Boss Rush Challenge is finished by a God of War Ragnarok player in under a minute.

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Everyone who has ever played God of War knows that Kratos is a powerful warrior. But one player recently took it to another level by showing off how quickly and easily he can dispatch five bosses in God of War Ragnarok using only the Blades of Chaos. It’s an impressive display that has left many players wanting to try out this build for themselves.

Using the legendary Blades of Chaos, a highly talented God of War Ragnarok player beat one of the game’s most formidable difficulties. Even though Kratos has the Leviathan Axe as his hallmark weapon in the 2018 video games God of War and God of War Ragnarok, many players still consider the Blades of Chaos his real gun. Some players have implemented this mentality into their builds in-game, unleashing violence befitting a God of War with muscular bodies centred on the famous Greek weapon.
God of War Ragnarok players has access to weapons with unique play styles. These weapons can be improved and adjusted by slaying formidable foes and exploring the environment. Runic Attacks are one such potent upgrade that, when activated, delivers significant damage to enemies and frequently has powerful side effects. The community has disagreed with runic attacks because some combos can stun-lock adversaries in place, making battles easy.
In a brief two-minute video posted on the social networking site by Reddit user Lckf, they complete Muspelheim’s Boss Rush challenge in record time. The challenge starts with The Traveler being the first adversary to step out of a portal, and the player only uses the Blades of Chaos throughout the battle. As the player attacks with the blazing swords and ends the match with execution, the Traveler has no chance. After a few episodes, the second foe, a Fierce Stalker, similarly perishes quickly. The user then uses their talisman talent to trigger the buffs for Soulless Warrior and Gift of Strength. The player receives a significant attack boost. As a result, rapidly eliminated both the Dark Elf Lord and the Light Elf Lord. To end this battle, the player engages in combat with and kills an Einherjer Captain.

Kratos can be quickly defeated by Travelers and Einherjer Captains if players are not careful because they are potent foes in everyday situations. Additionally, the agile elf foes in the most recent God of War games have caused gamers a lot of irritation due to the Elf Lords’ propensity for spamming assaults. The boss in this challenge that provides the slightest threat is The Fierce Stalker, a scaled-down version of The Untamed Fury from Vanaheim. This video demonstrates that even the most formidable opponent may be defeated by straightforward assaults with enough practice, even though these foes are not equivalent to the Valkyrie Queen Gna or the Berserker King Hrolf Kraki.

This video shows that the Blades of Chaos can still deal almighty damage, even though some players have accomplished the challenge using different weapons and potent runic attack combos. The sword now reminds us how far Kratos has gone on his quest to find peace away from conflict, with a horrible past to match the deity who wielded it.
On the PS4 and PS5, you can play God of War Ragnarok.

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