Chainsaw Man chap 118 Prediction: Denji and Asa reveal their true identities to each other, and Yoru’s plan may fail

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Chainsaw Man chap 118

After a somewhat confusing ending at the end of chap 117, what will Chainsaw Man’s chap 118 contain?

As means remember, the last chap 117 of the Chainsaw Man manga showed us that Denji’s team had escaped the endless aquarium and had also destroyed the person who caused this, the Eternal Devil. Denji also got a second date with Asa. However, at the end of Chap 117, Yoru takes possession of Asa and carries out his plan to make Denji his weapon. So how will chap 118 continue?

Chainsaw Man chap 118

As is the usual narrative by Tatsuki Fujimoto, there is a high probability that Chainsaw Man chap 118 will open with Asa/Yoru trying to turn Denji into a weapon. And while Denji is turned into a weapon by Yoru by touching his forehead, there is a high probability that good memories between Denji and Asa will also begin to appear.

However, that memory will only last for a while as the author brings fans back to reality with the scene where Denji survives and overcome Yoru’s attempts to weaponize him. And after Denji stays this, Chainsaw Man chap 118 can end with each party revealing his true identity to the other. Specifically, Denji will disclose the identity of Chainsaw Man, and Asa will start talking about the Yoru War Demon being in her body.

And there’s a good chance that after that self-confession, it will be a fight between the two. However, there was also a slight percentage chance that Denji thought Asa’s placing a hand on his forehead was a joke, and he would walk away. Chainsaw Man chap 118 will end with both Yoru and Asa surprised by Denji not being turned into a weapon as they had planned.

Chainsaw Man chap 118

Then When will Chainsaw Man’s chap 118 be released? According to what has been shared by the author, chap 118 will be released at 0:00 am on January 18, 2023, in Japan.

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