How to Find Illusory Walls in Elden Ring’s Catacombs

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It takes dedication and skill to master Elden Ring, the popular action RPG from FromSoftware. After playing for 700 hours, one intrepid player has discovered a neat trick for finding illusory walls in the game’s many catacombs.

What is an Illusory Wall? An illusory wall is a hidden barrier that can only be seen once players have performed a specific action or interacted with a certain item. In Elden Ring, illusory walls are found mainly in catacombs and other underground areas where they are used to hide secret items or open up new pathways. For the most part, players have had to rely on trial and error when trying to locate these hidden barriers – until now.

The Discovery The new trick was discovered by an avid gamer who had been playing Elden Ring for over 700 hours. He noticed that when he encountered an illusory wall, nearby candles would flicker ever so slightly — something which hasn’t been widely reported before. This led him to believe that there must be some kind of correlation between the two phenomena and sure enough – after testing it out on several different occasions – it worked!

The Trick To use this new trick all you need to do is pay attention to the candles in any area where you suspect there might be an illusory wall. If they start flickering erratically then chances are you’ve found one! Of course, this doesn’t work 100% of the time as candles can sometimes flicker due to other environmental factors or simply because of a glitch in the game but it’s still worth checking out if you think something might be off.

Elden Ring Player With 700 Hours Discovers New Trick to Finding Illusory Walls in Catacombs

Every new region in Elden Ring contains an underground network of catacombs home to challenging foes, a maze-like network of grey walls, and traps that launch arrows or fire. Finding an imaginary fence, magical artificial walls that vanish when the player interacts with them can make all the difficulties worthwhile. They often conceal great armour, a gorgeous new Elden Ring weapon, or a different path for players to explore. However, phantom walls have the unsavoury reputation of being hard to detect. Since players know that FromSoftware has hidden them somewhere, they typically discover them by mistake or by crashing into every wall in the game.

Everything may have changed now. Illiterateboii, a Reddit member, claims to have invested over 700 hours in the game, which is typical for fans of Elden Ring. They have offered video proof of how to recognize an optical illusion. It turns out that practically all catacombs’ walls have a little brick frame between the floor and their base. Except for illusory walls, all of them have bottom brick framing. Finding one is now more complicated a process than it once was, assuming illiterateboii’s discovery can be applied to every illusory wall in every catacomb in Elden Ring.

Illiterateboii’s discovery only partially alleviates the headaches of discovering false walls. But given that some of the walls in Elden Ring have a terrible reputation, it might make finding them significantly more effective. Instead of swinging a weapon or rolling against every wall they come across with the hope that it will disappear before their eyes, all the players would have to pay close attention to the bottom of every wall they encounter. Given that there are only about 30 to 40 imaginary walls in the game overall, as opposed to hundreds of others that are just regular solid walls, it may also save a ton of time.

The discovery itself has the potential to be excellent and will likely be helpful to many Elden Ring gamers who will probably be playing this game for many years to come. Even more impressive is how long it took for anyone in the neighbourhood to find it. Or, at the very least, let everyone know. It shows the subtlety of FromSoftware’s design and dedication to enabling players to uncover such minor but profound revelations independently.
Elden Ring is currently available for the PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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