You can change the size and shape of every object with Pehkui Mod (V1.20.2)

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Pehkui Mod (Version 1.20.2) empowers mod developers to redefine the scale of in-game entities, offering endless possibilities for creativity. With this mod, you can effortlessly adjust the size of numerous entities, whether you want to make them larger than life or shrink them to a miniature scale.

You can change the size and shape of every object with Pehkui Mod (V1.20.2)
You can change the size and shape of every object with Pehkui Mod (V1.20.2)

Furthermore, Pehkui Mod presents a versatile API that allows other mods to seamlessly incorporate size alterations and control the timing of these transformations. If you ever decide to remove this mod, entities will effortlessly return to their original dimensions, making it a non-destructive choice. Simply reactivating the mod won’t restore their size changes, ensuring a hassle-free experience for all players.

Key Features:

  1. Scale Entities with Precision: Effortlessly resize entities by manipulating their scale data.
  2. Comprehensive Impact: Beyond size, influence additional entity attributes linked to scale, such as movement speed, explosion radius, and reach distance.
  3. Unleash Creativity: Customize entities’ scalable attributes with ease, allowing them to respond dynamically to various scale modifiers and external data sources.

If you have no mods that add ways to rescale entities, you can modify and view the scale and scaling delay of an entity in-game using the /scale command:

  • /scale set [entity]
  • /scale <add|subtract|multiply|divide> [entity]
  • /scale get [entity]
  • /scale compute [entity]
  • /scale delay set [entity]
  • /scale reset [entity]
  • /scale nbt get [entity]

If you want your player’s scale to persist after you respawn, there’s a /scale subcommand for that as well:

  • /scale persist set <true|false> [entity]
  • /scale persist get [entity]
  • /scale persist reset [entity]

The following scale types are added by default:

  • pehkui:base: Generic scale type for easily affecting other scales
  • pehkui:width: Modifies width/length/depth (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:height: Modifies height (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:hitbox_width: Modifies width/length/depth of an entity’s hitbox (affected by pehkui:width)
  • pehkui:hitbox_height: Modifies height of an entity’s hitbox (affected by pehkui:height)
  • pehkui:eye_height: Modifies height of an entity’s eye position (affected by pehkui:height)
  • pehkui:model_width: Modifies width/length/depth of an entity’s model (affected by pehkui:width)
  • pehkui:model_height: Modifies height of an entity’s model (affected by pehkui:height)
  • pehkui:third_person: Modifies player third person camera distance (affected by pehkui:height)
  • pehkui:motion: Modifies movement speed (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:step_height: Modifies step height (affected by pehkui:motion)
  • pehkui:view_bobbing: Modifies view bobbing (affected by pehkui:motion)
  • pehkui:falling: Modifies fall damage (affected by pehkui:motion)
  • pehkui:flight: Modifies creative mode flight speed
  • pehkui:jump_height: Modifies jump height
  • pehkui:visibility: Modifies distance at which this entity will be targeted by enemies (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:reach: Modifies player reach distance (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:block_reach: Modifies player block reach distance (affected by pehkui:reach)
  • pehkui:entity_reach: Modifies player attack reach distance (affected by pehkui:reach)
  • pehkui:held_item: Modifies the scale of held items
  • pehkui:drops: Modifies the scale of dropped items (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:projectiles: Modifies the scale of thrown/shot projectiles (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:explosions: Modifies the size of the entity’s explosion (e.g. Creepers, End Crystals) (affected by pehkui:base)
  • pehkui:attack: Modifies damage dealt
  • pehkui:defense: Modifies damage taken
  • pehkui:knockback: Modifies knockback dealt
  • pehkui:health: Modifies an entity’s health
  • pehkui:mining_speed: Modifies block breaking speed
  • pehkui:attack_speed: Modifies attack speed


Pehkui Mod (Version 1.19.3, 1.19.2) – Reshaping Dimensions of Every Entity

Pehkui Mod (Version 1.19.3, 1.19.2) empowers mod creators to reshape the dimensions of entities. This mod unlocks the ability to dynamically adjust the size of most entities, allowing you to either enlarge or shrink them as desired.

Pehkui mod 1.18.2

Unlocking the World of Pehkui Mod in Minecraft Java Edition

In the vast Minecraft universe, entities and player characters come in all shapes and sizes, each with its unique movement speed. Some entities loom large, while others are incredibly diminutive. With over a decade of gameplay, the Minecraft community has given birth to an array of mods, showcasing its innovation and adaptability.

Among these remarkable mods is ‘Pehkui,’ crafted by Virtuoel in 2019. Despite its relatively recent introduction, this mod has already amassed a staggering 11 million downloads on CurseForge, a testament to its immense popularity. Join the ranks of Pehkui enthusiasts by following these straightforward steps to acquire and utilize its fundamental features.

Installing Pehkui on Minecraft Java Edition – A Simple Guide

To enjoy Pehkui in your Minecraft adventure, follow these straightforward steps:

  1. Download Forge and Pehkui Mod from CurseForge:

    If you haven’t already installed the Forge API, begin by visiting the official Forge website to obtain the latest version compatible with your game. Forge serves as the foundation for mod support in Minecraft. After downloading the API, open the file and install it into your game’s directory.

  2. Navigate to the CurseForge Website:

    Visit the CurseForge website, your treasure trove of Minecraft mods, including Pehkui. Locate the specific Pehkui mod by using the search bar and access its dedicated page.

  3. Access the ‘Files’ Section:

    Once you’ve arrived on the Pehkui mod page, click on the ‘files’ tab. There, you’ll find various versions of the mod. Look for the latest release labeled with ‘[Forge]’ to ensure compatibility with the Forge modding API.

By following these steps, you’ll be well on your way to experiencing the exciting world of Pehkui in your Minecraft Java Edition gameplay.

Installing the Mod and Launching Your Enhanced Game

To get the mod up and running, follow these simple steps:

  1. Locate Your Game’s Directory:

    Begin by finding your game’s directory on your computer.

  2. Transfer the Mod File:

    Once you’ve located the directory, move the downloaded .jar mod file into the ‘mods’ folder. Typically, the game’s folder can be found at ‘C:\Users[your computer’s name]\AppData\Roaming.minecraft’.

  3. Select ‘Forge’ Version:

    After the mod has been successfully placed in the ‘mods’ folder, launch the modded game version by choosing the ‘Forge’ version from the official game launcher.

  4. Verify Mod Activation:

    When the game starts, go to the ‘mods’ section to ensure that the Pehkui mod is both visible and active.

Now, you’re all set to enjoy the enhanced gameplay experience.

Mastering the Pehkui Mod

Once you’ve activated the mod within your game, the possibilities are endless. Dive into any world and explore the incredible ‘/scale’ command, which empowers you to fine-tune an entity’s attributes such as size, movement speed, hitbox size, fall damage effects, and more.

One of the easiest tricks is resizing entities or players using the command ‘/scale set <value> [entity]’. Here, you can adjust the value to be greater or less than one to transform their dimensions.

The Pehkui mod boasts a wealth of features that go beyond what a single article can cover. To unveil the full spectrum of possibilities, visit their CurseForge website and discover the mod’s extensive command list.

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