The Celebrities Who Voice Your Beloved Disney Characters

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Have you ever watched a Disney movie and recognized a familiar voice? Well, you’re not alone! You might be surprised to learn which famous actors lend their voices to some of your favorite animated characters. For example, did you know that a Harry Potter star voiced a Disney royal? Test your knowledge and see if you can guess which celebrity voice actors are behind your favorite Disney characters. Oh, and apologies to the billy goat and gruff – I meant to say the actors Disney actually chose for the job!


The voice of Moana was undoubtedly a perfect match for the island princess. For starters, Allie Eek Ravallo, who voiced Moana, hails from Hawaii and thus possesses first-hand knowledge about life on the sand. What’s more, Ravallo bears a striking resemblance to Moana. In case you were wondering who she is, now you know! Don’t be surprised if you couldn’t recognize her voice, though, as Moana was Ravallo’s debut role. Since then, she has sung live at the Oscars, portrayed Ariel in The Little Mermaid Live on ABC, and reprised her role as Moana in Ralph Breaks the Internet. It’s fair to say that Ravallo is living a true fairy tale!


It’s no secret that Dwayne Johnson, who portrayed Maui in Disney’s Moana, bears a striking resemblance to the character he voiced. Maui, a beloved hero to many, is a gentle giant who loves fast cars, skyscrapers, and Jumanji. Johnson, a retired professional wrestler and movie star, is likely familiar to you. He was eager to play Maui to become a part of the Disney family and honor his Samoan roots. Johnson also served as a cheerleader for the cast, inspiring and motivating them behind the scenes – which is precisely the kind of behavior you’d expect from him. It’s hard to imagine a better fit for the role of Maui than the celebrity who gave it his all, Dwayne Johnson.


Nicole Scherzinger, the voice of Moana’s mother Sina, is primarily known as a singer, rather than an actress. She has appeared as a judge on The Masked Singer, dated Ed Sheeran, and is a former member of the girl group, The Pussycat Dolls. Admit it, we’ve all wished we were her at some point! If you guessed that Scherzinger was the one behind the voice of Sina, you’d be correct. Like her Moana co-star, Allie Eek Ravallo, Scherzinger was born in Hawaii. Following her work on Moana, Scherzinger went on to voice Moe’s mom in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Clearly, Scherzinger is more than just a Pussycat Doll; she’s also a talented singer, dancer, and voice actress for Disney.


The internet recently brought back all of the major Disney Princesses, but what’s even more exciting is who they got to voice them. Let’s start with everyone’s favorite mermaid, Ariel. The actress who lent her voice to the role is no stranger to Disney. She voiced Barbie in Toy Story 3 and Helen of Troy in the Hercules TV series. Do you think you know who it is? It’s none other than Jodi Benson! If that name sounds familiar, it’s probably because Benson is most famous for her role as the original voice of Ariel in The Little Mermaid. “I don’t see how a world that makes such wonderful things could be bad,” Benson sang, and we couldn’t agree more. Benson also sang the iconic “Part of Your World,” which has been stuck in our heads since 1989.


When it came to casting the role of Pocahontas, Disney made sure to choose a Native American actress for the original voice. In Ralph Breaks the Internet, they continued this tradition by selecting an actress who had previously portrayed Pocahontas. Can you guess who they chose? It’s none other than Irene Bedard, who played the character in the original film. Interestingly, the design of the princess was based on Irene’s appearance, so she brings even more to the role than just her voice. By the way, did you know that Irene was named one of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People in 1995? She truly is a phenomenal actress.


Voice of Paige O’Hara brought Belle to life in the original 1991 film Beauty and the Beast and reprised the role in various other adaptations including the sequels, video games, and Ralph Breaks the Internet. O’Hara, who also starred as Fantine in Les Misérables on Broadway, auditioned for the role of Belle five times before being cast, and her dedication to the character shines through in her performance.


Actress who voiced Rapunzel in Tangled is Mandy Moore, who also has a talent for bringing audiences to tears with her performances in A Walk to Remember and This Is Us. In addition to acting, she was a pop star in her teenage years. Moore takes her role as a Disney Princess seriously and has voiced Rapunzel again in Ralph Breaks the Internet. Despite also playing a villainous character in The Princess Diaries, she much prefers being a princess.

Flynn Rider

The voice actor chosen to play Flynn in “Tangled” is also known for his humor in real life. He even made his debut as a superhero in the movie “Shazam” and played Fandral in “Thor.” Can you guess who he is? It’s Zachary Levi! He described playing a Disney Prince as a dream come true, even though he had to record his dialogue alone. He hopes that his next animated project will be more social, and we can’t help but agree.

Queen Iduna

Actress who has played both a Disney Princess and a villain in the same franchise, Evan Rachel Wood also did it in Frozen. She voiced Queen Iduna, Elsa and Anna’s mother, and previously played the villainous Sophie-Anne Leclerq in the TV series True Blood. Evan has also been open about her struggles with mental health and advocates for mental health awareness. And in case you’re wondering, Josh Gad voices Olaf, the beloved snowman in Frozen.

Lieutenant Matthias

This actor lent his voice to a Disney character, whose child also appeared in the hit show and played the role of Lieutenant Matias in Frozen 2. Do you know who he is? It’s Sterling K Brown. While Sterling usually takes on live-action roles like his part in Black Panther, Frozen 2 wasn’t his first time voicing an animated character. He also voiced Red in Angry Birds 2, where he had the opportunity to work with Josh Gad for the first time.


So, who is the voice behind the iconic character Kristoff, alongside Kristen Bell’s Anna? You might remember him from the hit TV show Glee, where he ended up with the one and only Rachel Berry. This performer got his start on Broadway, and his voice captured our hearts. Can you guess who it is? It’s Jonathan Groff! In addition to his successful stage career, Groff has also played King George in Hamilton. But the best news is that he would love the opportunity to play Kristoff in a Frozen Broadway production. We can’t wait to get our hands on some tickets!

Ian and Barley

Brothers Ian and Barley from “Onward” are kind of like brothers in real life. These two actors are known for their roles as comedic superheroes. One of them is really into spiders, while the other is more of a Star-Lord. Can you guess who they are? It’s Tom Holland and Chris Pratt. The duo had so much fun behind the scenes that they literally lost their voices. Both actors have brothers of their own and made time in their busy schedules to film together as much as possible. Don’t these two make work look fun?

The Manticore

Voice of Onward’s Manticore, one of Hollywood’s biggest names. Octavia Spencer has won both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for her role in “The Help,” and she recently voiced a little duck named Dab-Dab in “Dolittle.” Octavia used to be typecast in small roles, often as a nurse, before she skyrocketed to fame after “The Help.” Since then, she has starred in countless movies, such as “Hidden Figures” and “Instant Family.” And now, she even lent her voice to a Manticore in “Onward.”

Officer Gore

The comedian who plays Officer Gore in Onward is known for her stand-up specials “Baby Cobra” and “Hard Knock Wife,” as well as her role in the Netflix romantic comedy “Always Be My Maybe.” Do you know who she is? It’s Ali Wong! She was thrilled to take on the role of Officer Gore, as the character is one of the first openly gay figures in a Disney movie. This isn’t Ali’s only Disney voiceover credit, though – she also voiced Felony in “Ralph Breaks the Internet.” Ali has expressed her love for animation and is always open to more opportunities in the field.

Little Bo Peep

Actress, who voices Bo Peep in Toy Story 4, used to work as a secretary in Ghostbusters before she became a shepherd. She also plays Mima in Young Sheldon. Can you guess who she is? It’s Annie Potts! She has always been the voice of Bo Peep and even voiced the character in the recent Lamp Life short on Disney Plus. One of Annie’s biggest inspirations is Dolly Parton, and she loves any opportunity to play a strong female character, even if it’s an animated one like Bo.

Gabby Gabby

The actress who portrayed the character of bad dog Gabby Gabby is none other than Christina Hendricks. It’s quite amusing since she currently stars in a show named “Good Girls,” but her portrayal of Gabby Gabby in Toy Story 4 was quite remarkable. Her luscious red hair flips a lot like Gabby Gabby’s hair, which was a perfect choice for the role. If you are not familiar with Christina Hendricks, she is best known for her role in Mad Men. She enjoys portraying strong and powerful female characters. Recently, she also lent her voice to the character of officer Jackie in the animated movie Scoob!

Ducky and Bunny

Know that Key and Peele also worked together as writers and performers on the sketch comedy show “MADtv”? They’ve been collaborators for over a decade, and their chemistry onscreen is undeniable. In addition to their work on “Toy Story 4,” both have been busy with their own projects, including Peele’s Oscar-winning film “Get Out” and Key’s role in the TV series “Friends from College.” It’s always exciting to see what this dynamic duo will come up with next.


Did you know that three characters from Brave were voiced by Harry Potter stars? Let’s begin with Merida. This princess required a distinctive voice to embody her character, and this Scottish-born actress was the ideal selection. She has acted in Lassie and even portrayed Helena Ravenclaw in Harry Potter. Any guesses as to who she might be? It’s Kelly Macdonald, and she was thrilled to have starred in Pixar’s very first female-led film. She reprised her role as Merida in Ralph Breaks the Internet because it’s impossible to imagine anyone else in that role.

Queen Elinor

Another Harry Potter star lent her voice to Queen Eleanor and played Polly the parrot in Doolittle. Can you guess who it is? Well, as you may have already expected, it’s Emma Thompson. She’s a big fan of voiceover work and has even voiced the Elder in the Golden Globe-winning film “Missing Link.” And, of course, she also portrayed the divinations expert Professor Sybill Trelawney. But we’ve saved the most surprising Harry Potter star for last – this is the one you’ve all been waiting for.

Lord Dingwall

Do you know which prominent Harry Potter star lent their voice to Lord Dingwall? Here’s a clue – he’s quite literally massive. Can you guess who it is? It’s none other than Robbie Coltrane, who is better known for his role as Hagrid in the Harry Potter series. Robbie enjoyed his time working behind the microphone and bringing such a unique character to life. It was certainly less arduous than his role as Hagrid, where he had to wear heavy robes all the time. So, how did you do? Let us know in the comment section below how many voices you recognized.

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