The camera cluster on the iPhone 15 Pro is no longer protruding thanks to the USB-C connection!

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Although the iPhone 14 has not yet been released, the tech world has recently been inundated with information about the iPhone 15.

Comparing the iPhone 15 to the iPhone 14, there won’t be many significant design changes, but the camera is expected to receive numerous significant improvements. Please visit to see the concept images for the iPhone 15 in the section below for a clearer perspective.

With no longer having rabbit ears, thin, even corners, and a more streamlined punch-hole camera system than the iPhone 14, the front of the iPhone 15 Pro is essentially identical to that of the iPhone 14 Pro.

The iPhone 15 Pro is anticipated to have a 48MP main camera with 8K video capture and the newest A16 Bionic CPU. The iPhone 15 Pro will cost $100 more than the iPhone 13 Pro but will still cost the same as the iPhone 14.

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The iPhone 15’s switch from the Lightning to the USB-C connection is another significant alteration. Now that other devices’ charging ports are compatible with iPhones, iPhone owners will feel more at ease. However, I assume Ming-Chi Kou also believes that the iPhone 15 Pro will have a periscope lens, much like the Huawei P30 Pro that was introduced in 2019.

Wait for the iPhone 15 with “worth the investment” updates if you are uneasy about the trickle-down upgrades on the iPhone 14.

Do you like the design of Iphone 14 or iPhone 15 Pro?


Q: How can I preorder the iPhone 15?

A: Preorders are now open on and you can preorder it on any Apple Store.

There is no word on the price, but it will be expensive.

Q: Can I preorder the iPhone 15 Pro?

A: No, the iPhone 15 Pro will be released later in 2019.


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