How tall is Caillou really? (Twitter Reacts)

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Caillou is a beloved children’s television character and Canada owes much of its cultural heritage to him. Recently, the internet has been abuzz with wonder and incredulity when it comes to this four-year-old’s height. What started with just one inquisitive tweet, turned into a social media firestorm. Google’s answer to such an innocuous question was enough to shake even the most well-informed person–Caillou is an insane 3’2″! This discovery made Twitter take notice, boiling up storms of speculation from ‘never thought about it before’ tweets all the way to ‘I’m still processing this information’. For sure, Caillou is more than just an iconic character; he is a reminder of childhood innocence and unbridled joy–but maybe standing tall at 3’2″..? Only time will tell!

Canada’s Parents HATE Caillou – His Terrible Canadian Accent Is The Reason Why

Caillou’s antics cause serious trouble for parents, much to their bewilderment. Not only is Caillou always whining and acting bratty; everyone around him seems to just let him get away with it! In one scene, he even accidentally causes his friend to break a toe, and when questioned all he can do is whine that he can’t play with him. Astonishingly, no punishment or consequence ever comes to Caillou – even when his friends and family must really need it! It’s hard for today’s adult viewers of the show to understand why Caillou never receives discipline for his wrongdoings; it certainly wasn’t how we were raised and begs the question, seriously?

So anyway, now that you understand why Caillou is a national enemy…

It’s time to blow some minds.

Twitter user @NatalieZiesmer got bored during a round of insomnia and decided to google Caillou.

The results…are horrifying. Why is Caillou so tall? I’m concerned.

How tall is Caillou

Social media users were stunned when Natalie Ziesmer Tweeted the important question: “How tall is Caillou?” It was almost an absurdity to think that Google could have a definitive answer for such an inquisitive query. Little did Twitter know, but Google had the horror answer for us all — just shy of six feet tall! Fans of both the show and the character alike have since been in complete shock, wondering just how it could be possible that the beloved four-year-old could possibly be close to six whole feet. Some have speculated that it must be due to some kind of “imagination potion” given by his friends while others are simply shaking their heads in bewilderment. Either way, this height revelation has certainly had social media buzzing!

The anthropometric data among men in Canada reveals an average height of five feet, ten inches; a factoid that casts the cartoon character Caillou’s absurdly large, implausibly grown up visage in a new light. It gives Canadian parents fresh insight into how their own children view themselves – for to a four-year old, being slightly taller than a typical adult male is quite remarkable; certainly more so than those two extra inches deemed notable by science. The show’s theme song then provides yet another layer of meaning. No longer does Caillou sing “each day I grow some more” merely as an innocently optimistic sentiment – ironically, it has now become recognition of his preternatural stature and size.

Naturally, people on Twitter had some thoughts.

Parents who have watched their four-year-old children come close to rivaling them in height might not be surprised that a cartoon character like Caillou, who looks like he’s about four or five years old, is reported to be nearly six feet tall. What some may find puzzling is the lack of explanation for such a disproportionate child — if all the adults around him are equally as huge as Caillou himself, then is the world of Caillou a place where giants roam with tiny children among them? This brings up two very interesting questions: first, are Caillou’s parents also giants? Secondly, what explanation can there possibly be for such a tall toddler? The only answers seem to remain a mystery.

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