New upgrades and features in Refined Storage Addons (V1.20.2)

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Refined Storage Addons (V1.20.2) offer an array of exclusive features that are not present in the core Refined Storage mod.

This is an add-on mod designed to complement Refined Storage.

New upgrades and features in Refined Storage Addons (V1.20.2)
New upgrades and features in Refined Storage Addons (V1.20.2)

Within this mod, you will find a comprehensive range of features that are specifically tailored for an add-on, as opposed to being integrated into the core Refined Storage mod.

At present, Refined Storage Addons introduces the ‘Wireless Crafting Grid,’ a wireless iteration of the Crafting Grid. It’s worth noting that the core Refined Storage mod includes a Wireless Grid, albeit lacking crafting capabilities by default.

Key Features:

  1. Wireless Crafting Grid: This advanced feature allows you to seamlessly bind it to your network by simply right-clicking on a Controller. Experience the convenience of wireless crafting at your fingertips.
  2. Infinite Wireless Transmitter: With this addition, you can enjoy an infinite range of connectivity via the Wireless Transmitter, and it can be easily configured to suit your needs. Say goodbye to range limitations!
  3. Network Picker: When held in your offhand, the Network Picker takes over the pick block mouse shortcut, enabling you to select items directly from your storage system instead of your inventory. Simply right-click on a Controller to connect it to your network.
  4. Network Bag: The Network Bag is your go-to solution for depositing item drops directly into your storage system. Currently, it accommodates all drops in the system, with plans to introduce item filtering options in the near future. Binding it to your network is as simple as a right-click on a Controller.

With these remarkable features, Refined Storage Addons enhance your storage and crafting experience, making managing your items and crafting tasks even more efficient.


Refined Storage Mod 1.19.2

The Refined Storage Mod (version 1.19.2) presents an elegant solution to the age-old problem of item management in Minecraft. This mod revolutionizes the player’s storage capabilities by providing a network-based storage system, which enables the storage of items and fluids on a vastly expandable device network.

Inspired by Applied Energistics 2, it brings the convenience of an Applied Energistics-style mod to the world of Minecraft.

Refined Storage Mod 1.19.2
Refined Storage Mod 1.19.2

Key Features:

  • Various storage options: Refined Storage Mod introduces a diverse array of blocks and items designed for the efficient storage and management of both items and fluids. These storage devices can be connected to the same network, allowing players to access multiple inventories seamlessly through a single, user-friendly Grid interface.
  • Beyond storage: This mod goes beyond mere storage solutions and includes a range of devices that empower players to manipulate items and blocks, both in the game world and within the storage system itself. These devices include importers, exporters, constructors, destructors, and more. Additionally, the mod offers tools for setting up auto-crafting, streamlining the crafting of complex recipes with just a few simple clicks. The Refined Storage Mod brings a new level of efficiency and convenience to your Minecraft experience.

Refined Storage Mod 1.16.4

It’s time to delve into the world of storage management and elevate it to a level of absolute indispensability. To achieve this, we invite you to explore the possibilities offered by the Minecraft add-on known as “Refined Storage Addons.” The standout feature of this adventure lies in its capacity to enhance your storage capabilities, creating more room, and providing the opportunity to experiment with innovative storage schemes.

This newfound motivation is bound to delight you, not only ensuring favorable outcomes but also fostering a positive gaming experience. By harnessing these new features effectively, success will swiftly become a regular companion in your Minecraft journey.

Refined Storage Mod 1.16.4
Refined Storage Mod 1.16.4

Here’s how to install this modification:

Step One: Begin by downloading and installing Fabric and Fabric API.

Step Two: Download the mod file.

Step Three: Copy the Refined Storage Addons mod package into the .minecraft/mods folder. If this folder does not exist, you can either reinstall Forge or create it manually. Your enhanced storage adventure awaits!

Refined Storage Mod 1.12.2

Minecraft is a game that revolves around the art of crafting, where you create items by meticulously assembling them from the ground up. In this creative process, efficient storage is essential, serving as the backbone for managing raw materials and finished products. This is precisely where Refined Storage steps in.

Minecraft’s Refined Storage system offers players the opportunity to establish an expansive network-based storage solution capable of accommodating both items and fluids. To enhance your in-game experience, a selection of devices is at your disposal for customization, and these devices extend to managing auto-crafting, simplifying even the most complex recipes into a series of straightforward clicks. Furthermore, you can effortlessly connect these devices through the Refined Storage relay, which can be seamlessly controlled based on your Redstone configurations.

Refined Storage Mod 1.12.2
Refined Storage Mod 1.12.2

The modding community has long been a driving force behind expanding and enhancing Minecraft’s gameplay, visuals, and mechanics. The Minecraft Refined Storage mod emerges as a valuable addition, streamlining your gaming experience and allowing you to refocus on what truly matters: bringing your imaginative, fantasy worlds to life.

Notably, the Refined Storage mod for Minecraft introduces a variety of devices that grant you the ability to manipulate items and blocks. In summary, if you’re seeking more advanced and efficient ways to store your treasures while liberating precious inventory space, look no further – this mod is your ideal solution.

Refined Storage Mod Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the Refined Storage Mod?
    • The Refined Storage Mod is a Minecraft modification that introduces a network-based storage system, offering an organized and efficient way to store and manage items and fluids within the game.
  2. How do I access my stored items in Refined Storage?
    • You can access your stored items through a user-friendly GUI known as the Grid, which provides a unified interface for all connected storage devices on your network.
  3. What sets Refined Storage apart from other storage mods?
    • Refined Storage stands out for its convenience and expandability. It allows for both item and fluid storage, offers various devices for customization, and supports auto-crafting, making it a versatile storage solution.
  4. Can I expand my storage network in Refined Storage?
    • Absolutely. Refined Storage offers a massively expandable network, allowing you to connect multiple storage devices to your system as needed.
  5. What are some key devices and features in Refined Storage?
    • Some of the essential devices include importers, exporters, constructors, destructors, and the Grid for easy access. Auto-crafting features simplify complex recipe crafting, making gameplay more efficient.
  6. Is Refined Storage compatible with other Minecraft mods?
    • Compatibility may vary, but Refined Storage often works well with other mods. However, it’s essential to check compatibility lists or configurations to ensure smooth integration.
  7. How do I install Refined Storage Mod?
    • To install Refined Storage Mod, you typically need to install the required dependencies (e.g., Forge, Fabric, Fabric API) and then place the mod files in the appropriate folder, like the “mods” folder in your Minecraft directory.
  8. Where can I find more information and support for Refined Storage?
    • You can usually find documentation, tutorials, and support on Minecraft modding forums, websites, or the mod’s official page. Additionally, communities and user forums are excellent resources for help and advice.
  9. Is Refined Storage available for different Minecraft versions?
    • Refined Storage is often available for various Minecraft versions, so make sure to download the version compatible with your Minecraft client.
  10. Are there any known issues or limitations with Refined Storage?
    • Some versions of the mod may have specific issues or limitations, which can be addressed through mod updates or community patches. It’s advisable to stay updated with the mod’s release notes for any known issues and fixes.

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