Living the Dream with Argentina Superfans Milu Barbiie and Noemi Gomez

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The 2022 World Cup has certainly provided some unforgettable moments; none more so than when two particularly passionate Argentinian fans made a dramatic appearance at the final between Argentina and France. Despite being against event regulations in Qatar, the incident is now all but forgotten and the focus is on the epic sporting battle that took place. While the final may be over, it’s just one of many memories from this tournament that we’ll be sure to remember for years to come.


In the summer of 2022, two women by the names of Noemi Gomez, better known as Noe Dreams, and Milu Barbiie took the world by surprise after their double act in Doha, Qatar. It all happened when the daring duo decided to pull an eye-catching stunt for a good cause: bringing awareness to female rights in the region. What started off as a risque move quickly turned into one of the most talked-about events of that season. News got out and soon enough it had not only earned them nationwide recognition but also sparked conversations around important issues such as gender equality and female empowerment. The two quickly gained hundreds of thousands of social media followers who were eager to take part in their upcoming endeavours, trying to make a difference in society.


Noemi and Barbiie became an inspiring symbol of Argentinian joy when they were spotted at the game celebrating Argentina’s penalty shoot-out win over France with their tops off. Though Qatari officials were quick to escort them out of the stadium, it was not before Noemi and Barbiie had left their mark on the cheering spectators. Even out in the open, the ladies continued to be surrounded by their supporters as they embraced their victory and freedom of expression. The scenes that ensued will surely remain ingrained in history’s memory for decades to come.


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