[Characters] Kaneki Ken: The One-Eyed King of Tokyo Ghoul

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Kaneki Ken is the main protagonist of the hit manga and anime series, Tokyo Ghoul. He’s a half-ghoul, half-human hybrid who possesses supernatural strength and abilities. He’s also the one-eyed king of Tokyo Ghoul, having lost his left eye during a battle with a powerful ghoul. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at Kaneki Ken’s biography, his powers and abilities, and why he’s known as the one-eyed king of Tokyo Ghoul.

Information About Kaneki Ken

Japanese name: 金 木 研
Name: Kaneki Ken

Year old: 23
Birthday: 12/20
Height: 170cm
Weight: 58kg
Rank: SS . level
Blood group: AB

Kaneki Ken’s Relationship

Yuuichi Asaoka (Grandma)
Touka Kirishima (Wife)
Ayato Kirishima (Brother-in-law)
Hikari Kirishima (Mother-in-law) )
Arata Kirishima (Father-in-law)
Renji Yomo (Groom)
Ichika Kaneki (Daughter)

Kaneki Ken First Appearance

Manga: Chapter 1
Anime: Episode 1
Anime name: Tokyo Ghoul

Voice actor: Japanese: Natsuki Hanae

Kaneki Ken’s Biography

Kaneki’s father died early, leaving only his mother. She was a kind and gentle person who always devoted herself to others. Because of exhaustion, his mother also passed away when he was too young. Kaneki Ken liked Rize Kamishiro at first sight because of her novel beauty and glasses, but Kaneki didn’t know that Rize was the Ghoul. Thanks to his passion for literature, he arranged a date with Rize. After he finished, he took her home; when he reached an empty alley, Rize bit his mouth into his shoulder blades, using the tentacles growing on his back to try to extract his internal organs. Fortunately, an iron rod fell on her head, and she died on the spot. He was taken to the hospital in a dying state, and the doctors decided to transplant Rize’s organs into him. Since then, he has become a Ghoul; he is no longer interested in the food he usually likes but is attracted to human flesh. On one occasion, when rescuing Hideyoshi Nagachika, he activated his power with tentacles growing on his back identical to Rize’s. But when he looked at Hideyoshi, he looked like he wanted to rush in to eat him; fortunately, if Touka had arrived in time, things would have turned sour. After Yamori brutally tortures him, Rize’s vision appears to him, telling him that kindness is a typical weakness when he sees the people around him getting hurt without being able to do anything. Torment, anger, regret, a series of emotions overflowed, and if Kaneki remained a weak boy, he would gradually have to watch each person he loved die. He accepts Rize’s power, and now his hair turns silver and knocks Yamori down with a single note.

Kaneki Ken’s Appearance

When he was young, he looked like an ordinary boy with black hair and eyes. Compared to being a geography student, he looks pretty thin; he seems like a true nerd when he reads books all day and has a taste for literature. When he was transplanted with Rize’s organs, he became a Ghoul with one red eye with a black yolk. He also possesses some of Rize’s Ghoul powers, as he can transform tentacles on his back. Because he didn’t want anyone to notice that he covered his eyes, he looked like a pirate. And he is said to be a one-eyed Ghoul like him; it’s rarely a combination of a Ghoul with a human. During a battle with Amon, Bridge also wore a black mask with a row of teeth that looked quite scary. When Yamori brutally tortured him and saw Rize’s illusion, he no longer wanted to be a weak person watching his loved ones suffer; he accepted Rize’s Ghoul, and his hair turned entirely white, his fingernails were black, and he also became more muscular. After the campaign to destroy the entire Tsukiyama clan, his hair returns to its original black color, and he wears a black Arima Squad uniform, along with a black shirt and pants. When immobile inside the dragon, he takes the form of a monster that can cover an entire skyscraper.

Kaneki Ken’s Personality

At first, he was a shy boy, like a nerd who loved reading books, especially novels. He is exceptionally gentle, and he is willing to admit mistakes. He never wants to hurt others. This is his biggest weakness because he is always trying to protect others. After all, he is also trying to protect himself from being alone. He is also quite naive as he was approached many times by Tsukiyama Shuu without even noticing. Beneath his kind nature, there is always a hidden fear of loneliness, so he always tries to protect the people he loves to learn not to face the world’s loneliness. After becoming a Ghoul, he went to Anteiku to work and establish relationships with other Ghouls. He begins to learn martial arts. He values human life, and he does not hesitate to put his strength in danger if loved ones are threatened. After being tortured by Yamori, he became cold and cruel. He dropped the idea that it was better to be hurt than hurt others, and he pledged to crush those who touched him. He gave up on being human and accepted his Ghoul nature, and he wasn’t afraid of any Ghouls anymore. He craves power and strength. He acts like a different person when he loses control of his kagune. While living as Haise Sasaki, he is a reclusive and loyal person devoted to his work. Sasaki loves to read and tends to scratch the back of her head when feeling insecure. Just like his personality when he was younger. However, he still loses control when he regains his memories and becomes cold and violent.

Kaneki Ken’s Abilities

Speed: When Ayoto fires consecutive attacks, but Kaneki easily dodges without too much strength.

Rinkaku Kagune: Kaneki possesses Kagune like an octopus tentacle containing highly regenerative Rc. After being tortured by Yamori, he could release four tentacles skillfully and expertly. When fighting in Kanou’s lab, he removed six tentacles, and when fighting Arima, he released eight tentacles.

Rinkaku Kakuja: After continuously eating his fellow Ghouls, he evolved into an incomplete Kakuja that quickly overwhelms his opponents. Controlling Kagune: He can voluntarily reveal his Kagune as a hand that holds it. Ghoul Toxic Immunity: After exiting the dragon’s body, he gains immunity to the Ghoul poison from creatures born from the dragon’s fallopian tubes.

Swordsmanship: He has rapid water movements that can cut through a Ghoul’s Kagune and use it effectively against his own Kagune.

Sharp intellect: when facing enemies, he often uses wisdom and careful planning to eliminate his opponents quickly. Kaneki Ken Battles 1 Kaneki vs. the Butcher He was invited to a party by Shuu, but he was tricked into making him not the party’s main character but food for the sick Ghouls. He was brought to the ring with a butcher; that fat guy repeatedly attacked Kaneki because he was trained in martial arts. He tried to suppress, but his kicks did not do much damage this time, and they were cornered. He violently and ruthlessly strangled him until Kaneki transformed into a red-eyed Ghoul that nudged his opponent’s head, sending him flying away. Shuu saw Kaneki as a rare commodity and wanted to keep him for himself, so he rushed out to cut the butcher’s meat and entertain all the guests. 2 Kaneki vs. Yamori When Yamori was brutally arrested and tortured, Kaneki began to see Rezi in a vision through a conversation with Rize that kindness is a weakness that one cannot be nice to everyone. People. The climax was when Yamori brought the couple and made him choose one of them to die. He hesitated to determine the result that he killed them both and said it was his fault. A series of emotions rose inside him, and he began to accept this power. He cracked the lock very quickly and bit into his temple, causing him to go mad and envelop Gagune in his entire body. He knocked him down with one hit, stabbing him in the body one by one. And finally, he casually cracked his knuckles.

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