The Jeffrey Dahmer Phenomenon: Why Do We Love to Talk About Serial Killers?

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It seems that there’s always another story to tell about Jeffrey Dahmer. The serial killer and violent sex offender who killed more than 17 victims has been the subject of biopic and documentary after biopic and documentary. Most recently, Jeffrey was portrayed by Evan Peters (X-Men films series, WandaVision) in Netflix’s 10-part crime drama Dahmer — Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story. But even for someone as monstrous as Jeffrey Dahmer, people are bound to find some humor on the internet.

Whether it’s the spirit of Halloween or people’s odd obsessions with serial killers that fuel this trend, people love to poke fun or talk about serial killers as part of a societal norm. TikTok user

Jack Wright: Who is he? For his videos featuring Jeffrey Dahmer, this TikToker faced criticism.

Jack Wright is a TikToker who has more than 11 million followers and 701 million video likes. His numerous posts feature current dance styles, well-liked memes, and life updates in general. He still enjoys a high level of popularity on his profile, but not all of his videos have been warmly received.


@annakatealexis #duet with @jack.wright idk the math isn’t mathing… #DidYouYawn #nohate #confused #netflix ♬ PRACTICE – DaBaby

Jack dressed as Evan Peters’ Dahmer in a now-deleted video that was covered by publications like Insider by donning a white shirt, glasses, and splitting his hair.

“pov: psychopaths drinking milk by themselves,” said the caption above a video of Jack in costume drinking milk. Jack also played a song by the notoriously homophobic musician DaBaby.

Despite the fact that the video has since been removed, Jack Wright has already received a lot of negative feedback from other TikTokers. Many of them have combined their own reactions with the original video.

One viewer criticized everything from the subject to the music to the milk he sips, saying that the film “reeks of wickedness.”

Many people were perplexed by Jack’s decision to dress up as a serial killer and sex offender for fun. In a frightening YouTube video, Jack previously came forward to admit to being a victim of sexual assault. He claims that influencer Sienna Mae Gomez touched him improperly and without his will in his January 2022 video. The video has approximately 22 million views as of this writing.

Jack posted about his experience on social media, but his most recent Jeffrey Dahmer video has people perplexed about his message. Since then, Jack has continued to post videos on a regular basis, but many fans have left comments requesting that he personally address the topic.

One individual comments, “It will bite you back more and more the longer you ignore it. Just say something, dude. The very least you could do is that.”

Others merely ask him to “express regret.”

As of the time of this writing, Jack has not reacted in any manner to the criticism.

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