Chest Tracker Mod – Helps you manage your belongings easily (, 1.19.4)

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Breathe new life into your Minecraft journey with the Chest Tracker Mod (, 1.19.4), which revitalizes one of the game’s most ancient systems. The quest for items can often feel like a laborious detour from the exhilarating escapade that Minecraft is known for, sparking the inception of Chest Tracker. This Mod is your own personal organizer, streamlining your storage categorization and enabling you to swiftly locate specific items. It’s a delightfully straightforward, yet enticing concept, particularly appealing to newbies who are yet to master the art of item management. With it, you’ll bid farewell to the days of forgotten item locations, thus enriching your gaming experience and bringing about a surge in efficiency. This is a game-changer, especially for the devoted and the speedrunners who are constantly striving for peak performance.

Chest Tracker Mod - Helps you manage your belongings easily (, 1.19.4)
Chest Tracker Mod – Helps you manage your belongings easily (, 1.19.4)

Immerse yourself in a whole new level of Minecraft experience with the Chest Tracker Mod 1.16.1, an upgrade to one of the game’s most enduring systems – item organization.

In the diverse and immersive world of Minecraft, item hunting is often relegated as a monotonous side task that’s unfortunately overlooked. To shift this perspective, Chest Tracker Mod was born. This modification serves as your virtual assistant, helping players systematically sort their inventory and seek out specific items. The idea is deceptively simple, yet a vital game-changer for novice gamers who are yet to perfect their item management skills.

Moreover, with the Chest Tracker Mod, misplaced items become a thing of the past. You’ll always remember where your treasures lie, thereby enhancing your gameplay and ramping up efficiency. This is particularly beneficial for those ambitious players who relish the challenge of experimenting with new crafting formulas.

Instructions for Use

Hover over an item and press ‘Y‘ to initiate a direct search. Alternatively, you can open the graphical user interface (GUI) by either clicking on the magnifying glass icon or assigning a shortcut key, and then select an item from there.

To disregard a previously opened chest, simply hold down the Shift key and click on the magnifying glass icon.

Container Labeling

If you rename a chest or other storage units using an anvil, the new name will appear above the container. This feature is also functional on vanilla servers.


While ChestTracker includes the ‘Where Is It’ feature, there are additional downloads necessary:

  • Fabric API
  • Cloth Config API

Modern launchers, like the Curse launcher or GDLauncher, should automate this process for you.

Additional Notes

This mod was inspired by HenneGamer’s Chest Counter mod for forge.

Interested in contributing to translations? Visit the GitHub page for further information. You might also consider translating the base mod, ‘Where Is It!’

If you wish to disable labels entirely:

In the Chest Tracker configuration, setting the ‘Name Render Range‘ to 0 will deactivate labels for all nearby remembered inventories.

In the ‘Where Is It‘ configuration, setting ‘Show labels for returned results’ to No will prevent labels from displaying during item searches.

Adjusting both settings will completely disable labels.


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Prominent Features of the Chest Tracker Mod

The Chest Tracker Mod comes with some prominent features that elevate your gaming experience. One of the key features is the ability to easily pinpoint the locations of stored items in your inventory menu. This lets you locate your resources quickly and efficiently, making the gaming process smoother. Additionally, you have the option to name your chests. This introduces a higher level of organization, making the classification of your items a breeze. The Chest Tracker Mod, therefore, provides you with features that streamline and enhance your in-game inventory management.

The Chest Tracker Mod: A Revolution in Inventory Management in Gaming

With the advent of complex and intricate virtual worlds in gaming, inventory management has grown increasingly crucial, yet challenging. This is where the Chest Tracker Mod shines, introducing a revolutionary way to organize and track in-game belongings.

This game-changing mod provides a user-friendly interface that significantly streamlines the process of sorting and finding your items. Gone are the days of endlessly rummaging through numerous chests to find a single item. With the Chest Tracker Mod, each item is labeled and cataloged for quick and easy retrieval, transforming what was once a tedious chore into a simple, time-efficient task.

Moreover, the Chest Tracker Mod offers comprehensive tracking features. From a single interface, you can view the locations and quantities of all your items, irrespective of where they’re stored in the game world.

In addition, it aids in theft prevention, enabling you to monitor changes in your inventory and notice if any items mysteriously disappear. With a quick glance, you can verify if everything is in order, and if not, start investigating promptly.

The Chest Tracker Mod is more than a tool; it is an upgrade to your gaming experience. By relieving the stress of inventory management, players can immerse themselves more fully in the game’s adventures and storylines. It is a must-have addition for any serious gamer looking for an organized and secure way to manage their virtual belongings.

Chest Tracker Mod (, 1.19.4) Download Links

For 1.20.1:

  • https://files2.
  • https://dl5.

For 1.19.4:

  • https://files2.
  • https://dl5.

For 1.19.3:

  • https://files2.
  • https://dl5.

For 1.19.2:

  • https://files2.

For 1.19.1:

  • https://files2.

For 1.19:

  • https://files2.

Chest Tracker Mod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the Chest Tracker Mod?

A1: The Chest Tracker Mod is a mod for certain sandbox-style video games like Minecraft that helps you organize and manage your in-game inventory. It allows players to easily track the contents of their chests, barrels, and other storage units, making item management more efficient.

Q2: How does the Chest Tracker Mod work?

A2: The Chest Tracker Mod generally works by tagging and cataloging the items you store in your various chests. When you need to find a specific item, you can use the mod’s interface to locate it. It saves you time you would otherwise spend opening and closing multiple chests to find what you’re looking for.

Q3: Is the Chest Tracker Mod compatible with other mods?

A3: The compatibility of the Chest Tracker Mod with other mods largely depends on the specific game and mods involved. For Minecraft, it’s typically compatible with other mods unless they drastically alter the game’s inventory management system. Always check the mod description or the modding community forums for specifics.

Q4: Does using the Chest Tracker Mod count as cheating?

A4: Whether using the Chest Tracker Mod counts as cheating is subjective and depends on how you view the game. If you see the mod as a tool that enhances your gaming experience by reducing unnecessary time spent on inventory management, it’s not cheating. However, if you’re playing on a multiplayer server, it’s important to check the server rules as some might disallow the use of such mods.

Q5: Where can I download the Chest Tracker Mod?

A5: The Chest Tracker Mod can typically be downloaded from reliable modding community websites or forums, such as CurseForge for Minecraft. Always make sure you download from a reputable source to avoid potential security risks.

Q6: Is it hard to install the Chest Tracker Mod?

A6: The difficulty of installing the Chest Tracker Mod depends on your familiarity with the process of installing mods for your specific game. Generally, it involves downloading the mod file, placing it in the appropriate game folder, and ensuring you have any necessary supporting mod loader software (like Forge or Fabric for Minecraft). Detailed instructions are usually provided with the mod or on the mod’s download page.



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