9+ Minecraftsex mods are HOT and new v1.20.10.21

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Minecraft, an exceptional platform for numerous activities including artistic creativity, educational exploration, or simply group fun with friends, invites players to bend its possibilities with boundless modifications. Inevitably, given its vast scope for personalization, the gaming world saw the advent of adult-themed mods. As in any game, it was simply a question of when, not if.

For those adventurers seeking to introduce an adult twist to their Minecraft escapades (rest assured, we are not here to pass judgement), we present a curated list of the top 10 Minecraft sex mods. These are ranked in descending order of their potential allure for those who might find interest in such mods. Do note, this article is purely text-based, containing no explicit imagery.

9+ Minecraftsex mods are HOT and new

Nude Male/Female parts models

This mod enables you to strip characters in Minecraft of their clothing, applicable to both male and female characters. It also gives you the ability to modify their body parts, enhance particular aspects, and create unique combinations of body parts. Although it’s mainly utilized for clothing removal, it can also be tailored to satisfy specific interests using particular combinations.

Models for Figura

If your sole focus is altering female textures, this mod offers the ability to remove female clothing and view unclothed models. It provides a range of nude female textures, including those featuring male body parts for those who are interested in that particular genre.

Models for Figura
Models for Figura

Minecraft Figura Sex Mod Description:

The Figura Sex Mod for Minecraft offers a variety of models, including:

  1. Futanari with a human-like erect penis.
  2. Futanari with a human-like flaccid penis.
  3. Futanari with a horse-like penis.
  4. Female models with typical feminine features.

These models come with corresponding textures that are provided within the mod archive. Make sure to use them for an optimal experience!

FFC Texture Mod

The FFC mod offers the option to modify the textures of enemies, granting them a range of “enhanced female features.” Moreover, it provides the ability to incorporate both male and female attributes into these enemies, resulting in captivating combinations when engaging with them.

There are eight different models available:

  1. Standard Female/Male/Futa (each with their respective body parts)
  2. Horny Male/Futa (with erect genitals; variations include straight and slightly up positions)
  3. Tomboyish Female (featuring only the buttocks without genitals or breasts)
  4. Hide (use this if you want all body parts to disappear)

To install the FFC Texture Minecraft Sex Mod:

  1. Install the Fabric mod loader and Fabric API.
  2. Install the Figura Mod.
  3. Unzip the pack file into your game folder, ensuring that the “figura” folder is placed within the “.minecraft” directory.
  4. Launch Minecraft and enter a world. In the mouse menu, you should see a “triangle” button. Click it and select a model.
  5. You can also incorporate animations to your character using the “Emotecraft mod” and view your character in a first-person perspective with the “First Person mod.” However, note that there may be compatibility issues when combining the Figura model with customizations from the “First Person mod.” It is advisable to use Figura on its own.

Please note that this revised version provides the necessary instructions while omitting explicit or sensitive content.

Lewd Resource Pack

Rather than directly altering textures, this resource pack enables you to incorporate animated Japanese figures engaged in explicit scenarios. You have the option to modify combat noises to include suggestive sounds and adorn furniture with these images. The visuals cater to diverse interests, but it’s worth noting that some content may be more intense in nature.


With this resource pack, you have the ability to modify and alter the appearance of enemy mobs. It offers a variety of customization options to cater to your specific interests. However, it’s important to note that using multiple customizations simultaneously may require a significant amount of system resources, particularly when multiple enemies are present on your screen.

Pretty Flesh

Unlike other mods, Pretty Flesh focuses on a nude female model that allows for interactive experiences. Although there are no animations included, you have the ability to summon a new female model as needed and extract specific substances from this model. Furthermore, the chosen name for the model will have an impact on certain interactions.

SchnurriTV’s Sexmod official

Renowned as one of the most popular mods exploring Minecraft’s adult content, this mod provides the opportunity to engage in sexual encounters with a diverse range of female characters. Specifically designed locations are available for these interactions, and additional assistance for further mod customization can be found on dedicated Discord servers.

Girl Kingdom

If your preference lies in engaging in explicit interactions with enemy mobs themselves, this mod is tailored to meet your desires. It offers a variety of features that enable you to interact with mobs according to your personal preferences, allowing for customization of their appearance to align with your desired aesthetic.

MC Sex

This mod offers the opportunity for distinctive interactions with female character models within specially designated houses intended for such activities. While it doesn’t include explicit animations for visual viewing, it provides a satisfactory experience for those interested in engaging in the activity without dedicating time to watching explicit content.

Jenny Mod

If you seek interactions with a singular female character, the Jenny Mod is precisely what you’re looking for. You have the freedom to customize Jenny’s appearance to your liking and engage in various actions with her by compensating her. The cost will depend on the specific action you desire, making it one of the top mods available for those seeking explicit animated content.

Jenny Mod
Jenny Mod

The Jenny Mod introduces a new Minecraft mob inspired by the character Jenny from the TV show “My Life as a Teenage Robot.” This mod enhances the game with several exciting features, including:

  • Encountering the new Jenny mob within the Minecraft world.
  • Jenny’s unique ability to construct robots.
  • Jenny engaging in combat against players who attack her.
  • Equipping Jenny with armor and weapons.
  • Giving Jenny commands by right-clicking on her with an empty hand.
  • Having Jenny follow you when holding a diamond in your hand.

Overall, the Jenny Mod is a delightful addition to Minecraft, particularly appealing to fans of the TV show. It offers an engaging Minecraft experience with new mob possibilities. Give the Jenny Mod a try if you’re looking to add fresh content to your game.

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Minecraftsex mod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about MinecraftSex Mod:

  1. What is the MinecraftSex Mod?
    The MinecraftSex Mod is a modification for Minecraft that introduces explicit adult content and sexual interactions within the game.
  2. Is the MinecraftSex Mod officially supported by Mojang?
    No, the MinecraftSex Mod is not an official modification endorsed or supported by Mojang, the creators of Minecraft. It is developed and maintained by independent modders.
  3. Where can I download the MinecraftSex Mod?
    As an AI language model, I cannot provide specific download links. However, you can typically find Minecraft mods, including the MinecraftSex Mod, on various mod hosting websites or forums. Exercise caution when downloading mods and ensure you are obtaining them from trusted sources.
  4. Is the MinecraftSex Mod compatible with all versions of Minecraft?
    Compatibility may vary depending on the specific version of Minecraft and the mod itself. It is crucial to check the mod’s documentation or the forum post for information about compatibility with different Minecraft versions.
  5. Are there any age restrictions or legal concerns regarding the MinecraftSex Mod?
    Given the explicit nature of the MinecraftSex Mod’s content, it is essential to consider age restrictions and legal regulations in your jurisdiction. The mod may not be suitable for minors or in areas where such content is prohibited.
  6. Can I use the MinecraftSex Mod on multiplayer servers?
    The usage of Minecraft mods, including the MinecraftSex Mod, on multiplayer servers depends on the server’s rules and regulations. Some servers may explicitly prohibit the use of adult content mods, while others may have specific adult-oriented servers. It is crucial to respect the server’s guidelines and rules.
  7. How do I install the MinecraftSex Mod?
    The installation process for Minecraft mods can vary. Typically, you need to install a mod loader such as Forge or Fabric, then place the mod file in the appropriate folder within the Minecraft directory. It is recommended to follow the installation instructions provided by the mod developer to ensure a successful installation.
  8. Are there alternatives to the MinecraftSex Mod?
    Yes, there are various adult-oriented mods available for Minecraft. You can explore other mods that provide different adult-themed content or interactions within the game. Remember to always exercise caution and choose mods that align with your preferences and comply with legal regulations.

Please note that discussing explicit content in detail is not suitable for this platform. If you have any other general questions regarding Minecraft or modding, feel free to ask!

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