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The anime series Darling in The Franxx has gained global recognition for its captivating story, memorable characters, and stunning visuals. In this post we’ll explore of the main characters, Zero Two —the star-crossed lovers at the heart of this story. Let’s dive into their backstories and how these two characters come together to form an epic love story!


Gender: Female

Age: Unknown

Birthday: Unknown

Height: 170cm (5’7″)

Relatives: 001

Zero Two characters

Zero Two is a fictional character in the anime “Darling in the Franxx”. She is a hybrid human-klaxo sapiens and a pilot of the Franxx named “Strelizia”. She is known for her distinctive horns and her reputation as the “Partner Killer”. Despite her initial distant demeanor, she forms a close bond with the protagonist Hiro and the two become pilots of the Franxx Strelizia. The series revolves around the relationship between Zero Two and Hiro, as well as the conflict between the human and klaxo sapiens species.

As the series progresses, it is revealed that Zero Two has a tragic past and has been searching for a partner who can withstand piloting the Franxx with her. Her time with Hiro leads her to question her own identity and the motivations of the mysterious organization known as APE. Despite facing challenges and facing opposition, Zero Two and Hiro’s relationship deepens as they work together to uncover the truth and save their friends. Zero Two’s character is central to the themes of love, identity, and the cost of power in the series.

In addition to her role in the main story, Zero Two is also known for her strong personality, making her a popular and iconic character in the anime community. She is often portrayed as confident, determined, and sometimes even a little sadistic. However, as the series progresses, her softer side is also revealed, making her a multi-faceted and complex character. She has gained a large following among fans of the series, who appreciate her unique combination of strength and vulnerability. Overall, Zero Two remains a memorable and beloved character in the “Darling in the Franxx” franchise.

Zero Two’s popularity has led to her appearing in various forms of media outside of the anime, including manga spin-off, video games, and merchandise. She has become a symbol of the series and continues to be a source of inspiration for fans. Whether it be her fiery personality, tragic backstory, or relationship with Hiro, there are many elements of Zero Two’s character that make her a standout in the world of anime. With her distinctive look and memorable personality, Zero Two is sure to remain a beloved character for years to come.

It is worth noting that despite her popularity, Zero Two has also faced some criticism and controversy. Some viewers have taken issue with her sometimes cruel behavior and the way her relationship with Hiro is depicted. Others have raised concerns about the potentially problematic themes in the series, including power dynamics and exploitation. However, despite these criticisms, Zero Two continues to be a beloved and highly regarded character among many anime fans. Whether one loves her or hates her, there is no denying that Zero Two has left a lasting impact on the world of anime and beyond.

The secretive group APE was founded when the world was still at peace. They are steadily gaining control of the planet and have discovered a medicine that would cause everyone who uses it to lose their fertility. Wars broke out all over the world as the earth slowly died. In the not-too-distant future, after the planet was destroyed, humanity built Plantation, a mobile fortress metropolis, to survive. The residence of plantation pilots is referred to as a birdcage. They have a secluded way of life. Everything is manufactured, including air clouds and the sky. They were only ever raised to fight their adversaries, the enigmatic giants; they had to control the Franxxs in battle, which was their source of pride.
Dr. FRANXX used the DNA of Princess Klaxosaur to produce Zero Two, a crimson demon. She is imprisoned in a location known as the Garden. She is imprisoned in a chamber and always carries a book that, to her, represents the most beautiful love story between a monster and a prince. That. Hiro is a child in intensive care with code 016, and the other kids in this facility don’t feel like machines.

After a love affair, Hiro saw Zero Two to satiate his curiosity and went to find that red girl. He was moved. Unlike other kids, Zero Two constantly had to be taken for experimentation. On one occasion, he saw her cruelly experimented on during the entire procedure. She was restrained, and they discharged a laser into the center of her palm because they were shocked that the injury could heal. When he realized he had feelings for her instead of the other kids, he was shocked and decided to save her. She didn’t think twice when she saw Hiro attempting to save her; this was also the first time she had seen the outside world. She was hurt and bleeding during one of her escapes, but the color of her blood was blue. She immediately recognized this moment from the fairy tale she had just read, thanks to Hiro’s willingness to sip the blood for her. And the patrol found them and took them into custody. When she runs across Hiro again years later, their previous encounters have been forgotten. However, as Zero Two’s memories can never truly be lost, she still retains hazy memories of Hiro. Hiro was boosted with serum at the time. Therefore he was unable to recall anything. They started driving Franxx together after she asked him to be her darling.

The Appearance of Zero Two

When she was younger, she resembled a small devil with a red body and large, innocent-looking eyes. It has a red horn on its head and long pointed nails in crimson. Her hair is long and entirely silver. She was young and had a little frame. A black robe covered her legs. When she bleeds while evading the patrol and Hiro sees that her blood is blue, he doesn’t think twice about sucking the blood for her. She grew into a young woman with white skin, a thin build, and a tall stature. Has pink waist-length hair that reaches to her brow. She wears a white headband and has smaller horns than when she was younger. She frequently appears donning a crimson military outfit. White collar, with a yellow chest. She also wore a white turtleneck top and a pair of black leggings. Franxx from Zero Two is crimson like a strelitzia. It is an intense color that represents passion and warm, dangerous love. Zero Two’s face serves as the visor in this version instead. with a blue horn-like weapon on his head and a white helmet. She also sports a red bodysuit with white stripes on the thighs, biceps, and across the hips while operating Franxx.

Zero Two’s Character

Since love is frowned upon here, where they are taught to reject emotions, Zero Two starts to feel something for Hiro. When she was younger, she frequently had to undergo gruesome tests. She was imprisoned in her room for a time that she couldn’t recall. When a woman she views as her “mother,” she brings a copy of “The Beast and the Prince,” which she always keeps with her. She thought the moment Hiro tasted her blood resembled a fairy tale. First time stepping out into the outside world, and I was so perplexed. She watched the rodents pass past her and took it in, believing it to be nourishment.

She nipped Hiro’s palm when he tried to stop her, but he caressed her head and consoled her. She was constantly regarded as a “monster” because of the Klaxosaur blood she inherited, and the way people treated her caused her to lose faith in humankind. She used to react aggressively or defensively to anyone who sought to interact with her as a child. But when Hiro arrived to save her, she was at first fierce, but when she saw Hiro’s tears, she reached out to touch him. She lost her innocence as she grew older and instead developed a cold, sinister, and seductive personality. Despite being extremely strong, she was given the nickname “comrade killer” because of the numerous victims she has claimed thus far. As her sweetheart, I died. She barely noticed when everyone around her passed away because, to her, death was just a reality that everyone had to deal with.

She also has an uncontrolled, hot-tempered attitude and is haughty. She consistently defies the norms, which helps Hiro come out of his sadness and adhere to them slavishly. She frequently licks herself and others like a cat while eating with her hands. Her personality wholly changed after leaving the Garden. She started acting more depressed and moody, killing Klaxosaurs quickly and repeatedly after doing so. She is excessively obsessed with murdering Klaxosaurs and is violent and hostile. She has low self-esteem, is insecure about not being human, and makes fun of herself for being a monster. After she discovers Hiro has been her beloved from childhood. Her situation grew worse as she started to suffer and torture herself. When Zero Two’s rage began to flare, she desperately wanted to see Hiro, but when she arrived, she couldn’t find him. She was furious at this point because she believed they had deceived her into attacking the others due to her rage. Hiro added that she was a monster as well because she lacked self-control.

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