The Rise of Poultry-Carving on TikTok: What’s Behind the Crazy New Halloween Trick

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If you’re looking for a new way to get into the Halloween spirit, look no further than the latest TikTok challenge. This challenge involves carving pumpkins with chickens, and it’s proving to be a lot of fun!

We can’t help but watch as chickens carve pumpkins! TikTok’s challenge is described.

In a video that has now gone viral, user @Lissieasebes shared a tip she learnt on TikTok in late September.

So, a member of my Facebook chicken group claimed that if you only get a pumpkin started, the hens will continue to chew on it and carve it. Let’s see what kind of pumpkin my birds carve, she continued. Let’s begin!”

“Let’s wait and see! Day 1!”

@lissieasebes Replying to @daddygraxe #pumpkin #pumkincarving #chickenpumpkincarving #halloween #pumkinseason #farmlife #itsfallyall #farmlife #chickens #day2 ♬ original sound – LissieAsebes


Results of the chicken pumpkin carving contest are out!

The TikToker revealed her findings in a string of follow-up videos. Although they didn’t make much progress on the first day, the birds had in fact started carving the pumpkins. She revealed the outcome four days later, and it really turned out to be quite adorable.

@lissieasebes #pumpkin #pumpkincarving #pumpkincarvingchallenge #pumkincarvingideas #spookyseason #chickenpumpkin #chickenpumpkincarving #pumpkinseason #farmlife #chickenlifehack #chickenlife ♬ original sound – LissieAsebes


She has since tested the notion on the squirrels in her yard, but their results weren’t as good.

Several other animal owners on social media copied the TikToker’s experiment after it became popular, albeit some individuals had more success than others.

The people in charge of the official account for the Agua Hadionia Lagoon in Carlsbad, California, tried their luck at the challenge in a video that has received more than 890,000 likes so far.

But they went in a different direction than the OP. To make a “face” like a Jack-o’-Lantern, multiple huge holes were made in the pumpkin rather than little indentations. This approach was far more successful because the outcomes were noticeable right away.

Three big hens pecking a piece of art after the dinner bell rang was truly a sight to behold, especially for spectators who have trypophobia, which is the dread or revulsion of perforated objects or groups of tiny holes. Sponge, sunflowers, bubble wrap, and, of course, pumpkins with chicken carvings on them are other examples.

There is a fear about this, and I’m icking, commented one commenter. One more said, “Yes! Skin slithered so badly!

However, we’re still giving kudos to all of the birds who have been carving pumpkins around the globe!

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