Netizen cries out with a full-blown One Piece statue that storms social media

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A series of sculptures inspired by One Piece characters are taking social media by storm.
There are many ways for anime fans to express their feelings for the work, from plowing movies to participating in cosplay summits. Besides, sculpting is also an exciting love gesture, but it should only be done when you are gifted. Otherwise, the product will become a nightmare of dreams when it comes out of the oven, just like in the following case from the Philippines…

On February 12th, die-hard fans of the iconic movie One Piece (Pirate Island) took it upon themselves to try to understand the classic characters. As an expression of their love, netizens continuously transmitted a series of photos of bug statues thats featured some popular names like Luffy Straw Hat, Tony Tony Chopper, who loves cotton candy and the super cool Sanji “foot fight”. Now these classic characters have been turned into incredibly amusing “clown lords”, and although they may just leave fans laughing with no idea what to do – taking this “hot test” is an entertaining way to try and comprehend the beloved characters!


Luffy wasn’t super weird; his mouth was deformed with one side open. Where else is the famous straw hat god?


This brother with half-hidden hair isn’t hard to spot…


Fortunately, there is a legendary hat. Otherwise, I think this is a giant poisonous mushroom growing wild on the side of the road!


Even a wink doesn’t erase your awkwardness, girl, and a patchwork of your left hand that’s about to break off… Who was she?


Then who else? Who would wear something that looked like a sleepover blindfold?


The more terrifying the statue was with its exfoliated neck, its mouth full of teeth stretched out super wide, thankfully with a unique nose…

While it may be quite a spectacle to see a home-made pirate ship built from scraps, it’s unlikely that such an endeavor would yield an operational vessel. The materials and craftsmanship involved in building a seaworthy ship requires considerable knowledge and expertise, making something that looks the part from upcycled pieces appear woefully inadequate to the task at hand. Not to mention the waves of ridicule that this particular vessel would likely receive, sent straight down to the depths before any real opponents had the chance!


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