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Kaori Miyazono is a beloved character from the popular anime series Your Lie in April. She’s become so iconic that even songs have been written about her story and her love for Kousei Arima. Her life, her way of living, and her feelings for Kousei are all left unfinished in a sad love song that has made viewers regret and wonder ever since. Let’s explore why Kaori Miyazono remains an unforgettable character to this day.

Miyazono Kaori’s Appearance and Personality

She is a middle school girl in her early teens, with long flowing blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and a smile as bright as the spring of April. She is in the best period of her life. That appearance is enough to captivate anyone, even the person with the most indifferent, coldest, or most closed soul. Her first appearance was in a very poetic setting. Kaori stood on the slide, holding a melodica in the middle of a sky filled with cherry blossoms and the taste of spring and blowing songs that called for pigeons, surrounded by children listening attentively. It can be said that it is a scene enough to make any person who loves beauty and art flutter. Or a Kaori in a white dress on stage with a violin playing Sonata no 9 “Kreutzer” playing in a very unconventional way, as free as a pin and forever in the viewer’s memory. A 14-year-old girl who is innocent, carefree, believes in music, easy to be happy, accessible to anger, and full of life. Always do what you like, regardless of the rules and opinions of people. A free and bohemian person. That dreamy April girl always believes in seemingly foolish things that one day, Arima will play the piano for her. That girl saved a psychologically obsessed person with her spontaneity and enthusiasm, always helping and supporting, healing people’s souls with her music and actions. Cherry blossoms represent her, representing the youth of each person; the most beautiful but very short bloom quickly but also fade soon while the flowers are still at their best; just a light breeze blowing through is enough. Enough to make flowers fall off branches. This reminds us of her fate; she lived her life to the fullest with music and was kind and enthusiastic to those around her. She is a beauty in appearance and personality, but ironically, a terrible incurable disease has taken everything away, leaving Kaori only in the memories of those who love her. Kaori is the April girl who brings out the best in everyone.

Miyazono Kaori’s Musical Thinking Very “Artist”

Kaori is an excellent violinist and is very different from the musicians in the film. He is a whimsical violinist who breaks all the rigid rules of music and creates it in his way. Her music has a very positive energy and is mesmerizing. It can make the auditorium burst into applause and can make those who are always sleepy and struggling when listening to classical music roar, fascinated with a different look. Her talent and musical thinking made her receive the criticism and discomfort of the judges. Still, she got the highest vote from the audience to move on to the next round, in the violin competition in episode 4. it was that talent that saved and completely changed a pianist of the past whose only concern was that the notes were struck precisely in a perfectly “imitation” fashion like a metronome that knows how to play. Their emotions and feelings in the music touch the hearts of listeners.

Poor Fate Miyazono Kaori

Since childhood, she has suffered from a rare evil disease, causing the patient to die at any time. The condition is rarely curable, persists from youth to age 18, and worsens over time. Kaori hid her illness from everyone and always pretended to be okay and happy so that no one had to worry and pity her. You probably still remember one time in the hospital. She was walking alone late at night in the hallway and fell, but her legs couldn’t feel anything anymore. She was in pain, burst into tears, and began to beat her leg in despair. “You are my leg.” Although she returned to normal in a short time and went to school, she had to do physical therapy after that because her arms and legs could no longer feel and could not hold anything without falling. She began to stop touching her violin. Passes of unconsciousness so unexpected that in the hospital, “Oh, did I faint again” indicate that fainting has occurred frequently and worsened. This disease had no cure, and she had to endure it alone. After all, she ended up passing away because of the failed surgery at the greenest age of her life, just as her efforts paid off as Kousei returned to music and more light. Light, hope. Knowing her end, she left a letter admitting her feelings for Kousei and their memorabilia.

The Most Beautiful April Lies And Boundless Love With The Male Lead

As in the title of the movie, Kaori’s lie is the ON button that opens the touching story of the film. Kaori had a crush on Kousei since she was five during a piano competition. At that time, she initially liked the piano but switched to the violin because she wanted Kousei to be her accompanist. She has kept that feeling buried until now. Realizing she can’t live much longer, she decides to stay by Arima Kousei’s side, lying that she likes his best friend Watari to be closer to him. But she couldn’t say that she had a crush on him for a long time. She became the girl who appeared during Kousei’s most difficult times and encouraged him to return to music, dispel his mother’s obsession and heal his broken soul. Perhaps, she didn’t want to break the friendship between him, Watari, and Tsubaki. She didn’t want him to keep her in mind because she would eventually abandon Arima. She tried to use her actions and music to express her feelings, be by his side and fulfill her dream of having him accompany her in the last years of her life. The strength and resilience of the April girl while fighting the disease have brought the most beautiful things to those she loves. Arima can now stand on her own two feet without her by her side. Because she wanted to be with him longer, she risked her life to accept surgery despite little success. In the final episode, Arima played a duet with her for the last time and played with all her emotions. The music ended when he saw her dissolving into indeterminate cherry blossom petals. That’s when he knew she was gone. Kaori’s letter is the most touching detail in the movie when she says she loves him so much from the day she first saw him play the piano, grateful that he brought her joy at the end of her life. The April girl is as beautiful as the lyrics of the song “Twinkle Twinkle little star” resounding in the movie, she lights up the spring in the heart of the boy she loves the most, but unfortunately, that spring is no longer with her. The most humane thing the film leaves to the desperate people out there is resilience, optimism, positivity, and living to the fullest in the last years of Kaori’s life.

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