[Characters] 4 Reasons Why Koro-Sensei is the Most Beloved Teacher in Anime

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Do you ever wish you had a teacher like Koro-sensei? He’s a super creature who can destroy the Earth but he’s also very cool, very funny, and even a bit stupid – and that’s why we love him. In this blog post, we’ll explore four things that make Koro-sensei so beloved in anime. So grab your popcorn and let’s dive in!

Koro Sensei’s Immortal Body

Koro-sensei is a super creature with the shape of a yellow octopus up to 2.8m tall with many tentacles, a body covered with mucus, a round head, two eyes, and two tiny noses. But very sensitive, revealing a big crescent-shaped mouth that can eat and chew anything, whether it’s a knife, poison, etc. His senses are all superhuman things that humans can’t reach. : can recognize the sound, temperature, humidity, and scent no matter how far away or can see at a distance. An indestructible body, whether a gun, knife, bomb, or rocket, can’t hurt even the slightest, except for knives and BB bullets designed by the government. Claiming to be the one who can make the moon wane by 70%, Koro-sensei also admits that he can destroy the Earth: “I am the one who destroyed the moon. Next year I plan to do the same to Earth.” Because of this, he became the target of assassins worldwide with a reward of 10 billion yen (individual) and 30 billion yen (group). Currently, he is the homeroom teacher of class 3E (END) – the class that is considered the worst of Kunugigaoka Middle School, run by principal Asano Gakuho – Kor O- sensei’s rival on the education front. . This is the will of the deceased former homeroom teacher of class 3E – whom he loves, wants him to use the rest of his life to fulfill. At first, everything about Koro-sensei was very mysterious. People only know him as a dangerous, scary space super creature. As for his 28 students, Koro-sensei is “a stupid, stupid and perverted octopus” who is often pranked by students, causing many funny situations. Your existence is a state secret because if everyone knew about a monster like you, the world would fall into chaos. He did not have a name or know how old he was. The character Koro (who cannot be killed) was given by his student Kayano Kaede, his birthday on March 13 was also chosen by the person he loved, teacher Aguri Yukimura. Even his past is something he doesn’t want people to know; the reason he decided to be a teacher instead of killing is that no one knows until episode 15 of season 2, and everything becomes clear. His most impressive and powerful ability lies in the speed of Mach 20 (about 24500km / h), comparable to the speed of a super rocket. Therefore, he can dodge all assassination attacks easily. The assassins in the world were all helpless before him; even the “Death God” assassin (who was once a student of Koro-sensei) also succumbed. Just like his name Koro. He was only voluntarily killed by Class 3E when he had used all his strength to protect the students from mad scientist Yanagisawa and the Grim Reaper, who had turned into a monster like him.

There are also other skills:

  • Shedding once a month and using it as a protective film for yourself and others. But the speed can be reduced insignificantly.
  • Regeneration at lightning speed but slowed down Laser firing and the cost is the loss of energy inside 1 part Absolute Defense is a move that makes the master smaller and surrounds by a sphere created by mechanical energy body.
  • It doesn’t matter whether it’s an atomic bomb or a falling meteorite.
  • The magical surgical power he created out of regret for not being able to save his teacher, Aguri Yukimura, was first used when he was treating her younger sister, Akari Yukimura.

Koro Sensei’s Tragic Past

Before becoming a monster, Koro-sensei was once a human. The reason is that he is a research experiment on antimatter. “The more professional the assassin, the better” Indeed, the reason why Koro-sensei, even though she was a teacher for the first time, was able to teach the subjects smoothly and defeat the headmaster Asano Gakuho in the final exam. Term 2 is because he is a Death Eater. He is an orphan with a distorted way of life, living in a slum in a chaotic country; the only truth he believes in is “People who are killed will die” – the reason why he chose to be an assassin. . He was a genius with great physicality until the 1000th person was killed, they named him “Death” – the king of all killers. Therefore, all the other assassins who came to assassinate the master were “dancing axes through the eyes of the workers.” During an assassination attempt, the teacher accepted a student and was betrayed by the child himself because he only saw him as a tool (later becoming the “2nd generation “Death”). He was captured and became the “White Rat” of an antimatter experiment center in Japan. There, he was tortured by brutal experiments. Still, thanks to that, he met Aguri Yukimura, who taught him how to live, turning his fake smile dedicated to serving assassinations into a genuine one. Two years later, he used the power gained from antimatter to escape from the center of the experiment. Unfortunately, to prevent Koro-sensei from following the same path of murder, she accidentally fell into the sights of a “tentacle mine” used to resist him and died. Her last wish is that she is insecure about 3E and wants him to use the remaining year of her time to help 3E get out of the dark. That’s why he became a teacher. The tentacle antimatter power can transform the possessor into the form they desire. Koro-sensei wants to be weak with dozens of weaknesses, friendly and approachable, capable of protecting the things she holds dear. Despite his unparalleled strength, Koro-sensei is extremely funny, funny, sometimes stupid, with many humorous situations that make the brand of assassination classroom contrary to perfection. While still human. His ideal classroom model is a classroom where the teacher is the target, and the students are the assassins. Developing the ability to assassinate while developing the second blade is learning. Koro-sensei has succeeded in this with Defense Ministry gymnast-warrior Tadaomi Karasuma and Bitch-sensei (Irina Jelavic-assassin).

The Humorous Weaknesses That Make Koro Sensei Brand

Weaknesses “smug”: Eight stories, liking breasts, stooping to superiors, deafness, lousy makeup, excessive role-playing, fear of ghosts, fear of heat, strict with swimming rules, etc., helplessly weak. And in each episode, we discover one more weakness of the teacher. This helps teachers become closer, shortening the distance between super creatures and humans, between teachers and students. The teacher has fatal flaws, helpful information for assassins such as in the heart, fear of water, if held tight, all tentacles will not be able to escape, weak fists lose to children, grab one and stop running, after skinning and regenerating,…. There were many times I almost died because of that. But all are overshadowed by the teacher’s most fatal weakness, the students of class 3E. Most of the assassins who take his student’s hostage are more difficult for him than the rest. This makes Koro-sensei a national teacher because he always loves and cares for his students, regardless of his life.

Koro Sensei’s Ideal Education Motto

His educational motto was inherited from teacher Yukimura Aguri: Always look at others thoughtfully and respectfully and do not use weaknesses to judge a person. Along with the experience and knowledge gained from the assassin profession, he has helped the 3E class become talented, valuable people for the country. Karma Akabane verified this in his assassination. He threw himself down the cliff and, in a stance ready to attack, if Koro-sensei saved him, he would be shot, but if he left him, his title of teacher would no longer exist. In the end, the teacher not only lived with his teeth but still did not let Karma get injured, thanks to his quick-witted intelligence. In episode 14 of season 1, when class 3E was trapped by Yanagisawa being swept into the waterfall, despite the weakness of touching the water, the tentacles would swell, and it was easy to kill, he still saved all the students while fighting. With Itona-experiment tentacles later version of the master. Or in the first match against Itona, despite defeating him and throwing him out of the classroom, he was still wrapped in leather by the teacher and didn’t have a single scratch. In the last episode, Koro-sensei chose to voluntarily die at the hands of his students because he wanted the students to complete the assassination mission, fulfilling the bond between teacher and student. In conclusion, Koro-sensei is a great teacher that is unique; it is because of this that Assassination Classroom has the legendary episode 24 season 2 that took away many tears from viewers because of the death of the great teacher- Koro.

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