Character Spotlight: Izana Kurokawa the leader of Tenjiku from Tokyo Revengers

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Izana Kurokawa is the leader of the Eighth Generation Black Dragon and a powerful fighter with special abilities. He was born with these abilities and has always been known for his fighting prowess. Currently, he lives with his brother, Shinichiro Sano. In this article, we will take a closer look at the source of Izana’s power and what makes him such a strong fighter.

About Izana Kurokawa

Name: Izana Kurokawa
Japanese name: 黒 川 イ ザ ナ
Age: 31 years old
Date of birth: August 30
Height: 165 cm
Weight: 58 kg
Blood type A
Hair color: yellow
Eye Color: Orchid color

Izana Kurokawa’s Relationship

Shinichiro Sano: adopted brother
Manji Sano: adopted brother
Emma Sano: adopted sister
Karen Kurokawa: adoptive mother
Kurokawa family member

Izana Kurokawa Biography

Izana is rather handsome; his appearance combines Filipino and Japanese blood. Besides, whenever we talk about Izana Kurokawa, we can’t help but talk about his costumes. He regularly wears a standard Tenjiku uniform combined with a red shrimp tail shirt to create a unique combo in everyone’s eyes.

Izana Kurokawa’s Personality

Izana Kurokawa grew up with his adopted siblings; he is very kind and always shares everything with those around him. When she was very young, Izana Kurokawa always cared about her adopted brother. But since leaving Emma, he has gradually become lonely and lives far away from the world around him. He gradually becomes mentally unstable, crueler than before, and hates his siblings. The change in the living environment and the difficulties he went through made Izana Kurokawa’s personality change a lot. Besides, Izana Kurokawa always aspires to have a complete family home. However, the harsh reality did not allow him to have that. In addition, the guy also became strict with his colleagues, forcing them to complete all the assigned tasks.

Izana Kurokawa’s Ninjutsu Abilities and Powers

Izana Kurokawa has become a leader in the Tenjiku Pirates, which is why he has always had strong authority in the crew. Moreover, everyone will have to follow all of his instructions. As a leader, Izana Kurokawa also possesses tremendous strength, being able to duel with Mikey. In addition to being the captain, an elite warrior, he also has an unbeatable sense. He can use the ability he possesses to be able to predict the moves of his enemies. From there, he can launch the next attack quickly, causing the opponent to concede defeat.

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