Jenny mod minecraft: The hottest virtual girlfriend in the Minecraft universe (1.20.1, 1.20)

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Jenny Mod Minecraft (1.20.1, 1.20), an unofficial Minecraft mod hailing from the NSFW (Not Safe For Work) realm, breathes life into the pixelated world by introducing an ‘in-game girlfriend’ for Minecraft players, simulating adult-oriented interactions. Indeed, we’re talking about grown-up engagements. It’s gaining traction among the gaming community, particularly popular in the ‘Creative’ mode. Now, Jenny could just be your ‘best friend’ within the game, but let’s not be naive – that’s certainly not the reason why parents need to maintain a close watch on their children downloading this particular mod.

Jenny mod minecraft: The hottest virtual girlfriend in the Minecraft universe (1.20.1, 1.20)
Jenny mod minecraft: The hottest virtual girlfriend in the Minecraft universe (1.20.1, 1.20)

What is Jenny MOD?

Jenny is a vibrant and unique character from the world of Minecraft, masterfully created by Slipperytum. In an arena filled with popular games like Minecraft PE, Minecraft Appvn, and Craft Warriors, Jenny introduces a unique twist of her own. When you download the Jenny MOD, you get to meet her inside a pointed roof building, where the adventure truly begins. Jenny is more than just a character, she is like a virtual girlfriend. You can engage in various activities with her, present her with gifts such as gold, diamonds, or emeralds, and really feel part of this enchanting virtual world.

What sets Jenny apart are her extraordinary superpowers. If she obtains a potion of luck, she can wield her Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing abilities to gain an edge in the game. Similar to an Enderman, Jenny possesses the incredible ability to teleport instantaneously, given the right circumstances. Moreover, Jenny has an optimal healing capacity, allowing her to quickly regain strength following assaults.

Experience Jenny, the fusion of novelty and intrigue in the Minecraft universe, adding a new depth to your gaming experience.

Jenny Mod: Your Virtual Girlfriend in Minecraft

Envisioned by SlipperyT, a well-known Minecraft animator, in 2018, the Jenny Mod is a remarkable addon that brings a unique twist to the Minecraft universe – a virtual girlfriend. This feature has quickly gained popularity among the Minecraft community due to its novelty and charm. After all, Minecraft epitomizes a self-crafted virtual world, abundant in MODs and addons for you to customize and enrich your gaming landscape.

Much like the countless addons available, Jenny Mod introduces an appealing female character who becomes your virtual girlfriend in this expansive universe. With her, your gaming experience transcends traditional boundaries; she emulates everything a real-life girlfriend would do. You can share intimate dinners, dance together, and even explore physical encounters within the game.

Summing up, the Jenny Mod is an indispensable addon for every Minecraft gamer, enhancing the gaming experience with its unique offerings. The game’s spectrum of characters extends beyond Jenny, featuring Ellie, Slime Girl, Bee, Luna, Allie, Kobolds, and Goblins. Choose any of them as your in-game partner, availing various services through the in-game currency.

On this website, you can download the latest version of Jenny Mod for free. But before you proceed, let’s dive deeper into the fascinating features of this MOD.

Gameplay Dynamics

Jenny MOD offers an enticing, exploratory gameplay experience. The game beckons you to embark on a quest to find a captivating female character named Jenny. You are called upon to traverse through diverse terrains, as she could be lurking anywhere, adding a layer of thrill and excitement. Once you manage to locate Jenny, she doesn’t merely become a part of your adventure but transforms into an active companion, swiftly completing your quests.

But that’s not all! Jenny MOD also allows for more personal and interactive engagements. You can indulge in virtual dates, cook and dine together, design outfits, and even delve into more intimate activities, blurring the lines between reality and fantasy in this captivating game world. This elevates the gaming experience beyond traditional bounds, providing an intriguing mix of adventure and virtual companionship.

Jenny’s Features

Jenny's Features
Jenny’s Features

Jenny brings to the table an array of appealing features, making her an exciting addition to your gaming universe:


Armed with a potion of luck, Jenny can employ her Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing abilities to her advantage, adding an intriguing twist to gameplay. She also has the astounding capacity to teleport instantaneously like an Enderman under the right circumstances, which also makes her unpredictable and hard to pin down for long periods.

Jenny comes with a remarkable ability to regenerate, allowing her to regain her strength swiftly following attacks. The developers have given detailed physical attributes to Jenny, which she can tactically use during combats, such as her hips or rear.


Even superheroes have Achilles’ heels, and Jenny is no exception. She has a disdain for Squids and tends to get stuck in slime, so ensure to steer Jenny clear of them.

Graphics and Sound

Jenny MOD is a visual treat with its stunning 2D graphics that meticulously showcase detailed images and lifelike landscapes. The game skillfully blends the vibrant hues of flora and beautifully constructed structures, creating an overall magnificent aesthetic. The background score of Jenny MOD is soothing and pleasant, harmoniously merging to paint a serene picture. It provides an enjoyable and relaxing gaming experience for players.

Tailored to Your Liking

The highlight of this Mod is undeniably its customization potential. You are in the driver’s seat, endowed with the power to transform her appearance as you wish. Alter her hair color, swap her clothes, modify her skin tone, and much more – an array of options are at your fingertips. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Effortless and Intuitive Gameplay

Designed with a keen emphasis on user-friendly interface, the Jenny MOD is a breeze to navigate, irrespective of one’s gaming expertise. Jenny is at your beck and call, poised to follow your instructions and help actualize your in-game aspirations. This seamless interactivity surely makes the Jenny MOD a delightful addition to your gaming repertoire.

Access to Exclusive Services

Jenny offers an assortment of unique in-game services, accessible through the use of in-game currency. This system of virtual commerce provides you with the liberty to engage in various activities with Jenny, letting you craft your own narrative and gameplay experience, tailored precisely to your preferences.

Download jenny mod minecraft

Download jenny mod minecraft
Download jenny mod minecraft

Seeking a credible and dependable platform to download Jenny MOD? Look no further! We offer an official source for downloading the mod, providing you with unlimited resources and exclusive features at no extra cost. Download the latest version today and embark on a thrilling exploration of the Minecraft universe like never before!

Name Value
Mod Jenny Mod
Version 1.12.2
Size 26.37 MB
Developed by Slippery Tum
Updated on 4th April 2023

Link Download:



Step-by-step Guide: Downloading and Installing the Jenny Mod on Your PC

To install this add-on in your Minecraft universe, please follow these steps:

Step 1: Find a reputable source, such as, to download the MOD. It’s crucial to ensure that you download it from a trusted website like ours, as some versions of Jenny Mod may contain viruses or other harmful components.

Step 2: Click on the download link for the latest version of Jenny Minecraft Mod. Make sure that the version is compatible with your Windows PC.

Step 3: After downloading this mod, you need to download and install Forge in order to install this mod in your Minecraft game.

Step 4: Once you have downloaded and installed the Forge app, open it and create a custom profile. You can name the profile as you wish, and be sure to select the Jenny Mod version.

Step 5: After creating the custom profile, navigate to your downloads folder and copy the mod file that you have downloaded.

Step 6: Return to the Forge app and click on the custom profile you created earlier. Click the “Open Folder” button to access the folder where the mod files should be placed.

Step 7: Once you are in the folder, paste the file.

Step 8: Launch Minecraft using the CurseForge app and create a new single-player world.

Step 9: When you are in the world, type “Jenny” in the search bar, and she should appear in the world. Enjoy playing with the Jenny Mod!

What are the steps to download and install Jenny MOD APK for Android devices?

Regrettably, the availability of this Add-on Mod for Android devices is limited. Minecraft mods are primarily designed for the Java Edition of the game, which is compatible with PC and Mac platforms. However, there are mobile versions of Minecraft specifically developed for Android devices, such as Minecraft: Pocket Edition and Minecraft for Android. Nevertheless, the mentioned Add-on Mod is not accessible for these mobile versions. Nevertheless, you can still download the game onto your desktop platform.

Jenny mod minecraft Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the Jenny mod in Minecraft?
A: The Jenny mod is a popular Minecraft modification (mod) that introduces a new character named Jenny to the game. Jenny is an NPC (non-playable character) that players can interact with, offering various features and functionalities.

Q: What can I do with the Jenny mod?
A: With the Jenny mod, you can interact with Jenny and engage in activities such as quests, trading, and chatting. Jenny may provide you with tasks or challenges, offer unique items for trade, or simply engage in conversation to enhance your gameplay experience.

Q: How do I install the Jenny mod in Minecraft?
A: To install the Jenny mod, you need to follow these general steps:

  1. Make sure you have the correct version of Minecraft Forge installed.
  2. Download the Jenny mod file from a trusted source.
  3. Open your Minecraft game directory and locate the “mods” folder.
  4. Drag and drop the downloaded mod file into the “mods” folder.
  5. Launch Minecraft with the Forge profile, and the Jenny mod should be active.

Q: Is the Jenny mod available for all Minecraft versions?
A: Mods are typically specific to certain versions of Minecraft. The availability of the Jenny mod may vary depending on the Minecraft version you’re playing. It’s recommended to check the mod’s official website or community forums for the compatible Minecraft versions.

Q: Are there any dependencies or requirements for the Jenny mod?
A: The Jenny mod may have specific dependencies or requirements, such as Minecraft Forge or other supporting mods. It’s crucial to check the mod’s documentation or the instructions provided by the mod developer for any additional requirements.

Q: Can I use the Jenny mod in multiplayer?
A: The Jenny mod can generally be used in multiplayer, but it depends on the specific server and its modding policies. Some servers may have restrictions on certain mods or require all players to have the same mods installed. It’s advisable to check with the server administrators or read their guidelines before using the Jenny mod in multiplayer.

Q: Is the Jenny mod compatible with other mods?
A: The compatibility of the Jenny mod with other mods can vary. Some mods may conflict with each other, causing issues or crashes. It’s recommended to research and test compatibility between the Jenny mod and any other mods you want to use. Modding communities and forums can provide information on potential conflicts or compatibility patches.



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