Top 5 Best Moments in Season 1 Chainsaw Man

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Chainsaw Man
Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man’s first season ended with a bang, but the memories of all its most iconic scenes remain. From the haunting first intro to Denji’s transformation ten episodes later, from Makima’s crazy fight against Don Typhon to Star Spit’s coolest ability yet – Chainsaw Man had no shortage of intense and exciting scenes to captivate audiences near and far. The animation quality, masterfully executed music, and stellar storytelling are just some of the reasons why this show has been so popular over these past few months – a definite must-watch for any anime fan!

Let’s review the most notable scenes that made this anime famous!

1- Chainsaw Devil (Pochita)

Chainsaw Devil
Chainsaw Devil

The first moment included in this list is in the first episode of Chainsaw Man when Pochita decides to become Denji’s heart after he is cut in half by the Zombie Demons. The two make a pact with each other, and Pochita revives him in exchange for Denji promising to continue pursuing a better, happier life.

The sequel is the first dramatic fight scene of the series. Denji, now known as Chainsaw Man, uses the power of his inner Pochita to take revenge on the demons that have just killed him. A bloody fight scene accompanied by the film’s theme song delighted the audience on its debut episode.

2- Denji’s Drinking

Denji's Drinking
Denji’s Drinking

Of course, Chainsaw Man not only has bloody action scenes but also contains scenes of everyday life and the loveliness of the characters. In episode 7, the Demon hunters celebrated victory after fighting the Eternal Devil when a memorable moment occurred. It was Denji’s first kiss in a lousy situation that Himeno had snatched away.

It was placed on this list because fans felt sorry for Denji for what happened during his first kiss. However, it is also remembered because these are scenes of the daily life of the leading group of characters. It shows that our demon hunters can relax and rest after matches while also seeing their relationships developing for the better every day.

3- Bloody wars

Chainsaw man

The bloody battle scenes are the most indispensable and exciting part of Chainsaw Man. Following the previous stage, episode 8 shows a brutal fight between demon hunter teammates. Out of nowhere, the Demon Hunters of Special Team 4 are slaughtered by Katana Man, Akane Sawatari. Even characters like Himeno and Arai were murdered.

This episode is a rather unexpected event for anime viewers. It confirms that this drama does not follow the path of other anime but will always have unexpected deaths that are difficult to predict. This episode also tells the audience about the main antagonist in season 1.

4- Aki’s revenge

Chainsaw Man

If it comes to the most memorable moments in Chainsaw Man, the confrontation between Aki and Akane must appear on this list. Not only the main character Denji but Aki is also a person who is eyed by many Chainsaw Man fans.

When confronting Aki, Akane uses the power of the Devil to control Aki’s fighting ability. However, when it seemed that all hope had been extinguished, Aki recalled his previous memories with his lost friend Himeno. In that memory, Aki learned that the Devil uses his opponent’s fear as his weapon. After that, Aki stepped forward to face the Devil fearlessly and “shook his head”.

5- Katana Man vs Chainsaw Man

Chainsaw Man

To close out this list, the most satisfying fight in Chainsaw Man must be between Katana Man and Chainsaw Man. It’s a duel through the rooftops of Tokyo before both of them land and move on to melee in a moving ship.

When the match started, Denji seemed weaker and entirely overwhelmed by Katana Man. Later, however, he improved, all thanks to Kishibe’s earlier upbringing. This is also when the full strength and fighting ability of Denji, or Chainsaw Man, is on full display and becomes one of the best moments of the entire Chainsaw Man series.


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