How Long Does a Zombie Villager Take to Heal? Also, why?

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Most Minecraft players frequently encounter zombie villagers. They’re not nearly as horrible as zombies, but if you don’t know how to deal with them, they may still be a real pain.

This blog post will give you the inside scoop on what it takes to solve the zombie villager problem and restore safety to your community.

We’ll examine how long it takes to cure a zombie villager and go over all the many ways to get rid of these annoying monsters. Therefore, we have everything you need here, whether you want something quick and simple or something that takes more time.


When you offer a zombie villager a golden apple, the process of shedding its zombieness starts, and for the next five minutes, the villager won’t behave as a typical zombie would. In general, there is a small probability that the victim of a zombie attack will turn into a bothersome little zombie.

Similar to other zombies, zombie villagers can be cured by feeding them a Golden Apple. One may be obtained by killing zombies for a chance at getting one or by trading with locals. Although the actual cure time varies because of lag, it usually takes 3 to 5 minutes.


Curing the zombie villager may take four days in the worst-case scenarios, where there is a large amount of slowness in Minecraft’s chunk loading and the zombie is unable to strike before running back underground.

The only times this will occur are when the player first attempts to use a golden apple on them and during moments of exceptionally high server traffic. In these situations, curing a zombie villager could take up to two hours.


Due to its extreme weakness, you must either throw a golden apple to the zombie villager directly or have the witches do it for you. The zombie villager begins to tremble when you throw the golden apple, and nearby dark red particles begin to emanate from him. Zombies will eventually be cured and revert to their original village forms.


Due to the stages involved in creating the potion, it takes 3 to 5 minutes. By combining gunpowder with the potion in a brewing stand, a splash potion of weakness can be made in 20 seconds. In addition, you must surround it with an apple that contains eight gold ingots.

However, you must go mining in the Gold Ore to obtain gold ingots. You should mine to achieve the proper proportion of gold ingots because it is a fantastic material in Minecraft. Once finished, you must spray the zombie villager with the splash potion of weakness. The zombie villagers are affected by the splash potion’s release of gray particles before being healed.

As previously stated, there are two methods that can be utilized in Minecraft to try and successfully cure a zombie villager. A splash potion and gold apples are two examples of techniques.


When using golden apples, the zombie’s surrounding particles glow red and its cure takes four minutes.

Additionally, you might treat a zombie with arrows with tips. Combine an arrow with a lingering potion of weakness to create a tipped arrow. Before shooting a tipped arrow at a zombie, keep in mind that it will still deal damage from the attack, therefore you need make sure it has adequate health.

Not only zombies are missing out on worthwhile experience points. The same treatment is required to restore the natural state of villager zombies.

A zombie villager’s health will be restored if they have been murdered by a player or another mob and fed with a golden apple. They can now return to their previous lives in the community without knowing what transpired during their time as zombie creatures.


Don’t worry if you see your neighbor transform into a ghoul the next time. Just feed them so they won’t become aggressive toward others while they’re starving. read more how to cure a zombie villager


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