ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod (V1.20.2) – The mystery inside the Shulker box is waiting for you to open

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Introducing the ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod (Version 1.20.2) – Your Gateway to Sneak-Peek Inventory Magic!

Unlock a world of convenience and anticipation with this remarkable mod, offering you a sneak peek into the contents of a Shulker box as you hover above it in your inventory and simply press “Shift.

ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod (V1.20.2) - The mystery inside the Shulker box is waiting for you to open
ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod (V1.20.2) – The mystery inside the Shulker box is waiting for you to open

Imagine the convenience of peering into a Shulker Box without having to place it on the ground. With this tweak, it’s as simple as hovering your cursor over it and pressing the shift key. This nifty tool is all about saving you precious time.

A quick tap of the shift button reveals the number of filled slots within the box, but if you’re looking for a detailed preview, just press alt + shift. It’s a game-changer for expedited resource extraction in mines or during harvests. Say goodbye to unnecessary hassle!

Key Features:

Compact Preview:

Just press “Shift” (the default keybind) while hovering over an item to reveal the hidden treasures within.

Unlock the Power of Full Preview:

Unleash the ultimate preview experience with ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod! By default, simply press “Alt+Shift” while hovering over an item, and witness the full contents of Shulker boxes, with each stack beautifully displayed in its rightful slot.

Beyond Shulkers:

Our mod doesn’t stop at Shulker boxes; it extends its magic to other containers as well. Creative mode items like chests, furnaces, barrels, and more can all be unveiled with the same ease. It even plays nice with most modded containers!

Discover Loot Tables:

For those seeking deeper insights, ShulkerBoxTooltip reveals the loot table name in the tooltip if the item has one. Don’t worry; this feature is turned off by default, so it won’t overwhelm you.

Tailor Your Experience:

Customize your experience to your liking! Almost every aspect of this mod is adjustable through the configuration menu. Access it by selecting ‘ShulkerBoxTooltip’ in the mod menu and clicking on the gear icon. The configuration file can be found at <minecraft folder>/config/shulkerboxtooltip.json.

Dazzling Colors:

In a touch of visual brilliance, the preview window’s color adapts to the Shulker box’s hue. If you prefer a more understated look, you can disable this feature in the configuration settings.


How to Install ShulkerBoxTooltip

Discover the steps to get ShulkerBoxTooltip up and running:

  1. Begin by downloading and installing Fabric Core and Fabric API.
  2. Ensure you have the “Java” application installed on your system.
  3. Next, download the “Zip” archive from our website.
  4. Inside this archive, you’ll find a “Jar” mod, which may contain both old and new builds.
  5. Choose the latest version of the “Jar” file that matches your game version.
  6. Please be aware that certain releases might have bugs, compatibility issues with other mods, or even conflicts with Forge or Fabric. If you encounter such issues, consider trying the previous build for a solution.
  7. Now, move the “Jar” file to the “Mods” folder. This folder can be found at the following locations:

    For Mac OS X: /Users/Your Profile Name/Library/Application Support/minecraft/ A quick way to access it: Click on the desktop, then simultaneously press “Command+Shift+G” keys, type ~/Library, and hit “Enter.”

    For Windows 11, 10, 8, 7: C:\Users/Your Profile Name\AppData\Roaming.minecraft/ A quick way to access it: Press the “Windows” key and “R” key together, type %appdata%, and press “Enter” or click OK.

    Note: The “Mods” folder is usually created automatically when you install Forge or Fabric, but you can create it manually if needed.

  8. With the file in place, open the game launcher and choose your desired modloader.
  9. Finally, launch the game, and savor your enhanced gameplay experience.

You’re now all set and ready to go!

ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod 1.16

Unlock a World of Information with ShulkerBoxTooltip for Minecraft

Experience a game-changing enhancement with ShulkerBoxTooltip, designed to provide you with valuable insights effortlessly. This incredible add-on introduces an information window that reveals a chest’s contents even before you open it.

ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod 1.16
ShulkerBoxTooltip Mod 1.16

Imagine the convenience and intrigue this brings, especially when you’re dealing with numerous chests. Don’t hesitate to give this add-on a try and dive into a more enjoyable gaming experience!

Installation Instructions:

Step 1: Begin by downloading and installing Fabric and Fabric API.

Step 2: Download the mod file.

Step 3: Copy the ShulkerBoxTooltip mod package into the .minecraft/mods folder. If the folder doesn’t exist, simply reinstall Forge or create it yourself.

Embark on your journey to a more informed and engaging Minecraft adventure today!

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