Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Originals | Photos of Murderer’s Fridge Released

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The infamous Jeffrey Dahmer has long been a figure of fascination and horror. Recently, a set of Polaroid originals were found in the collection of one of his victims, cementing his notoriety with an even more chilling reminder that these horrific murders once happened. Seeing these one-of-a-kind photographs can make anyone understand why Dahmer is remembered as one of the most reviled criminals in history.

As the documentary about Jeffrey Dahmer on Netflix continues to gain traction, pictures of his refrigerator have been making their way into the internet. The fridge contained stored human body parts and horrifying images of his victims.

#1. The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Originals Are Chilling

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Jeffrey Dahmer’s notorious crimes have become the stuff of legend, but now a chilling artifact from his past has resurfaced online. A photo of Dahmer’s refrigerator made its debut on Reddit and has since gone viral — showcasing not only an eerie glimpse into the life of one America’s most infamous serial killers, but providing insight to what is considered by some as evidence that he conducted experiments on live bodies with evil intentions in mind. Many believe this horrifyingly macabre image reveals how Jeffrey kept remnants of these sinister acts cold for later use or inspection.

Jeffrey Dahmer Real Polaroids Pics Of His Victims

What Insiders Said

The A.P. News reported that law enforcement officials discovered 11 skulls strewn throughout Dahmer’s file cabinet, refrigerator, freezer, and closet. The bedroom also contained the torsos of three people who were missing their heads. According to a report in The Independent, the refrigerator contained body parts for Dahmer to ingest. Detective Patrick Kennedy described finding a “bloodless, human head” in Dahmer’s refrigerator during an interview with Rover’s Morning Glory. He said:

“When I looked into the refrigerator, it was clean and empty except for an open box of Arm & Hammer soda in the back and this box in the middle containing this freshly severed, bloodless human head. “When I looked into the refrigerator, it was clean and empty except for an open box of Arm & Hammer soda in the back.”
He went on to elaborate by saying:

“When I saw it, I can state that I had been a police officer for many years and seen some horrifying things. It was a black male with his eyes and lips wide with a look that was almost one of joy or astonishment.

#12. How Jeffrey Dahmer Hide The Polaroid

The Crime Mag Jeffrey Dahmer Polaroid Originals
Even though Jeffrey Dahmer’s neighbors constantly complained about a putrid odor in their neighborhood, the serial killer charmed his way out of the issue by claiming that his refrigerator was faulty, which caused the meat he had stored to rot. This allowed him to get away with his crime. Officer Rolf Mueller of the police department found the three severed skulls in the refrigerator. During an interview, Mueller responded as follows:

“Just when you think you’ve seen everything that can happen out here, something like this takes place.” Graphic photographs of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims have been in True Crime Magazine. In July of 1991, Police Officer Mueller came across over 80 polaroids depicting deceased people that had been dismembered and left naked.

In a recent issue of True Crime Magazine, there was an article that featured several disturbing photographs of Jeffrey Dahmer’s victims. The link to them is provided here for anyone interested. According to the website, Dahmer put his victims in specific positions so that he could murder them in a “sexually significant” way if he decided to do so. They believed that Dahmer photographed the men to satiate his cruel sexual cravings and necrophilia.

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