this that can have the most significant impact on roleplaying.

11. Face Masks of Skyrim

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Face Masks of Skyrim

Everyone is basically an expert when it comes to face masks now, but there isn’t a lot to choose from in Skyrim.

This mod adds two different face masks, each in eight different colors, and they are compatible with both male and female characters, as well as beast races.

Whether you’re roleplaying a bandit, someone trying to combat a plague, or just want your character to look cool, this is one mod that should definitely be added to your load order.

10. Rustic Clothing

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Rustic Clothing

For players who want their Nord Dragonborns to embody the rustic aesthetic of their homelands, this clothing mod is something that you’ll definitely want to download.

This mod overhauls a massive amount of clothing, including the bandit/fur armor sets, to make them appear more realistic and natural. Literally, every single piece of clothing has been upgraded in this mod!

It is worth keeping in mind that the 4k version of this mod is quite large, so those with limited VRAM space may want to be cautious about downloading it in its entirety.

However, there is a 2K version for those who still want the improvements of this mod without sacrificing performance or space.

9. Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Dragonborn Mages Robes

The Dragonborn DLC added a lot of new clothing options to Skyrim, but some fans were left feeling underwhelmed by them at the end of the day.

If you find yourself in this camp, this is one of the best clothing mods for you.

This mod retextures all of the robes found in the DLC, including the cultist, Telvanni, and Mirakk robes.

The result is a much higher resolution and a much more detailed set of clothing options that are definitely worthy of a Dovahkiin.

Now you have a whole new reason to play one of the most popular video games right now and take out Miraak and his cultists.

After all, you’re going to have to take these clothes off their cold dead bodies!

8. Wear Circlets with Hoods

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Wear Circlet with Hoods

Like the Hoods and Circlets, this mod does exactly what it says; it lets you wear circles with hoods.

However, this mod differs from number 18 in that it also works with Dragonpriest masks, though there may be minor clipping issues that are to be expected.

This mod is a simple improvement, but it can definitely make choosing your clothes a little bit easier.

Although some people prefer Hoods and Circlets, it really comes down to personal preference which one you end up adding to your load order!

7. JewelCraft

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - JewelCraft

This mod may not directly affect clothing, but it does give you the ability to craft almost every piece of jewelry in the game.

While this may sound immersion-breaking, this ability is balanced out by requiring you to have all the necessary materials before you can craft an item.

If you’re someone who wants to deck your Dragonborn out with the best jewelry but don’t quite vibe with the DovahBling Jewelry mod, this is one of the best clothing mods to download.

6. Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants

Best Skyrim Clothing Mods - Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants

If you’re tired of the barmaids and merchants in your Skyrim playthroughs looking frumpy and plain, this mod is here for you.

Opulent Outfits replaces the outfits found on female merchants and barmaids with ones that are much more, well, opulent!

This mod makes Skryim feel a lot more varied and realistic. As opposed to having almost everyone in the same outfits, now each female merchant and maid will be sporting something a little different, and it even works with all body types!

If your Dragonborn hasn’t frequented the bars and stores of Skyrim in the past, this mod gives you the perfect excuse to head inside and check out the places you may not have spent too much time before.

5. Sabre Gear Backpack

Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants- Sabre Gear Backpack

Imagine you’re trekking across Skyrim, having left your health potions at home because you needed to free up some carrying capacity, when all of a sudden, a frost troll springs up with a punch to rival even some of the toughest video game bosses.

Bet you wish you had brought along some extra health potions, huh?

Thankfully, for those who don’t like the look of the Mages backpack, there is the Sabre Gear backpack that is specially made for hunter-type characters.

With six different versions, all of which can be crafted at a forge, these packs all come with a fortify carry weight enchantment that allows you to carry more gear along on your adventures.

Thanks to this mod, you’ll never be without your essentials the next time a wild frost troll appears!

4. Bandolier – Bags and Pouches

Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants - Bandolier

Bandolier isn’t just what you would expect from a clothing mod; instead, it is a total quality of life improvement!

This mod includes a lot of bags, pouches, and bandoliers that allow you to expand the amount of gear you can carry.

Small pouches grant you 25 extra carry capacity, while large bandoliers can add 100. This means, like the Sabre Gear pack, you will never have to risk getting caught without the things that you need.

However, unlike Sabre Gear or the Mages pack, this mod is much more versatile, and it allows you to choose precisely what you need from a range of new cool items.

If your Dragonborn is a hoarder, as so many are, this is one of the best clothing mods for you.

3. Improved NPC Clothing

Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants- Improved NPC Clothing

Have you ever wondered why so many NPCs are walking around wearing the same clothes as if the local Ye Olde Walmart just had Tamriel’s biggest sale and everyone wanted to get in on the action?

Well, if everyone wearing the same outfits is ruining your immersion, this mod won’t change that, but it will help the outfits look much better!

All NPC clothing has been retextured in this mod so that everything is in high definition. While it won’t solve the problem of everyone wearing similar outfits, you’ll be too busy being impressed by their textures to care.

2. Winter is Coming SSE

Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants - Winter Is Coming SSE

Heavily inspired by the style of the HBO series Game of Thrones, if the name didn’t give it away, this mod provides all the cloaks and hoods that a Nord could want to keep out the cold Skyrim air.

The main goal of this mod is to add lore-friendly cloaks and hoods that help diversify the game without breaking immersion.

It adds nine Bear Claw hoods and cloaks, both armored and unarmored, along with 12 Wolf Skin cloaks and 15 Wolf Skin hoods.

All items work across genders and races, making it the perfect Frostfall compatible mod for Nords, Elves, Khajiit, and Argonians alike.

1. Cloaks of Skyrim

Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants- Cloaks of Skyrim

Although Winter is Coming is one of the best clothing mods for keeping you warm, we couldn’t help but give the top spot to Cloaks of Skyrim.

Cloaks of Skyrim is a massive clothing mod, and it adds nearly 100 new cloaks into the world that you can either craft or find in leveled lists or as loot.

All of the cloaks added by this mod are enchantable and made to be high quality. They are also compatible with Frostfall and have been given to various NPCs who will wear them around as well.

While it may not add The Last of Us Part II level details, this mod adds a lot of realism to the game, making it easily one of the best clothing mods you can find on the Nexus.


Vanilla Skyrim is a fantastic game, but there is much room for improvement, which is what these 25 mods do best.

These are the best clothing mods on the Nexus, and each of them can improve the quality of your next Skyrim playthrough.

If there are any mods on our list that you haven’t tried out yet, we highly recommend that you give them a try and tell us what you think!

Here’s a quick recap of the 25 best Skyrim clothing mods:

  1. Cloaks of Skyrim
  2. Winter is Coming SSE
  3. Improved NPC Clothing
  4. Bandolier – Bags and Pouches
  5. Sabre Gear Backpack
  6. Opulent Outfits – Maids and Merchants
  7. JewelCraft
  8. Wear Circlets with Hoods
  9. Dragonborn Mages Robes Retexture Pack
  10. Rustic Clothing
  11. Face Masks of Skyrim
  12. Bandanas of Skyrim
  13. Fur Hoods HD
  14. Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture
  15. Opulent Outfits – Mage Robes of Winterhold
  16. Mage Backpack
  17. Common Clothes Mod
  18. Hoods and Circlets
  19. Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers
  20. DovahBling Jewelry
  21. Prince and the Pauper
  22. Velvet Robes and Cloaks
  23. Diverse Priests
  24. Linds’ Necromancer Robes Revamp
  25. Colovian Noble Clothes

What’s the best Skyrim clothing mod, in your opinion? Leave a comment below.

The article highlights the 25 best clothing mods for the game Skyrim. These mods offer a variety of options to enhance the appearance and style of the player’s character. Some of the mods mentioned include the Colovian Noble Clothes, Linds’ Necromancer Robes Revamp, Diverse Priests, Velvet Robes and Cloaks, Prince and the Pauper, DovahBling Jewelry, Skyrim Scarves and Mufflers, Hoods and Circlets, Common Clothes Mod, Mage Backpack, Opulent Outfits – Mage Robes of Winterhold, Archmage of Winterhold HD Retexture, Fur Hoods HD, and Bandanas of Skyrim. These mods provide unique clothing options that can improve immersion and customization in the game.

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