Review: How To Draw Cute Animals – Step By Step Instruction for Kids

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Annie was a young girl with an incredible passion for drawing. She had been doodling and sketching since she could hold a pencil, and now that she was six years old, her parents thought it was time to invest in some real art supplies.

They took her to the Amazone Book and gave her free rein to pick out whatever she liked best. Annie quickly spotted the book entitled “How To Draw Cute Animals: Step By Step Instruction for Kids Ages 6 7 8 9 Boys & Girls. Drawing Cat Dog Bird Dinosaur and More.”. With its colorful cover featuring cartoon cats, dogs, birds, dinosaurs and more, Annie knew this would be the perfect choice!

She eagerly asked her parents if they could buy it for her, which of course they did without hesitation. Back home at last, Annie dove into the pages of the book. After all these years of practice on paper napkins or spare pieces of scrap paper lying around school – here were creative ideas with step by step instructions on how to draw proper animals!

The weeks passed as Annie stayed busy practicing each page down to perfection while watching cartoons or playing outdoors with friends during breaks from homework assignments. Before long she was creating beautiful little creatures that looked almost alive in their cuteness…a dog chasing after a butterfly…a cat sleeping contentedly against a heart-shaped pillow…and even an adorable dinosaur with big eyes holding up flowers!

Her family began noticing how talented she’d become and started spreading word about it around town soon enough – so much so that people started hiring young Annie for special commissioned drawings that needed just a bit of extra touch! And thus began 7 year old Annie’s career as an artist – all thanks to one simple but amazing little book called How To Draw Cute Animals”!

What’s great about this book?

  • 50+ Cool Projects: Learn how to draw favorite animals. Meet animals from the land, sea, and sky, including dolphins, bald eagles, sloths, pandas, goldfish, penguins, and more.
  • Room to practice: Space provided to practice drawing from start to finish and to make it your own!
  • 8.5*8.5 inch Size: Big pages so your kid has no problem seeing each step.
  • Hours of creative and screen-free fun: Perfect for the everyday, the rainy days, summer breaks, or for homeschooling art lessons.
  • Amazing for young minds: Enhance motor skills, develop creativity, and raise confidence.


Great for young artists, birthday gifts, homeschool art lessons, and elementary art classes

Buy now: How To Draw Cute AnimalsStep By Step Instruction for Kids Ages 6 7 8 9 Boys & Girls. Drawing Cat Dog Bird Dinosaur and More.


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