Is TikTok Notifying Friends of Your Likes?

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In the world of TikTok, new features are always popping up. Over the years, creators have shared their opinions of everything from the clear mode feature for distraction-free scrolling to TikTok view histories that come in major clutch to weed out stalkers. Now, the short-form video app has people talking with a rumored notification feature every time a friend likes a reposted TikTok.

So, every time you like a TikTok that has been reposted, would your friends be notified?

The speculated feature, about which TikTok fans are displeased, essentially makes it so that your friends will be informed if you like or repost a TikTok that they have reposted. TikTok hasn’t made any official announcements concerning a feature like this as of this writing.

On TikTok, some users, however, assert that they have been receiving notifications when followers or non-followers like or repost the video that they have reposted. Therefore, it’s possible that just a small number of TikTok users are using this feature in this instance. In fact, TikTok is used to releasing new features in phases.

Many people find it a little annoying to think about receiving notifications every time a buddy loves a repost. To begin with, you might not be interested in the TikTok content that appeals to your pals. Additionally, if a buddy likes all of your reposts, it may clog your alerts and cause you to miss out on significant events.

Not to mention, receiving a message about a video that has been reposted but may not actually be an original post, is annoying. On the short-form video app, engagement is king, therefore most users would agree that they would prefer to receive updates about their own material.

Remember that despite the recent changes, TikTok still nailed it with the Repost feature.

You can support other authors without having your profile’s look affected by the repost option, which is one of its benefits.

You can help a buddy gain more viewers by reposting any video on your “For You” page thanks to the functionality, which will ultimately aid increase interaction and following. Reposting a video also only shows it to your followers and doesn’t show up on your profile. In the past, users of TikTok could only transfer a single video to another user separately.
In other words, by encouraging other creators, you’ll inspire others to do the same.

Only some people are now impacted by the notifications on friend repost feature. The TikTok developers may very probably change the feature in response to the online criticism in order to prevent anyone from receiving unwanted alerts. Time will only tell.

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