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Kozuki Momonosuke is a character in the Japanese manga and anime series “One Piece”. He is a member of the Kozuki Family and the son of the late Kozuki Oden, a former member of the Whitebeard Pirates. Momonosuke is a member of the organization named the Nine Red Scabbards and serves as their leader. He is known for his ability to turn into a dragon, and he aims to reclaim the country of Wano from the control of the Shogun and the Beast Pirates.

Momonosuke is an important figure in the story of “One Piece”. He possesses knowledge of the Void Century, a hundred-year gap in the history of the world that is shrouded in mystery, and is sought after by various parties for this reason. He is depicted as being brave and determined, and is fiercely loyal to his friends and family. Throughout the story, he works with the Straw Hat Pirates and their allies to reclaim Wano and restore his family’s honor. He has grown close to Monkey D. Luffy, the protagonist of “One Piece”, and the two have developed a strong bond as a result of their shared experiences.

Kozuki Momonosuke’s Appearance:

Momonosuke looks a lot like his father, Oden, with a similar face to him and a long, wild mane of black hair (even on the top of his head, which was shaved when he was 8 years old). Compared to Oden, Momonosuke’s hair is not styled on the top of his head and is not messy everywhere. Momonosuke is quite tall, with Shinobu and his sister Hiyori (180 and 170cm tall, respectively) reaching chest height. He wears a light-colored kimono with the Kozuki crest and a dark cape with a crescent moon design, which is also Kozuki’s symbol. When he appeared at eight, Momonosuke fit the samurai stereotype found in ancient Japan, with a cap and a shaved top of his head. While his unshaven hair is black like his father’s, the shaved parts are turquoise like his mother and sister. Since he was only a child at the time, Momonosuke was relatively short. His typical outfit is a pink kimono with a peach motif on it, like his name (“momo” in Japanese means “peach”), along with a pair of geta.

Characteristics of Momonosuke

Despite being young, Momonosuke had an awful temper taking advantage of his childishness to do perverted acts with his sisters. It might be thought at first that he didn’t do it on purpose, but judging from how he looks at Sanji, Brook, and Kin’emon, it’s clear that Momonosuke knew well what he was doing and that he did it on purpose. That work. Momonosuke also has boundless tolerance and courage, as well as self-respect. As a samurai, those values were indispensable to Momonosuke. Therefore, their personality soon became a point for this boy.

Kozuki Momonosuke’s Personality

Due to being raised to be a samurai, Momonosuke is both proud and stubborn. He refuses to talk to the other kidnapped children and refuses any food and sweets offered. But thanks to that attitude, Momonosuke was not infected with NHC10. Although very proud, Momonosuke also cried, thinking that Kin’emon was dead. Despite his young age, Momonosuke is highly dedicated to Bushido’s samurai principles, such as benevolence, bravery, justice, and honor. With immense compassion, Momonosuke cares deeply for the people of Wano, his subordinates, and other strangers. After learning of Caesar’s evil intentions in sacrificing his test subjects, he wanted to warn the children imprisoned with him about it despite the dangers. As he said, it would be a shame to be a samurai who can only run away. Momonosuke also assisted the Straw Hats in treating Zou’s brutal weasel citizens. His courage and selflessness seemed endless. When Kanjuro brutally attacked the Kozuki samurai, Momonosuke begged Kanjuro to stop. When kidnapped by Kanjuro, Momonosuke begged all of Kozuki’s allies to continue their raid instead of rescuing him. Momonosuke is proud of his clan; he once declared that he would become the Shogun of Wano Country. He also stated that he is not afraid of anything and even went on a rampage when Luffy asked him if he was scared of heights. However, after witnessing Do flamingo’s barbaric cruelty, Momonosuke was terrified of him. Momonosuke felt fear after being injured by Kaidou, who held his throat, threatening to kill him by throwing him off the top of Kuri Castle. Before that, Momonosuke was perfectly fine with altitude, even going to and from Skypiea. He overcame his phobia after biting Kaidou, the source of his initial fear. Momonosuke deeply loved his parents and harbored a great deal of hatred and resentment towards Kaidou for killing them. He was also wholly frustrated at his inability to avenge his parents or protect his subordinates. His immaturity and emotional outbursts initially prevented him from taking on power. Still, after being pushed by Luffy, Momonosuke began to learn how to take charge and fulfill the role of leader of the Kozuki Family. Momonosuke is also very sharp for his age. Despite his desire to reunite with his sister, he understands the danger of Orochi learning of her whereabouts and thus chooses to search for Hiyori after his loss. Orochi’s defeat. Despite his pride, Momonosuke also has a humble and humble side, as he readily admits his lack of strength and ability to avenge his parents. So, Momonosuke became dedicated to constantly training to become strong and overcome his weakness. He was also impressed with Luffy for being able to convince the Udon prisoners to stand up and resist the oppression of the Tailed Beast Pirates, noting that Momonosuke was never able to do the same, despite his great efforts. Angry when Luffy agreed to the harsh insults. As the Udon Prisoners bowed their heads in excitement for his safety, Momonosuke realized it was because they saw his father in him rather than himself as a child. People. Having long discovered his weakness and incompetence before his father, Oden, Momonosuke also refused to accept his father. Despite his age, Momonosuke seems interested in girls older than him, like Robin and Nami. He combines fake innocence and flattery to get the other girls to treat him kindly, allowing him to get away with the things adult men would see as transgressions. Thai. While it may seem at first that he’s innocent, the look he gives Kin’emon, Brook, and Sanji makes it clear that he knows what he’s doing, clearly showing his highly variable nature and attitude. His perverted nature is a trait that Momonosuke inherited from his father, who influenced him when he was just a child. Since gaining his Devil Fruit powers, Momonosuke has a particular habit of transforming into his dragon form whenever he feels scared, such as when Doflamingo approaches the Thousand Sunny or is given the Ame sword. No Habakiri of his father.

Kozuki Momonosuke’s Biography

The biography of Momonosuke is unknown, but he was born and raised to be a mighty samurai.

Momonosuke’s Relationship

Momonosuke loves his parents and can barely talk about their deaths by Kaidou and Shogun of Wano Country. He has great respect for his father as a samurai and Kuri’s benevolent daimyo, to the point where he stops the fight between Nekomamushi and Inuarashi in the name of his happiness. Momonosuke also showed substantial incompetence towards Oden by admitting that he lacked his father’s strength and courage as he lived only as a shadow of him, as Kanjuro taunted him. Oden also loves his son; he encourages Momonosuke to travel abroad to learn more about the world as he did, and when he dies, leaving Momonosuke one of his favorite swords, Ame no Habakiri. After their deaths, Momonosuke allied with the Straw Hat Pirates and Heart Pirates to avenge them. When threatened with extinction by Kaidou, Momonosuke refused to lie about his legacy and proudly declared himself to be his father’s successor as Wano’s future Shogun. When he was about to die at the hands of Kaidou, he cried partly out of joy at being able to reunite with his parents in the afterlife.

Momonosuke’s Strength and Abilities

As the heir to the Kozuki Family, Momonosuke has authority over its holders, the Nine Red Bao. Momonosuke learned basic swordsmanship from his father at a very young age. Although Momonosuke has been seen in possession of swords, he has not been seen wielding them in an actual fight. Therefore, his skill level in wielding them was still being determined. Momonosuke can use Kenbunshoku Haki. Momonosuke ate an artificial Zoan Devil Fruit that was considered a failure of Vegapunk. It turns him into a zigzag dragon, allowing him to appear to fly when practically creating clouds he can grab and climb. Momonosuke also didn’t know he could transform until Luffy told him. However, it is also possible that he has no control over his powers since his Devil Fruit is artificial and has failed.

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