My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17 Review: “Hero Killer Stain”

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My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17, Review
My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17, Review

In My Hero Academia Season 6 Episode 17, the distinctive Todoroki family finally gets looked into and we get to see what really happened in their home. The episode showcases some powerful memories and scenes of the siblings interacting with each other, further developing their complex relationship before, during and after they left. It is truly heart-wrenching to find out how two of the children ended up choosing totally different paths – it’s hard not to feel sympathetic! On top of that, this episode delves into details about Dabi’s whereabouts and how he is connected to Endeavor. We can see how this packs a great impact as both Endeavor and Shoto experience unwelcome shocks toward the end of the episode. Overall, this work is distinguished for its intense delivery on backstory developments and depth in character emotions. It definitely brings fans onto a roller coaster ride filled with surprises but at the same time evoking strong empathy towards key characters.

– My Hero Academia S6E17 Preview “Hero Killer Stain vs U.A.”

If you’re an anime fan and you have managed to not hear of My Hero Academia yet, I’m sure the rock that you are living under is providing a luxurious experience. Boasting of tremendous fame and recognition, the popular anime returns with season 6 after its last one being considered rather weak by fans. The manga series on which it is based was created by Kouhei Horikoshi and the anime production was done by Studio Bones, a production home of many acclaimed anime such as Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood or Mob Psycho 100. To direct this season 6 of the show were two renowned figures: Kenji Nagasaki and Masahiro Mukai – individuals who have worked on similar shows before like FLCL Progressive or TerraFomars: Re:★ terraformars. Get ready to relish this season, which promises to bring us plenty of action-packed thrills and adventure!

One Litre of Todoroki Tears

My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17, Review

One litre of Todoroki tears has been revealed to be a culmination of years of repressed emotions from all members of the Todoroki family. On one hand, it was Endeavor’s refusal to accept his responsibilities as a parental figure that brought about Dabi’s creation. Despite Rei’s efforts to balance Toya and Shoto’s childhood, it was ultimately Endeavor who put the fire beneath their feet as he chose to slowly separate himself from them for his own selfish gains. Even after Rei left her marriage in order to protect her children, she had personal issues she never addressed that inevitably made its way into their lives in the form of stoic expectations and repression. As fans dive into this multi-layered family unraveling, they must take on the challenge of understanding each character’s narrative and discoveries in order to fully understand One Litre Of Todoroki Tears.

To the dismay of Shoto Todoroki, his twin brother Toya spent all his energy trying to outshine him at any cost. His father Endeavor had always favored Shoto, promoting a competitive rivalry that quickly turned toxic with the arrival of Rei’s baby; despite being only two years younger than the twins, they had the distinct advantage of not competing with each other, using their individual strengths and specialties to both progress. This was a fate never afforded to the brothers, as Toya was determined to exceed their father’s lofty expectations alone and viewed Shoto as nothing more than an obstacle in his pursuit for dominance. Forcing them apart may have been cruel for both parties interacting during their disheartening upbringing, but it did prevent further bloodshed from Toya’s mounting aggression. In hindsight then, “I’ll Make You Glad I Was Born” song by Andra Day serves as a heartbreaking reminder of what could have been for these siblings.

The Pro-Heroes’ Plan

My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17, Review

Best Jeanist and Hawks have wisely decided to take aim at Dabi, as taking out the biggest villain threat would go a long way in restoring faith in Heroes. By also enlisting the assistance of Endeavor, the top three Pro-Heroes could unite their individual talents and put an effective strategy together. It is clear that going with the team approach instead of organizing against the League of Villains one by one is bound to bring more success on the battlefield. With three powerful heroes who are used to be number one fighting together, they surely stand a better chance of taking down All For One(s) and gaining a major victory.

Despite the confusion around the name “One For All”, end and Hawks have begun to see Deku, All Might, and One For All are connected. The question that remains is whether they will utilize Izuku’s powers or try their best to keep him out of harm’s way. Endeavor must decide if he can accept help from students or remain a lone wolf in this fight against Isao Komori. Although efforts may be made to put strict rules on who can and cannot join the fight, it won’t be long until Izuku throws himself into battle once more regardless – now, with far more information about One For All than before. Knowing this power truthfully could be seen as an advantage in upcoming battles, provided they beginning to understand how all of the elements associated with one another will eventually come together in order to save the day.

Inconsistencies or Subtle Hints?

My Hero Academia: Season 6 Episode 17, Review

Young Toya had a habit of switching up his hairstyle, shifting through numerous shades and lengths between episodes. This incredible transformation could be hinting at the skillful manipulation of his Quirk and genetics as he grows older. In comparison to Toya’s chaotic hair journey, his siblings appear to have consistent hair color throughout their many flashbacks; this suggests that Dabi’s internal abilities are more intricate than those of other Todoroki family members. Additionally, it could be a unique symbol representing how much his Quirk has developed since childhood. Ultimately, the significance of Young Toya’s ever-changing hairstyle opens up many intriguing possibilities for deeper comparison and analysis within the series.

Fuyumi and Natsuo Kurogiri being born with white hair and a powerful affinity for ice leads many to believe that Toya’s Quirk is showing signs of aligning itself more with Rei’s icy abilities. Not only have his hair has started lightening, but his firepower has noticeably increased in potency. This contrast between two diametrically-opposed Quirks is appropriately echoed in Dabi’s appearance, as the burn scars he received give him a likeness to Frankenstein’s Monster. However, even if he has an incredibly high tolerance of pain due his immense heat scars and fractured skin, it doesn’t make him immortal. With the lack of un-grafted skin remaining, his next fight could be the one that pieces him apart physically as well as emotionally.


  • My Hero Academia season 6 episode 17 is a mixed bag. On one hand, the fact that the Todoroki family seems to be exhibiting some semblance of healing now is really great to see.
  • On the other hand, Endeavor’s redemption must be anything but quick, especially when it comes to Rei, who wasn’t just a victim of Enji’s emotional neglect, but also his monstrosity and physical abuse.
  • Irrespective of the volume of his tears, Endeavor must not be absolved of his certain actions in the past, at least not because of his current role in the predicament birthed by Dabi.
  • However, it’s still positive that Endeavor seems to truly melt with all the heat of his regret and guilt, of having done so wrong by his wife and children, and to some extent, all those people who suffered at the hand of Dabi.

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