Phoebe Bridgers And Bo Burnham: The Rumors Of Their Romance Continue To Grow

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The internet has been buzzing with rumors about an alleged romance between musicians Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham. Recently, these rumors have intensified as the pair were spotted in the background of one of Keith Urban’s TikToks, engaged in seeming PDA. Fans and followers of both artists cannot stop talking about the possible relationship, and it has sparked a lot of interest in both of them. So, let’s dive deeper into this alleged romance and explore everything we know so far.

Let’s dive in: If you’re a fan of Phoebe Bridgers or Bo Burnham, you’ve probably come across some discussions regarding their relationship status in recent months.

Speculation about their romantic involvement started after reports surfaced in November that Phoebe had ended her relationship with Paul Mescal. The rumors gained momentum when Matty Healy shared a photo of them kissing, and there were subsequent sightings of them spending time together around town. Of course, it’s possible that their connection is purely platonic, but the rumors continue to circulate.

A friendly reminder: Phoebe has previously mentioned that she faced significant harassment over pictures of her and Bo taken while they were on their way to her father’s wake. Let’s remember to treat others with kindness.

Regarding Bo, there were past rumors linking him to filmmaker Lorene Scafaria as early as 2013. However, the details surrounding their relationship are unclear.

Introducing a new addition to this peculiar story: Keith Urban. That’s right, the renowned singer and spouse of Nicole Kidman, Keith Urban.

Keith Urban shared a TikTok video featuring himself and Nicole attending the Eras tour in Philadelphia over the weekend, during which Phoebe served as one of the opening acts.


Things you could do this month in Vegas: 1) get married 2) see me at Planet Hollywood 3) both ????

♬ Your Everything – Keith Urban


The focus of the video is him and Nicole singing along to “Style,” generally having a nice time.

Keith Urban / Via

However, some eagle-eyed fans pointed out what appeared to be Bo and Phoebe in the background of the video:

Keith Urban / Via

The figures then kiss:

Keith Urban / Via

Who would have thought?

Keith Urban / Via

Plus, Bo has previously referenced Keith Urban in a song of his called “Country Song.” I don’t know what this means, it’s just true.

Keith Urban / Via

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