The Demon Slayer In 18+ Detail Destroyed By Middle Kingdom

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Since its closing nearly a month ago, The Sword of Demon Slayer: Red Light Street is still an utter sensation and a subject of hot conversation amongst viewers. Without doubt, its powerful visuals like the iconic depiction of “reaching the top” of an anime village as well as an alluring narrative on killing demons undoubtedly drew admiration. Unfortunately, for those in China where strict censorship regarding 18+ aspects left fans with limited experiences. Despite the setback, this does not take away from the amazing elements that made this series so beloved to viewers from around the world.

The anime “Sword of Killing Demons” had quite a bumpy introduction to the Chinese market. Scene after scene, many of the female characters were presented in an over-sexualized manner which was deemed inappropriate for the young audience. To insure that younger viewers would not be exposed to such content, censoring was applied to many of them particularly Daki, Nezuko, and even the wives of Yin Uzui Tengen. This included hiding everything from the chest through to their thighs as a result of being set in a red light district. Thankfully the actions taken allowed editing out certain parts led some viewers to be able to watch this popular happy animated film.

The characters in the series Demon Slayer are often seen wearing outfits that are quite revealing. Despite this, the audience seems to be very happy and supportive of these costumes worn by the characters, even though there could be criticisms of it being overly sexualizing. Furthermore, Nezuko’s unexpected puberty has caused some controversy with her appearance being seen as somewhat erotic, though she is actually not a child and false assumptions were made from her look when watching The Sword of Demon Slayer. This level of support from viewers allows for these outfits to remain a part of the series without any backlash or criticism on its sexualization, giving fans an insight into a world inspired by Japanese folklore.

In the near future, anticipation is high for the return of part 3 of Demon Slayer Sword, Blacksmith Village. One scene in particular that has fans buzzing is the nude bathing scene featuring the new character Mitsuri. While it remains to be seen which direction the show will go and what liberties will be taken with the content, it’s a safe bet that this particular scene might not make it past censorship laws, considering how strict they are not just in China but many other parts of the world as well. Reactions to this news have been mixed among fans; some remain excited and optimistic over what shape the scene may take, while others see an uncomfortable reality looming and growing more certain with each passing day.



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