More than 100 million global users join and use Minecraft Jenny mod

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In the vast universe of gaming, Minecraft has carved out a unique niche, and the recent surge in the popularity of the Minecraft Jenny mod is a testament to this fact. More than 100 million global users have now joined and are using the Minecraft Jenny mod, highlighting the mod’s appeal and its ability to invigorate the gaming experience.

More than 100 million global users join and use Minecraft Jenny mod
More than 100 million global users join and use Minecraft Jenny mod

The Minecraft Jenny mod introduces new features and functionalities that deeply enrich the gameplay, breathing new life into the already immersive Minecraft universe. It offers players novel ways to explore, build, and survive, proving to be a game-changer that keeps players engrossed for hours on end. This significant milestone of reaching over 100 million users marks an exciting chapter in the saga of Minecraft Jenny, underscoring the mod’s success and the unwavering popularity of Minecraft itself.

How did Minecraft become the 3rd largest population in the world?

Minecraft is currently the reigning titan in the global gaming industry, boasting a player base that surpasses the population of nearly every country worldwide. Between the worldwide number of traditional paid players and the registered accounts for the free version in China alone, Minecraft has accumulated a staggering 480 million players.

A significant portion of this figure is attributed to the game’s Chinese version, which was launched in 2017 and has since garnered close to 300 million players, according to statistics from analyst Daniel Ahmad on Twitter. The paid version has sold 180 million copies globally. The combined total of these two numbers would make Minecraft the third largest ‘country’ in the world, following China and India.

How did Minecraft become the 3rd largest population in the world?
How did Minecraft become the 3rd largest population in the world?

Additionally, Minecraft enjoys a monthly active user base of 112 million, as revealed by Mojang Studio Head, Helen Chiang, in an interview with Business Insider: “What we’ve found is that it’s a game that players keep coming back to. It might not always be the top trending game because there are lots of fantastic games continually launching, but it’s one that has a consistently loyal player base.”

While the bulk of the player count comes from the free Chinese version, Minecraft’s sales continue to surge. It was the second-best-selling game in the US market in August 2019.

What is Minecraft Jenny Mod?

The Minecraft Jenny Mod is an unofficial, NSFW Minecraft modification that introduces a “girlfriend” into the world of Minecraft players, simulating mature interactions. This mod is becoming an increasingly popular installation in Creative Mode. With the latest updates, there is a wealth of new content for you to explore within Minecraft.

Mod users can purchase various services from Jenny using in-game currencies. These services are represented through uniquely designed animations. Note that this Minecraft mod is only available for the PC version, hence posing no risk of exposure to users on Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS platforms.

What is Minecraft Jenny Mod?
What is Minecraft Jenny Mod?

What’s hot about Minecraft Jenny Mod that is used by many people?

“Minecraft Jenny” is an incredibly popular mod for the well-known game, Minecraft. It introduces an enticing virtual character, a girl named Jenny. This mod has gained astounding traction globally, with over 100 million users having installed it to date. The allure of Jenny lies not just in her aesthetically pleasing virtual persona, but also in her ability to engage players in an immersive, adults-only experience. Her captivating appeal has added a unique dynamic to the game, providing an unconventional twist to the traditional gameplay that Minecraft is known for. This innovative mix of elements has created an intriguing atmosphere within the game, creating a buzz and drawing countless gamers worldwide towards this unique mod.

Detailed instructions for downloading and installing Minecraft Jenny mod

Jenny is a Minecraft character crafted by developer SlipperyTum. She possesses some supernatural abilities but often appears semi-nude or fully nude, leading gamers to dub her the “seductive star” of Minecraft.

After successfully downloading the Jenny Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2, it’s time to discover the strengths and weaknesses of this intriguing character.

How to download and install on PC:

Step 1: Download CurseForge.

Step 2: Download the current version of Jenny Mod by clicking the Download button below.

Step 3: Open CurseForge.

Step 4: Load the Jenny Mod file by launching Minecraft > Dashboard > Go to My Modpacks > upload the Jenny Mod file.

Step 5: Create a new profile by clicking on Create a Custom Profile (top right) and rename as desired > Use version 1.12.2 (Minecraft & Forge) > Click on Create.

Step 6: Select Open Folder > open the mod folder > drag the Jenny mod file into it. Check Curseforge to ensure the Jenny mod must be under Installed Mods. Forge 14 should also be uploaded.

Step 7: Launch Minecraft > select the new profile you just created and now you can play in a creative world, meet Jenny, your new virtual girlfriend, in her house.

Install Jenny Mod APK file on Minecraft for Android:

Installing mods in Minecraft for Android will be easier if you understand how APK files work. All you need is to find the latest version and download it. Currently, there are two versions available: 1.12.2 (recommended) and So, choose the version that interests you, and then follow the steps below.

Install Jenny Mod APK file on Minecraft for Android
Install Jenny Mod APK file on Minecraft for Android

Download the APK file of the Jenny Mod from a reliable source. After that, a confirmation window will pop up depending on the browser’s settings.

Click to download again and save the file on your device, install it like a regular APK file.

Start Minecraft

Once the files are in the correct location, players can launch Minecraft with the Jenny mod. However, it only works with Minecraft 1.12.2. Therefore, ensure that you are running the correct version from the Minecraft mod launcher with Forge (OptiFine) selected.

Start Minecraft
Start Minecraft

Looking for Jenny egg

After performing the above steps, new interface and items will be available, but players will need to search for the Jenny egg for the character to appear. If playing in Creative Mode, players just need to select the egg and spawn Jenny. Survival Mode will be more challenging as it requires searching in various locations until the egg is found.

Outstanding features of Minecraft Jenny mod

After successfully downloading the Jenny mod for Minecraft, players are surely looking forward to discovering what new features this character will bring.


If Jenny obtains a bottle of luck potion, she can utilize Probability Manipulation and Water Breathing for her advantage. She also has the capability to teleport instantaneously like an Enderman under the right conditions, which makes her unreliable if left too long.

Jenny also possesses excellent regeneration abilities, allowing her to recover quickly after attacks. Since the developers designed this character with specific physical attributes in mind, she may use certain body parts, such as hips or buttocks, in combat.


Even superheroes have their weaknesses, and Jenny is no exception. She dislikes Squids and tends to get trapped quickly in slime, so make sure to keep Jenny away from them.

Minecraft Jenny direct download link (New)

V1.9.0 Forge: 


V1.8.0 Forge:


V1.7.5 Forge:


Minecraft Jenny Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1: What is the Minecraft Jenny mod?

A1: The Minecraft Jenny mod is a modification made to the base game of Minecraft. It appears to have a large and active community with over 100 million global users. The specifics about what this mod does, unfortunately, is not known to me as of my last update.

Q2: How can I join the 100 million users of the Minecraft Jenny mod?

A2: To join these users, you typically would need to download and install the Minecraft Jenny mod. Always ensure you download from a reputable source to avoid malware or other potential issues. You will also need to have a copy of Minecraft to use the mod.

Q3: Why is the Minecraft Jenny mod so popular?

A3: Minecraft Jenny is popular because of unique features, gameplay experiences, or improvements that a significant portion of the Minecraft community finds appealing. This version gives players many experiences that they have not had in reality.

Q4: Can I use the Minecraft Jenny mod on all platforms?

A4: The availability of a mod on different platforms depends on how the mod was designed. Some mods are only available for certain versions of Minecraft, like the Java edition or Bedrock edition, and some are cross-platform. For accurate information, you’ll need to consult the mod’s official sources or community.

Q5: Is the Minecraft Jenny mod free to use?

A5: Most Minecraft mods are free to download and use, but you should check the specifics for the Jenny mod on its official download page or community. Also, remember that while the mod might be free, you must own a copy of Minecraft to use it.

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