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In the world of Naruto, Uzumaki Himawari is one of the most powerful characters. Not only does she possess the great power of being a descendant of the prestigious Hyuga clan, but she also inherited some impressive abilities from her mother and father. Let’s take a closer look at what makes Himawari so special.

Features About Uzumaki Himawari

Japanese name: う ず ま き ヒ マ ワ リ
Name: Uzumaki Himawari
Age: 3-10
Gender: Female

The Character of Uzumaki Himawari Himawari is well known for having a positive attitude and being a very kind person. She frequently assists her mother with household chores and enjoys playing with her brother. Many people believe Himawari to be quite similar to Namikaze Minato’s grandfather. Her grandfather is an extremely patient man who is always there to encourage everyone, even her. Because he had a lot of work to accomplish, her father was frequently away from the house. But it wasn’t because of that that Himawari felt uneasy; she had always waited obediently for her father to come home. She has such a friendly and happy nature, yet when others provoke her, she also turns extremely dangerous. Himawari frightened people as she appeared to change into an entirely new being.

About Uzumaki Himawari

Himawari is a member of Konoha and a member of the Uzumaki clan. Furthermore, she is a descendant of the Hyuga clan, one of the most prestigious clans. She possesses an appearance similar to her mother. She has a cute appearance; she has short hair with blue eyes that look special. She also often wears a yellow shirt with an orange cross and yellow shinobi sandals. One of the outfits used frequently by Himawari. She is also a stubborn little girl like her brother, and in her personality is also somewhat lively and hyperactive. She is energetic, mainly when she is determined to achieve her goals.

Character Profile Uzumaki Himawari

Himawari is the youngest child of Naruto Uzumaki, the Fourth Hokage, and Hinata Uzumaki, the eldest daughter of the Hyuga Sect. On top of that, she is also the granddaughter of the Fourth Minato. Himawari was born into a prestigious and influential family. When Naruto was accepted First, she wanted to bring her beloved teddy bear as a gift. However, Boruto took it from Himawari’s hand, and the bear was broken after a struggle. It was at that moment that Himawari awakened the Byakugan and attacked Boruto. Boruto tried to find a way to get rid of Himawari but failed. Since then, he vowed never to poke his sister, not to anger her.

Uzumaki Himawari’s Ninjutsu Power and Abilities

Himawari is a genius; she has the same strength and talent as her brother. At times her brother was surprised by her untrained strength. Ability to Use the Byakugan As a child, due to an incident in the struggle between the teddy bear and Boruto, she accidentally awakened the Byakugan. With this move, when activated, the eyes will change and take on the strange characteristics of the Byakugan. Thanks to this, she can see up to 360 degrees through solid surfaces. Although he has yet to be trained and trained, Himawari has used it very effectively. Physical Ability and Chakra Himawari possess tremendous chakra energy, launching large amounts of metal into the air with a single attack.
Furthermore, Himawari’s movement speed was so fast that even Boruto couldn’t keep up. Although she had no prior training, she could control the source of her chakra power quite well and perform the tree-climbing exercise on the first try. Himawari is a cute and kind girl. She only becomes scary when provoked, for example, during a fight with Boruto. A girl with quite a large amount of strength even though she has not been trained. From the above content, we know better about Himawari and what happened in her life.

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