Jenny mod MCPE (1.20, 1.19) – Beautiful and charming girlfriend (Free)

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Immersing oneself in the world of Minecraft, a landscape of endless creativity and boundless possibilities, is an adventure in itself. However, imagine adding a personal touch to this incredible journey, an element of warmth, charm, and allure. Enter the world of Jenny mod MCPE (1.20, 1.19) – your beautiful and charming virtual girlfriend, set to enhance your Minecraft Pocket Edition experience in a myriad of enchanting ways. Through this article, we will delve into the captivating aspects of this mod, discovering the endearing qualities that make it an irresistible addition to your Minecraft gameplay.

Jenny mod MCPE (1.20, 1.19) - Beautiful and charming girlfriend (Free)
Jenny mod MCPE (1.20, 1.19) – Beautiful and charming girlfriend (Free)

Jenny Addon (1.20, 1.19) introduces a fascinatingly unique twist to the realm of Minecraft, providing players with an opportunity to enjoy the companionship of a virtual girlfriend. This mod revolutionizes gameplay, adding a delightful layer of interaction that extends to giving gifts to your digital paramour, journeying together through the pixelated world, and even setting out on romantic dates. It’s crucial to underline, though, that Jenny Addon is strictly NSFW (Not Safe For Work), and its content is tailored specifically for mature audiences, ensuring a suitable environment for its themes.


The long-anticipated Jenny Mod is now available on MCPE/Bedrock Edition, introducing Jenny as a novel, virtual girlfriend in your Minecraft world. Beyond the scope of traditional interactions, with Jenny, you can exchange gifts, embark on adventures together, and even form a profound friendship. Once you’ve installed the mod and set your world to “creative” mode, scout for a distinctive house with a sharp roof in your spawn biome – this is where you’ll find Jenny.

Created by SlipperyTum, Jenny is more than just a character in Minecraft – she’s a companion you can explore the game with, showering her with lavish gifts like diamonds, emeralds, and gold. But she’s more than a mere companion – Jenny is a formidable superheroine.

Armed with a unique set of powers, Jenny is a force to be reckoned with. With a sip of the lucky potion, she can wield Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing abilities, subtly bending situations to her favor. When the need arises, she can teleport with the nimbleness of an Enderman. Further, her remarkable healing prowess enables her to rapidly recover strength following an encounter. Jenny truly brings a whole new dimension of companionship and power to the Minecraft experience.

Learn about the character Jenny

Immerse yourself in the boundless world of the game teeming with an eclectic array of captivating creatures. For the very first time, a girl character is introduced, bringing a fresh element of intrigue. This modification is a perfect fit for those seeking the camaraderie of an enchanting lady friend within the expansive virtual universe of Minecraft PE. Jenny, our new character, is exceptional. Her arrival will invigorate the game’s landscape, infusing it with renewed vibrancy and a kaleidoscope of colors.

Jenny isn’t merely a beautiful figure; she also boasts intriguing abilities, adding another layer to the gameplay. Uniquely, Jenny doesn’t replace any existing mob in the game. To bring her into play, Minecraft enthusiasts must venture into their inventory to locate a special egg that spawns Jenny. She materializes in two distinct avatars: one clad in a body-hugging, plunging top paired with vibrant purple leggings, and the other adorned with knee-length leggings, a flower embellishing her hair, adding to her charming simplicity.

Introducing Jenny in Pocket Edition:

For those Minecraft PE gamers who also venture into its computer version, they’d be familiar with the mod that introduces not just one, but two female characters, along with intriguing structures such as a church and a brothel, which intriguingly features an authentic red room straight out of a renowned film. However, for now, the Pocket Edition’s additional features present only one female character to its users.

Yet, our man Steve needs no brothel to revel in her delightful company. She’s up for a little playful flirting anywhere within the expansive Minecraft PE universe.

Here’s an interesting tidbit: Should the player yearn for a larger ensemble, he holds the power to spawn as many versions of Jenny as his heart desires. The world is truly his oyster!

Engaging with Jenny:

Upon Jenny’s inaugural arrival in Minecraft, the player is granted the privilege of defining her persona. This option becomes accessible when Steve approaches her within close proximity. A pop-up menu will surface, offering choices regarding Jenny’s appearance: fully attired or sans clothes.

The menu also features a chat interface. This intriguing component allows Minecraft PE players to engage in real-time interactions with Jenny. You can share a hearty laugh, flirt to your heart’s content, or simply engage in lively banter. And when the conversation well runs dry, you can request Jenny to perform a unique dance routine. Initially, she might blush, shy and awkward, but rest assured, she’ll eventually succumb to the rhythm and let her dance moves flow.

Notes during installation:

Follow these engaging steps to embark on a new adventure with the Jenny Mod/Addon:

  • Download the necessary files, which include both the Resource and Behavior components.
  • Open these files, and Minecraft will spring into action, automatically installing the captivating Jenny Mod/Addon.
  • Hit ‘Play’ to begin the journey.
  • Choose ‘Create New’ to initiate a fresh world.
  • Again, select ‘Create New World’ for a blank canvas.
  • Navigate to the ‘Resource Packs’ or ‘Behavior Packs’ section located in the left-hand panel.
  • From here, choose either ‘Resource Packs’ or ‘Behavior Packs’.
  • Select the mod you desire, then tap the ‘+’ located below it.
  • To activate the texture pack, tap ‘Activate’ situated below the pack.
  • Finally, hit ‘Create’ in the left-hand panel to bring your world to life.

Please note, certain mods may require ‘Experimental Gameplay‘ to function correctly. If so, ensure this feature is enabled (refer to the image below for assistance).

Download Jenny Mod for MCPE

Attribute Description
Name Jenny Mod
Versions 1.16.0 – 1.20.1
Download Jenny Mod for MCPE
Download Jenny Mod for MCPE

Link Download





  • https://dl3.
  • https://dl5.

Slime Girl:

  • https://dl5.
  • https://dl3.


  • https://dl3.
  • https://dl5.

Ellie Behavior:

  • https://dl5.
  • https://dl3.

Ellie Resource:

  • https://dl5.
  • https://dl3.

Bia Girl:

  • https://dl5.
  • https://dl3.

Fix Bed:

  • https://dl5.
  • https://dl3.

MCPE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is Minecraft Pocket Edition (MCPE)?
    Minecraft Pocket Edition is a mobile-friendly version of the popular sandbox game, Minecraft. This version allows you to build and explore game worlds while on the go.
  2. How is MCPE different from the PC or console version of Minecraft?
    While the core gameplay mechanics remain the same, there are some differences. The interface has been designed with mobile users in mind, and there may be slight variations in terms of features and updates.
  3. How can I install mods in MCPE?
    Mods can be installed in MCPE through various mod applications available on app stores. You need to download the mod file, and then use the mod application to import the mod into your game.
  4. Can I play MCPE with friends?
    Yes, you can play MCPE multiplayer either via local network if your friends are connected to the same Wi-Fi network, or via online servers.
  5. Is MCPE a one-time purchase?
    As of my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, MCPE is a one-time purchase per platform. However, there are also optional in-game purchases available.
  6. What platforms support MCPE?
    MCPE is available on various platforms including Android, iOS, and Windows 10 Mobile.
  7. Is there a difference between Minecraft PE and Minecraft Bedrock?
    Minecraft Bedrock Edition is essentially the same as Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was renamed to Bedrock Edition to reflect the fact that it shares the same underlying game engine (called “Bedrock”) with several other Minecraft editions.
  8. Can I transfer my worlds from MCPE to other versions of Minecraft?
    World transfer is usually possible between devices that support the Bedrock Edition of Minecraft. However, this may not always be possible between MCPE and Minecraft Java Edition.
  9. How often does MCPE receive updates?
    MCPE usually receives updates around the same time as other Bedrock versions of Minecraft. It’s best to check the official Minecraft website or in-game notifications for the most accurate information.



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