[Characters] Who is Daisuke Kambe?

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Daisuke Kambe character traits

Japanese name: 神戸 大助
Name: Kambe Daisuke
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Height: 173cm
Date of birth: 2/2
Hair color: Black
Occupation: Detective assistant inspector
Hobbies and skills: Smoking, boxing

Daisuke Kambe First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: episode 1
Voiced by: Ōnuki Yūsuke

Daisuke Kambe’s Relationship

Shigemaru Kambe (Father)
Sayuri Kambe (Mother, deceased)
Kikuko Kambe (Grandma)
Suzue Kambe (sister)
Katō Haru (friend, colleague)
Kiyomizu Yukihiro (superior)
Saeki Mahoro (colleague)
Nakamoto Chōsuke (superior)
Yumoto Teppei (colleague)
HEUSC (butler)

Biography of Daisuke Kambe

Daisuke is the son of the billionaire Kambe family. Born with all the conditions around him, there is no shortage of anything, and it can be understood that he was born from the finish line. Using ample financial resources, endless account balances, and the latest technologies, he solves crimes decisively and often takes bribes. During his adolescence, after the shock of losing a family member, he used to sink into the harmful pleasures of unhealthy things. He became a member of the Metropolitan Police Department’s Modern Crime Prevention Task Force and befriended Haru Kato. The two begin to work together through challenging mystery cases. At first, Haru, who conceived that money was not everything, was not very sympathetic to Kambe’s spending of money. He always complained about Daisuke, but he always ignored it. And HEUSC is his assistant with artificial intelligence and often assists him in finding solutions and calculating the amount of damage Kambe has to compensate for.

Character Appearance Daisuke Kambe

Daisuke is a young man of average height and short stature, and Suzue said that he usually wears 5cm insoles when he goes out of the house. But although he is fast, his family is not low. He is very handsome, making many viewers fall in love with his appearance, still a considerable fortune, and infinite balance. He has pale blue-gray eyes, bushy eyebrows, and black hair that is always brushed up when he goes out. Daisuke usually wears different layers. His outerwear set usually consists of a black blazer, trousers of the same color, and a black waistcoat. He wears dark brown shoes, a chestnut shirt, and a white collar underneath his suit. His collar and cuffs are decorated with rectangular links, and a tie bar is clipped to his black and gray striped tie. He also wears a watch and a ball-shaped earring connected to his AI butler, HEUSC. Daisuke is sometimes seen wearing a black jacket, gloves, and sunglasses. But his image when he ran away from home and stayed at Haru’s house was very different. He wore a pink hoodie with gray pants, his hair no longer stroking things but hanging down to his forehead. It is no longer the usual luxurious charm; instead, it is an entirely different image with a gentle beauty.

Character Personality Daisuke Kambe

Daisuke is not in the habit of using honorifics. Typically with Haru, even though he’s two years older than him, we’ve probably never heard the word “brother” or “senior” from him. He has a human sense of smell; only by the scent of street artists’ bodies can he guess that they are using drugs. He also has very high self-esteem and is very selfish, so he often acts out of control when his self-esteem is touched. For example, when the sudden acceleration caused Haru to lose her mind or when she ran away from home because of aimless anger and had to ask for shelter at Haru’s house. This is the first and only rare time we see the wealthy detective so poor that he can’t afford a train ticket home. Calm and composed, Daisuke doesn’t often let things affect him. Even when the others around him were visibly agitated, Daisuke was barely taken by surprise. That’s why many people think he’s arrogant or scary, but he’s a cold-hearted person who seems cold and heartless but still tries his best to help if it’s the right thing to do. For how much money? Being a picky eater, he doesn’t like nutritious food or is a “half aristocrat,” but that’s because he hasn’t tried some popular dishes due to his luxurious life, and that’s why he had the opportunity to fall in love with natto. Haru made it after enjoying it for the first time. And there was also the next time when I accidentally tried the national li noodles and fell in love with this dish. Daisuke always uses the money to solve things. Often carries out his police duties with the concept of bribery and grand conspiracies involving lavish technology and ostentatious connections. Daisuke’s expression turned into a smug smile whenever he was amused, especially when he made Haru mad. Wearing a luxurious style, people often think that he is just a powdery boy, but he is classified as a master; even though his hands are empty, he is still on par with his fully equipped opponents.

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