Summary of 19 Goblin Anime: The cutest and most beautiful elf character of all time

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It appears to be an obvious choice for elves to be frequently depicted in anime, particularly considering the growing popularity of isekai and fantasy shows.

Summary of 19 Goblin Anime: The cutest and most beautiful elf character of all time
Summary of 19 Goblin Anime: The cutest and most beautiful elf character of all time

However, upon closer examination, I came to a realization: prominent elves, those that have endured the test of time, are not as abundant in anime as I had initially presumed. While they do make appearances in the aforementioned genres, they often serve as background characters primarily intended for worldbuilding purposes.

Therefore, this list aims to acknowledge the select few, yet powerful, elves (including half-elves) who have made a significant impact on anime history.

19. Zel

Anime: Interspecies Reviewers

Interspecies Reviewers is one of the most controversial anime series in recent years — and there’s something poetic about that.

But you can’t really stop the show:

It’s already out there. Everyone knows what Zel, Kanchal, and Stunk did and what the different succubi creatures have done to them.

You don’t even need to watch the entire show to see why I still remember Zel. Just check EP 01 and see how Zel is hilariously attracted to an old human woman (apparently just in her 50s) just because she has rich mana.

18. Fiel Nirvalen

Anime: Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere

Juana, the elf featured in this anime, may not fit the stereotypical image of an elf, but that’s precisely what makes her such a memorable character.

Imagine a curvaceous, blue-haired half-elf woman adorned with large plates on her shoulders and waist, as if she’s prepared to single-handedly defeat a mecha unit.

Without her pointy ears and her position as the queen of Tres España, which encompasses not only humans but also elves and half-elves, one might dismiss the notion of her being an elf altogether.

Yet, that’s the intriguing nature of the sci-fi world presented in Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere:

It introduces viewers to a queen with a keen eye for detail (and also serves as the student council vice-president) who may appear unapproachable but possesses a playful side—and she remains captivatingly attractive throughout (thanks to the exceptional portrayal by Rie Tanaka).

17. Mare Bello Fiore

Anime: Overlord

Yes, you’re reading this right:

I chose Mare Bello Fiore over his twin sister Aura Bella Fiora — and it definitely has something to do with the fact that Bukubukuchagama made him look like a trap.

This small and adorable dark elf, who has beautiful heterochromatic eyes, and ears that are rather long in relation to his body size, sports a seemingly timid and anxious image.

But while Mare Bello Fiore would rather laze around and read books instead of socializing, he’s a capable 6th Floor Guardian together with his sister.

Lastly, I just love the details in his character design. From the golden bangs and green cloak to his white skirt and gloves.

16. Juana (Horizon In The Middle Of Nowhere)

The Juana Horizon universe is populated by a diverse cast of characters, many of whom will make frequent appearances throughout the narrative.

Among these memorable figures, Juana stands out as a remarkable individual who embodies the dual roles of a Magical Girl Warrior and an assassin.

Driven by her unwavering determination, she solemnly pledges to harness her newfound abilities to thwart the Apocath, a formidable antagonist. Given the futuristic backdrop of the series, it becomes challenging to fathom how an ordinary person would respond to the extraordinary events that unfold within this captivating tale.

15. Lyrule

Anime: CHOYOYU!: High School Prodigies Have It Easy Even in Another World!

CHOYOYU came out rather recently, but I don’t blame anyone for forgetting that it exists. If it did stick into someone’s memories, it’s only due to the bad story and execution, among other things.

But there’s one notable positive thing about it:

Lyrule, the elven cutie (and deuteragonist) who’s just one letter away from having the same name as the kingdom in The Legend of Zelda.

While the high schoolers and secondary characters often annoyed me, Lyrule made me smile.

Her hair wasn’t neon or dark green, but more of a muted lighter shade of green, fitting her kindhearted personality.

Then you see her big blue eyes, the faint blush on her cheeks, and her smile (and her fanservice shots), and it suddenly feels like CHOYOYU could be saved from itself — but it can’t.

14. Puck (Berserk)

Puck is a character who is frequently depicted as a sassy elf. He is the Wind spirit of the utopian elf kingdom of Elfhelm, situated on the Skellig Islands in the Western Sea.

His strengths include secreting powder from his wings to heal wounds, emitting a bright flash to blind enemies, and throwing chestnuts.

His Bloody Needle attack is particularly devastating, and he has an unusual attachment to his female elf partner, Behelit Guts.

The first appearance of Puck in the series was when Guts was transforming a human girl named Jill into an elf.

She is a white elf with golden eyes and braided white hair. The elves have taken her hostage to protect her from the angry mob, but she is still confused about his identity.

Puck is infuriated by Guts’ lack of empathy for humans, and he flees for his life. When The Snake Baron is torturing guts and Koka, Puck is one of the elves who are the victim of their cruel rage.

Puck watches the two fight and eventually becomes enamoured with the Beherit in Vargas’ possession. Guts and Adolf are executed, and Puck is presented to the Count’s daughter Theresia.

He strikes up a small friendship with the Count’s daughter Theresia and convinces her to let him go. He vows to repay Guts’ kindness to him.

13. Riannon (Aquaplus)

A relative of Elf King Pywll, even though she doesn’t have pointed ears, she has a quiet nature. She is her clan’s soothsayer, and Priestess seized toward the start of the Tears to Tiara series and presented as a penance to the evil spirit lord, Arawn.

Riannon is saved by her sibling, Arthur. Arawn assumes the type of a man and joins their clan while concealing his personality.

Together, they battle against the Empire and the dim privileged insights of their reality.

12. Echidna (Queen’s Blade)

If you’re looking for an anime elf, then the Echidna is a perfect choice. This wild elf from Calibara is proficient with deadly weapons and blades.

But, while strong enough to compete in anime title tournaments, she doesn’t want to. Here’s why. Echidna has the following traits: Allean and Nowa face off against Irma and Echidna in the tournament.

Irma holds a grudge against her former teacher, Echidna, and feels abandoned by her. Nowa also asks Allean about his past with Echidna.

When they get to the final match, Allean and Nowa team up to defeat the Echidna. As the mother of Medusa, Echidna shares many traits with the snake-like creature.

Her armor is also themed after snakes, and her name reflects her similarity to the Egyptian ruler Menes. The anime Echidna has several controversies.

Even though she has multiple controversies, fans of anime elves should check out the Echidna Queen’s Blade for anime elves.

11. Victoria Samanark

Anime: Restaurant to Another World

Victoria Samanark was a welcome surprise in the already surprising slice-of-life isekai from Silver Link. I hold this show close to my heart because it accompanied my mundane and lonely mealtimes back then.

And I haven’t seen someone like Victoria in anime yet.

She’s a timid half-elf princess who dedicated her life to magic.

Perhaps it’s wrong to say it was a choice in the first place. Victoria wasn’t a pure-blooded human unlike her parents and her brother in the royal family, so she knew their constituents would take issue with her ascending to the throne.

Thus, developing her magic skills was her only practical option — but that proved to be very rewarding to both herself and the viewers.

The beautiful Victoria (I love her unique silver hairstyle and green gown) met Altorius because of magic, and it’s him who led her to the Nekoya restaurant where she fell in love with pudding, so much so that she developed some sort of refrigerator for the takeaway pudding.

10. Muller (Isekai Cheat Magician)

One of the primary characters in Isekai Cheat Magician, Muller, is the “Brilliant Swordswoman” and talented in fire and earth sorcery.

She turns out to be a speedy companion with cherished companions Taichi Nishimura and Rin Azuma when they are magically transported to dreamland with strong capacities out of nowhere.

Taichi can call essential spirits and utilize their power, while Rin can utilize earth, fire, water, and wind magic.

With their overwhelmed sorcery, the two get an experience’s society together with their extraordinary supernatural capacities to figure out how to get back home.

9. Pwyll

Anime: Tears to Tiara

Tears to Tiara has more elven characters with actual dialogue than most similar shows, but it’s Pwyll who I remember most.

For one, two main characters are his direct descendants. Namely, Riannon and Arthur.

Throughout the series, you’ll see other people how they behave in front of them upon realizing they’re related to the legendary king of the Elves who fought alongside Arawn against the army of Heaven.

Second, some believe that Pwyll reincarnated in the form of Arthur. Which could explain why the latter looks so much like him.

And lastly, even though his screen time was mostly in EP 22 through Arthur’s flashbacks, that alone was enough to show his strength, charisma, and his willingness to change if it meant protecting his people. Three essential qualities of a true leader.

8. Vegan Eldriel (Peter Grill And The Philosopher’s Time)

A pleased and vain elf minister with a self-resolution streak who wants to have a youngster with the most grounded hero on the planet, Peter Grill.

She is not alone. In this wish-satisfaction series, Peter Grill and the Philosopher’s Time, Peter is a strong Hero who generally has a wide range of young ladies that need to convey his kid favour with his capacities.

Peter makes an honest effort to ward off the ladies. He just needs to accompany one young lady, his adoration, Luvelia Sanctos.

Be that as it may, Vegan and other dream races won’t surrender with such ease, and Peter doesn’t know he can hold off their advances until the end of time.

7. Kokoro Natsume

Anime: Princess Connect Re:Dive

The many comparisons between Princess Connect! Re:Dive and KonoSuba are warranted because they do share the same genres and have the same director, Takaomi Kanasaki.

But Princess Connect has something the latter doesn’t:

The ultra-adorable (and small) Kokoro Natsume.

If you’ve played RPGs before, you’ll be reminded of those games when you first see her. After all, she’s the one who tells Yuuki all about the fantasy world — like in your typical video game tutorial.

And I love her character so much.

Kokoro has so many kawaii moments that I’ve forever saved as GIFs, and I like that she isn’t a bland elf. Yes, she has pointy ears. But she also has pink eyes and short white hair with a few curls in the right places.

I love her attire too: a mix of green, white, and gold, that evokes an oriental vibe. And I like how her lance (fitted with a blue gem) is taller than her.

6. Luna Heela (The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter)

One of the primary characters in The Hidden Dungeon Only I Can Enter is a half-elf minister who can decontaminate curses, however, at the expense of shortening her life expectancy.

Her difficulties are lifted when she meets classmates Noir and Emma. Despite being at the jug of the social stepping stool, aristocrats Noir Starga has an exceptional capacity to talk with the Great Sage about his reality and permits him to track down a mysterious prison with a wonderful lady tied up inside.

Noir turns into an understudy at Hero Academy to figure out how to free the lady.

5. Myucel Foaran

Anime: Outbreak Company

Okay, elves are amazing, right? But what if I told you Outbreak Company has a twin-tailed half-elf who not only has two years of military service, but is also a maid?

That’s Myucel Foaran for you.

Sadly, she lives in a world where not being pure-blooded is viewed as a bad thing. Prompting her to hide her elven ears all the time.

And that’s where Shinichi becomes a valuable person to her.

Since he’s not from her world (and because he’s an otaku), he doesn’t see anything wrong with her being a half-elf and having long, pointy ears. On the contrary, he finds them attractive (and he’s right).

Myucel is an amazing individual, a fast learner of the Japanese language, and someone who readily fulfills her duties (especially if it’s for Shinichi).

4. Marielle

Anime: Log Horizon

Marielle is far from the mysterious or timid kind of elf. In the video game she and the rest are trapped in, she’s an elf who’ll quickly give others a big hug.

It’s like she’s the personification of enthusiasm itself, always eager to meet and greet people — and you don’t even have to hear her speak to guess her personality.


Her character design already gives off a sense of being approachable, lively, and sociable. She’s one of the few female guild leaders, and unlike some women in the game, Marielle has no qualms interacting with and assisting male players.

Marielle isn’t that much older than Shiroe (and she has the energy of a teenager), but it’s easy to see why many players look up to her.

From being a 28-year-old NEET in the real world to a popular, caring, and reliable guild master in Elder Tale, Marielle is making the best out of her situation.

3. Tuka Luna Marceau

Anime: GATE

Tuka is 165 years old. But looks like a typical blonde teenager because she’s an elf.

She’s kawaii and is fashionable with her skinny blue jeans and a white short-sleeved shirt showing off her tummy. Yet life is far from easy for Tuka, having witnessed the destruction of her village and the death of her father.

So she initially has a delusion that her father is still alive when Itami rescues her. She even asks for sleeping space and food good enough for two people — and she thought of Itami as her father.

Itami has since helped her improve her mental and emotional health, and I wish her lifelong happiness.

Anyway, it’s amusing how elves like Tuka who have blonde hair and blue eyes are supposedly from a rare group — an ironic situation given how elf girls in anime usually have either one or both of those aspects.

2. Emilia – Re:Zero

Anime: Starting Life in Another World

It would’ve been a shock if Emilia wasn’t comfortably at the top of my list. There’s no other elf in anime history that’s as popular and beloved as her.

As the female MC of one of the biggest anime in recent memory, Emilia carries high expectations from fans.

Emilia has been discriminated against because she looks like Stella. She thinks she’s selfish when she’s being an earnestly selfless person. Lastly, she had a hard time adapting to the society beyond her home in the forest.

But none of those will stop Emilia from being the silver-haired, purple-eyed half-elf eager to become king (with Subaru a.k.a Rem’s heartbreaker as her loyal knight) and be of help to others.

She’s forever immortalized in Subaru’s viral “I love Emilia” scene, and her fame won’t wane in the near future, especially with the continued anime adaptation of Re:Zero.

1. Deedlit

Anime: Record of Lodoss War

Appearing way back in 1991 in the 13-episode OVA, Deedlit is the High Elf MC of the Record of Lodoss War: a beloved franchise built on high fantasy and adventure that just happened to get an adaptation.

The value of all sorts of creatures and races aren’t an afterthought here.

Deedlit and the rest aren’t just backdrops for a generic anime plot.

Like Celcia of Those Who Hunt Elves, Deedlit sports a vintage character design that makes her look more fabled and refined than her contemporaries (as opposed to just being a moe girl with pointy ears).

Her art and animation have stood the test of time. Her expressions and movement are undeniably hers (though at times pompous).

As a High Elf, Deedlit treasures nature and harnesses natural elements like wind and water for her magic. Her foes include dark elves and a dark wizard. And so her skills and her enemies point to her being an elf in the most classic sense of the word.

Most importantly, Deedlit evokes more a sense of magic and mystery over beauty and feminine allure (although she does exude both). This her the best individual to represent and champion the elven race in all of anime.


Anime elf girl

Anime elf boy

Anime elf ears

Anime elf drawing

Anime elf Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Q: What is an anime elf?
    A: An anime elf refers to a character depicted in anime or manga who belongs to the elf race. Elves are typically portrayed as humanoid creatures with long pointed ears, often possessing supernatural abilities and an affinity for nature.
  2. Q: Are anime elves always portrayed as good characters?
    A: No, anime elves can be depicted as either good or evil characters, depending on the story and the specific portrayal. While some anime series present elves as noble and wise beings who protect the natural world, others may depict them as mischievous or antagonistic.
  3. Q: What are some popular anime series featuring elves?
    A: There are several anime series that feature elves as part of their storylines. Some popular examples include “Sword Art Online,” “Fairy Tail,” “The Seven Deadly Sins,” “Overlord,” “Goblin Slayer,” and “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World.”
  4. Q: Can anime elves use magic?
    A: Yes, anime elves often possess magical abilities. Magic is a common characteristic associated with elves in many fantasy settings, including anime. They may use nature-based magic, healing spells, elemental magic, or have other unique magical skills.
  5. Q: Are there different types of anime elves?
    A: Yes, anime often presents various interpretations of elves. Different series may introduce their own lore and variations of elf characters. Some examples include high elves (noble and sophisticated), dark elves (mysterious and often associated with the underworld), wood elves (connected to forests and nature), and more.
  6. Q: What are some common physical features of anime elves?
    A: Anime elves typically share common physical traits such as long, pointed ears, slender builds, and ethereal beauty. They are often portrayed with long hair, vibrant eye colors, and a graceful demeanor. Their appearances can vary based on the specific series and artistic style.
  7. Q: Do anime elves have a specific role in anime storytelling?
    A: The role of anime elves varies depending on the story. They can serve as main characters, supporting characters, or even antagonists. Elves often bring a sense of mysticism, wisdom, and nature-related themes to the narrative, and their presence can enhance the overall fantasy atmosphere.
  8. Q: Are there any famous anime elf characters?
    A: Yes, there are several iconic anime elf characters that have gained significant popularity. Examples include Kirito from “Sword Art Online,” Erza Scarlet from “Fairy Tail,” Meliodas from “The Seven Deadly Sins,” Rem from “Re:Zero − Starting Life in Another World,” and Shalltear Bloodfallen from “Overlord.”
  9. Q: Can humans and elves have relationships in anime?
    A: Yes, romantic relationships between humans and elves are common in anime. Such relationships often explore themes of forbidden love, cultural differences, and the challenges faced by individuals from different backgrounds coming together.
  10. Q: Are there any anime specifically focused on elf characters?
    A: While there are anime series that prominently feature elves, there isn’t a widely known anime solely dedicated to elf characters. Elves are often incorporated as part of a larger fantasy world or as one of many magical races within a particular anime series.

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