Top 30 ugly pokemon and their power ranking

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, they say. However, when it comes to Pokémon, not all creatures are created equal in terms of aesthetic appeal. In this article, we dive into the realm of “ugly Pokémon” and present you with a list of the top 30 contenders, ranked based on their power and battling abilities. Prepare to witness the peculiar, the bizarre, and the downright unattractive as we explore the uncharted territory of these peculiar creatures.

Top 30 ugly pokemon and their power ranking
Top 30 ugly pokemon and their power ranking

From lumpy protrusions to asymmetrical features, these Pokémon have garnered a reputation for defying conventional standards of cuteness. While some may find them endearing in their own peculiar ways, others might struggle to appreciate their less-than-charming appearances. Nevertheless, one cannot deny the unique allure and fierce strength that many of these Pokémon possess in battle.

Throughout this article, we will not only delve into the power ranking of these less visually appealing Pokémon, but also shed light on the individual strengths and weaknesses that make them formidable contenders. Prepare to uncover the hidden potential behind the unconventional exteriors as we reveal the true power behind these less-loved creatures.

So, fasten your seatbelts, trainers, as we embark on a journey through the realm of the top 30 ugly Pokémon, where power, rather than appearance, takes center stage. Brace yourself for surprises, hidden talents, and a newfound appreciation for the unconventional as we explore these extraordinary creatures and their abilities that defy the odds.

30. Drowzee


Prepare for a surprise entry – behold the mesmerizing Pokémon, Drowzee!

This unsettling character, hailing from the original 151 Pokémon, draws inspiration from the Japanese legend of the Baku, a peculiar tapir-like creature known for devouring people’s unpleasant dreams.

While the notion of a dream-consuming tapir is already quite peculiar, it is Drowzee’s distinctive design that truly earns it a place in this list.

Not only does it possess the physique of a short, stocky elderly figure, but its face appears to be perpetually immersed in a mind-altering, spiritual revelation. It’s certainly an eerie sight!

Considering its appetite for bad dreams, one could speculate that its less-than-appealing appearance serves as an effective tactic to ensure a steady supply of sustenance. Perhaps its unconventional ugliness is a strategic advantage after all.

29. Seismitoad


I must admit, frogs and toads have never particularly captured my fascination. Unfortunately, this Water/Ground-type Pokémon does little to change my sentiment.

Seismitoad’s design is centered around the idea that each of the protruding lumps adorning its body possesses a unique power, ranging from inducing paralysis in foes to generating powerful vibrations.

However, these lumps resemble rather unpleasant tumors, and the fact that it even has a pair of them on its head raises further curiosity. What purpose do those mischievous growths serve up there?

The presence of these tormenting buds on its forehead gives Seismitoad a perpetually anguished appearance. It seems to mirror my own expression when enduring the discomfort of a toothache.

28. Purugly


Beauty truly lies in the eyes of the beholder, and this peculiar feline/tiger Pokémon perfectly exemplifies that notion.

These captivating creatures evolve from the elegant Glameow after being lavished with excessive care and attention by their trainers. As time passes, they grow larger, plumper, and develop a more cantankerous nature. In many ways, this mirrors the natural progression of a real-life cat.

However, if you happen to be a cat enthusiast, you understand the undeniable charm of a chubby feline—especially when it’s your very own chubby cat. The thought of having one of these grumpy fur-balls wreak havoc on your furniture and adding a delightful chaos to your life is incredibly appealing. Though, I must admit, accommodating such a sizable feline companion would necessitate moving to a more spacious abode.

27. Barbaracle


Renowned as the Collective Pokémon, Barbaracle transcends individuality and embodies the concept of community, which is also what contributes to its peculiar and unconventional appearance.

This unique Rock/Water-type creature is composed of a cluster of Binacle – precisely seven of them. Its limbs, torso, and even its head are merely distinct Binacle working in tandem, each dedicated to its own set of tasks.

One of the factors that adds to the unattractiveness of this Generation 6 critter, in my opinion, is the resemblance of the eyes on its hands to the unsettling Pale Man from Guillermo del Toro’s captivating masterpiece, Pan’s Labyrinth. While perhaps not as menacing or terrifying, Barbaracle shares a certain deformity that evokes a similar sense of unease.

Furthermore, its head itself is another hand, contributing to its overall enigmatic and bizarre composition.

26. Alolan Persian

Alolan Persian
Alolan Persian

Persian is one of those feline Pokémon that closely resembles a real-world cat, with just a hint of fantastical charm.

In an attempt to inject some excitement and uniqueness into its design, the talented team at Game Freak created an Alolan variant of this classic R/B/Y creature.

However, their choices for alterations can only be described as… peculiar.

This Dark-type kitty boasts a face so delightfully round that it almost appears as if a Meowth’s face has been seamlessly affixed onto a Persian’s body.

Moreover, the proportions seem a tad off when compared to the rest of Persian’s sleek physique.

It almost feels as if Dr. Frankenstein himself has joined the ranks at Game Freak. Trust me, there are Alolan Pokémon that exude much more charm and cuteness than this particular specimen.

25. Electivire


There are certain Pokémon that enter this world with the intention of adding a touch of terror, and Electivire exemplifies this notion perfectly.

Electabuzz was already considered somewhat unattractive, but its evolution introduced in Generation IV takes things to a whole new level of aesthetic unpleasantness.

It resembles a genetically-modified extraterrestrial gorilla, sporting a disconcertingly wild expression and peculiar tentacle-like appendages protruding from its back.

While some may argue that Electivire bears a resemblance to a bear of sorts, let’s be honest here! With its humanoid teeth, there is nothing remotely ursine about this peculiar creature.

In terms of Electric-types, it undeniably holds the crown for being the most unappealing and visually jarring.

24. Magmortar


Emerging from the depths of Ken Sugimori’s imaginative realm comes Magmortar, the final evolution of the fiery and endearing Magby, but with a twist that defies cuteness.

Debuting in Generation IV, Magmortar shares the same peculiar and otherworldly appearance as its counterpart, Electivire.

However, it has left behind the duck-like facial features of Magmar, replacing them with something resembling an inappropriate, outdated cartoon that would be deemed offensive by today’s standards.

The intensity of anger and resentment in its piercing gaze is undeniable…

Nonetheless, this Fire-type powerhouse is a formidable addition to any team, capable of obliterating adversaries in the blink of an eye. So, perhaps enduring its less-than-appealing visage is a small price to pay.

After all, it’s dubbed the Blast Pokémon for a reason!

23. Rhyperior


While Rhyperior undoubtedly stands as one of the most powerful evolutions of Generation IV, its appearance might not be its strongest suit. This evolved form of Rhydon takes a once sleek design and transforms it into a blocky, discolored, and stout figure.

The protruding overbite and the orange “life-vest” resembling design, draped over this lumpy and stump-like creature, do little to enhance its visual appeal. Rather than resembling a formidable drilling force, its nose horn appears as if it has been deceiving its fairy godmother. All in all, poor Rhyperior seems to prioritize function over fashion, emphasizing its practicality rather than its aesthetic charm.

22. Hippopotas


This adorable hippo appears to resemble a quirky bug-eyed muppet. At first glance, everything about it exudes a classic hippo charm, until your attention is drawn to those peculiar, lifeless eyes positioned closely together. There’s an intriguing peculiarity in the facial structure of Hippopotas, with its minuscule mouth and eyes contrasting with its massive nostrils.

The sideways movement of those eyes seems like it would cause discomfort, almost as if they were grinding against each other in a whimsical Sonic the Hedgehog fashion. Furthermore, both the male and female variations of this Pokémon are adorned with a captivating mix of blotchy brown and yellow hues, further adding to their unique appeal.

21. Cursola


This Pokémon serves as a powerful political statement, as evident in its design that evokes thoughts of endangered coral reefs, rather than focusing solely on aesthetic appeal.

Corsola, in its usual pre-evolution state, is characterized by a cheerful and pink appearance. However, in Galar, it assumes a haunting form to convey a poignant message about coral bleaching and the impact of climate change. In this ghostly manifestation, both Galarian Corsola and Cursola possess an unsettling quality that leaves a lasting impression.

20. Toxel


Toxel is the epitome of a brooding, sullen Pokémon. Its appearance veers away from the typical Pokémon aesthetic, resembling more of a purple extraterrestrial character from a cartoon. And when it lets out its cries, it’s akin to the voice of a rugged biker guy.

There’s something eerily unsettling about its countenance. What adds to the unease is its natural diaper, as there are no creatures in the natural world that are born with diapers. This deliberate reminder of human attributes amplifies the disconcerting factor. Moreover, the juxtaposition of Toxel being a Poison-type Pokémon while sporting a diaper brings forth some disquieting implications.

Toxel’s overall design is undeniably thought-provoking and evokes mixed emotions, making it stand out in the Pokémon world.

19. Slurpuff


Among the vast array of Fairy-type Pokémon, Slurpuff stands out as a prime contender for the title of the ugliest. This is particularly disheartening considering the abundance of cute and cuddly Fairy-types.

Although Slurpuff appears to be straight out of a whimsical Candyland, what truly unnerves is its mouth, with the tongue consistently protruding. The oversized mouth gives off a Pac-Man-esque vibe. Additionally, its hairstyle and clown-like white complexion exude an aura reminiscent of a clown.

Slurpuff may not embody the typical charm associated with Fairy-types, but its peculiar design certainly leaves a lasting impression.

18. Vullaby


This creature’s appearance is outright unattractive, with its angry eyes and the peculiar eggshell resembling a diaper. The recurring motif of placing diapers on Pokémon is quite baffling.

The concept of associating a human baby’s needs with a bird-like creature like Vullaby is rather unsettling. Especially when considering that Vullaby may be utilizing that eggshell as a makeshift diaper. Nobody enjoys the thought of bird droppings splattering their car or landing on them while they stroll, so envisioning an eggshell filled with such waste is far from pleasant. In addition to these factors, Vullaby’s overall aesthetic is far from pleasing. Its furious expression and bald, pink head are highly unappealing.

17. Amoonguss


In addition to the existential dread associated with a sentient mushroom, Amoonguss fails to garner any appeal due to its design. The overall curviness of its form, particularly its beer belly and peculiar alien-like mouth, serves only to boggle the mind.

Furthermore, Amoonguss shares a common trait with other Pokémon on this list: its eyes possess a perpetually angry expression. As if that wasn’t enough to unsettle you, it also features Pokeballs attached to its body for reasons unbeknownst. It’s no wonder that this Pokémon is widely despised, as the reasons for such disdain are readily apparent.

16. Guzzlord


Guzzlord, an Ultra Beast, belongs to a category of Pokémon intentionally crafted to possess an otherworldly and unattractive appearance, symbolizing their origin from a strange and distorted dimension. Thankfully, for those aiming to evoke such a vibe, Guzzlord fulfills this role flawlessly.

With its repugnant gnashing yellow teeth, arms protruding from its mouth, spiked ball-like tail, diminutive visage, and peculiar rounded claws, this Dark/Dragon-type creature is undeniably grotesque. Kudos to Game Freak for successfully bringing this abomination to life.

15. Alolan Grimer

Alolan Grimer
Alolan Grimer

Grimer may not possess innate beauty in its original state, but the inclusion of oversized comical teeth and a yellow border surrounding its mouth amplifies its peculiar charm. Through a mere color palette swap, the transformation becomes apparent.

The visual effect is akin to residual vomit swirling around its mouth, as if Grimer’s repulsiveness needed any further enhancement. The sickly and unpleasant shade of green chosen for its Alolan form only adds to the overall grotesque appearance. However, it is quite likely that Grimer was intentionally designed to be repulsive, much like Guzzlord. In that regard, the creators certainly achieved their objective.

14. Crabominable


Crabominable resembles a bizarre punching egg adorned with anime hillbilly hair. However, its most unattractive characteristics, like many unsightly Pokémon, reside in its face. The inclusion of eccentric teeth and wild eyes was a misstep in its design.

Anticipation grew among fans when a potential evolution for Crabrawler was hinted at prior to the release of Generation VII. Regrettably, the final revelation of this creature left the majority of people thoroughly disappointed.

13. Exploud


Exploud resembles a furious tangle of Majin Buu’s tentacles. Clearly, its design wasn’t aimed at capturing admiration. The sight of its colossal, wide-open mouth perpetually bellowing is rather dreadful, and its crimson eyes are far from pleasing. Thankfully, it doesn’t appear as repulsive when its mouth is shut.

Unfortunately, like several regrettable contenders on this roster, it falls victim to unsightly teeth once again. Why does it possess only a few teeth, and why are they positioned where they are?

14. Kricketune


Kricketune’s design is generally acceptable until you reach the point where it sports a mustache and the concept of “bug hair.” Why on earth would a cricket need a mustache? I understand that it’s meant to give off the appearance of a musical composer, but it’s honestly quite repulsive to think about.

To add to the unease, Kricketune’s mustache grows above its nose, which triggers an uncanny valley effect. The combination of these peculiar features creates a sense of discomfort and makes you question the logic behind its design choices.

13. Galarian Mr. Mime

Galarian Mr. Mime
Galarian Mr. Mime

Mr. Mime was already a Pokémon that unsettled many fans with its peculiar vibes and creepy demeanor. However, in the Galar region, it received a new regional variant that doesn’t fare much better. Instead of being a creepy, silent mime, Galarian Mr. Mime takes on the role of a tap dancer, moving in a peculiar manner while maintaining its unnerving silent gaze.

The way it moves, with its unnatural steps, is unsettling. Its large, unblinking eyes only add to the creepiness, and its sharp, triangular nose gives it a bizarre appearance. Moreover, the odd horns on its head resemble bird wings that could have been drawn by a child. All in all, this Pokémon manages to be consistently disconcerting in every aspect.

12. Gurrdurr


When it comes to the ugliest Fighting-type Pokémon, it’s a tough call between Conkeldurr and Gurdurr, as they both vie for the title. Each has its own reasons for claiming the top spot, but there’s no denying their inherent ugliness.

As if the clown-like appearance wasn’t off-putting enough, Conkeldurr takes it a step further with its peculiar hair. Instead of resembling an afro, it looks more like a bubbling tumor perched atop its head. Paired with its Vegeta-like eyes and an unnatural clown nose, this Pokémon is undeniably and unequivocally hideous.

11. Darmanitan


Yokai Watch creatures were never intended to be aesthetically pleasing, and this design philosophy is evident in Darmanitan. It certainly doesn’t qualify as a visually appealing Pokémon. Its unsettling gnashing teeth, eerie gaze, and overall spherical shape with disproportionately long arms contribute to its unattractive appearance.

To make matters worse, Darmanitan’s Zen Mode takes its ugliness to a whole new level. In this form, it loses its pupils and hovers in the air. Thankfully, the colors in Zen Mode are somewhat less gaudy.

10. Victreebell


The moment I laid my eyes on this Pokémon during the anime TV series, I made a firm resolution never to rely on grass-type Pokémon again. Its appearance was so repulsively hideous, it left an indelible mark on my memory.

Victreebel’s design is truly dreadful; it resembles a water jug with leaves awkwardly stuck in place instead of handles. As if that wasn’t enough, this Pokémon actually devours smaller Pokémon and dissolves them using acidic substances within its body.

To make matters worse, Victreebel exploits the same acid to lure unsuspecting Pokémon, using its fangs to push them into a metaphorical well of despair. The sheer malevolence and grotesqueness of its actions cannot be overstated.

It’s no wonder that this Pokémon has become associated with Team Rocket, embodying both wickedness and ugliness. It frequently assumes the role of the antagonist in many acclaimed Pokémon fan games, further cementing its notorious reputation.

9. Omastar


Where should I even begin with Omastar? When it comes to Pokémon inspired by aquatic creatures, it undeniably possesses one of the least appealing designs, despite being perceived as “cute” by some.

Its shell and body serve as a defensive mechanism, which is all well and good. However, once you gaze into its menacing eyes, you can’t help but sense the presence of an angry and unsightly Pokémon.

Let’s not forget that this Pokémon actually went extinct due to its inability to bear the weight of its own shell, consequently rendering it incapable of capturing its prey. It tragically starved to death in a world teeming with countless other creatures!

I realize this fact doesn’t directly contribute to why Omastar is considered one of the ugliest Pokémon, but it was too intriguing not to mention!

8. Natu

Natu resembles the doodles young children create when attempting to draw an overweight bird. Its parrot-like appearance lacks any sense of proportion, making it possibly the least aerodynamic bird I’ve ever come across.

Its face encompasses its entire body, with disproportionately thin yet large eyes that send shivers down your spine when you see the bird head-on. That’s how unappealing it looks in the game.

Furthermore, Natu’s color scheme leaves much to be desired. The combination of green and red gives it the appearance of a watermelon lost in the jungle. Although its wings provide a touch of yellow, adding some variation to the red and green, they are utterly useless as Natu cannot even fly.

With wings that serve no purpose and its ability to haunt our nightmares, it’s no wonder Natu has earned a well-deserved place on the list of the ugliest Pokémon.

7. Lileep


Next up, we encounter a Pokémon that resembles a flower, yet is not one. It gives off an impression of being an octopus, while not actually being one. It even appears to resemble a tree, but again, it falls short. I’m, of course, referring to the peculiar creation known as Lileep.

I can’t fathom what the designer was thinking when crafting Lileep. This Pokémon doesn’t even resemble a Pokémon at all; rather, it resembles a random inanimate object one might stumble upon while strolling along the beach.

The confusion intensifies when it comes to the placement of its eyes. Are they on the top of its head, or are they located on its chest? The uncertainty surrounding its anatomy only fuels my growing urge to give it a swift kick across the sandy shores. In my opinion, this unsightly Pokémon has earned its spot on the list due to the lack of innovative design choices made during its creation.

6. Binacle


The moment I laid eyes on Binnacle’s design, I burst into uncontrollable laughter. I simply couldn’t comprehend how something like this managed to pass the scrutiny of the creators and become part of the franchise.

I understand that the Pokémon is inspired by a rather unremarkable creature (goose barnacles), but they could have surely executed it with more finesse.

Binacle just appears to be two hands protruding from a rock, seemingly annoyed with each other, resembling a long-term couple who have spent 40 years together.

Even now, as I write this, I remain clueless about its intended representation. It’s as if the design is an enigma waiting to be unraveled.

5. Bruxish


Bruxish, a resident of the Alola region, finds itself amidst a plethora of water Pokémon, many of which are fish-like in appearance. However, to label Bruxish as a fish-inspired Pokémon would be an affront to fish all across the globe; that’s how unattractive it is.

The name “Bruxish” cleverly plays on the term “bruxism” (the act of grinding one’s teeth), but that doesn’t justify giving it teeth that resemble those of a demon or the exaggerated lips of a Barbie doll!

Furthermore, why does it sport enormous eyelashes? Is Gamefreak attempting to make it appear seductive or alluring? This only adds more peculiarity to an already peculiar Pokémon. As if its features weren’t peculiar enough, the artist decided to incorporate the most audacious color combination into this tiny fish. Blue, yellow, pink, and purple—the question arises, where does one’s gaze settle first?

4. Flapple


I used to hold Dragon-type Pokémon in the highest regard, as I had yet to come across a single poorly designed member of this category. Almost every Dragon-type Pokémon became a beloved fan favorite in each generation, and rightfully so. After all, they embody the majestic and awe-inspiring essence of dragons. Who doesn’t love dragons?

However, my perception took a complete turn when I stumbled upon a Grass/Dragon-type Pokémon from the eighth generation games. Some might argue that it isn’t ugly at all and, in fact, quite cute. We’re more than happy to acknowledge that perspective. But just imagine if this Pokémon were to exist in the real world. It would be undeniably unappealing.

A dragon drawing inspiration from an apple? A dragon should be based on the legendary monsters found in folk tales from all corners of the globe, not an apple.

While an apple a day may keep the doctor away, in this case, I’d rather seek medical assistance than be anywhere near this creature. It is the final form of Applin, a Pokémon that resembles an apple. In its ultimate form, it simply grows taller with the same apple appearing above and below its body.

And here’s the kicker: it uses this apple to camouflage itself in the wild by closing the upper and lower parts. Who knows, maybe next we’ll encounter a banana-inspired Dragon that peels its skin to conceal itself in nature. Come on, Gamefreak, we believe you can deliver better than that!

3. Dracovish


The eighth generation of Pokémon games truly shattered my love for dragons and banished it to the deepest recesses where it may never resurface again. If you find yourself confused about the various generations, feel free to check out the Pokémon games in chronological order!

Yet another Dragon-type Pokémon that fell victim to ruin is a fossil dragon with tremendous potential. However, Gamefreak managed to conjure up this monstrosity…

It appears as though a massive creature took a bite out of its stomach and left it to suffer. The design gives off the impression of a person wearing a mismatched costume; just take a glance at its head, which seems entirely detached from its green body. While I understand the intention behind it, the designers truly excelled at making this creature exude ugliness.

Without a doubt, this ranks among the ugliest Pokémon within the vast array of creatures.

2. Probopass


I have vivid memories of exploring the Hoenn region, enjoying a tranquil day of capturing wild Pokémon, when suddenly, I encountered Nosepass. Its design was so peculiar that I found myself turning to the internet to verify if it was some sort of hidden gem or if someone had intentionally added this Pokémon just to play a prank on unsuspecting trainers like myself.

To me, it resembled a villain from a Mario game more than a typical Pokémon.

Now, imagine taking that already questionable Pokémon and giving it an even worse evolved form. Probopass takes all the flaws of Nosepass and amplifies them by a hundredfold, resulting in an abomination that haunts my nightmares.

It possesses humanoid eyes, a prominent nose, and iron fillings that curiously resemble a mustache. Initially, I didn’t perceive it as a mustache; I mistook it for nose hair…

That’s precisely why I always “pass” whenever a Probopass appears in the game. Would you consider this Pokémon to be among the ugliest creatures in the Pokémon universe?

1. Jynx


You couldn’t be more mistaken if you thought any Pokémon other than Jynx would claim the coveted number one spot on this list of ugliest Pokémon.

Jynx has consistently held the title of the ugliest Pokémon across countless rankings, regardless of the source, and rightfully so.

Why does a Pokémon attempt to resemble a human woman? It gives me the creeps, and that’s precisely why many of the finest Pokémon ROM hacks feature her as a wicked character.

I can still vividly recall the first time Jynx appeared in the anime. It frightened me. The emotionless face, combined with those disproportionately large lips and blond hair, was a recipe for disaster. It felt as though Nicki Minaj had stepped directly into the animated TV show.

As if that weren’t enough, many have accused Pokémon of basing this particular Pokémon on characters with blackface, igniting intense anger among Pokémon fans several years ago. Others believe it represents drag queen culture. Regardless, it’s clear that this Pokémon is far from being considered visually appealing.

Ugly pokemon cards

Ugly pokemon plush

Which is your favorite ugly pokemon?

Perhaps at the moment Jynx is the most popular character because although it has a pretty ugly interface, it is also very lovely and unique. Contrary to the weakness in appearance, but in return Jynx possesses an extremely terrible strength if you already know this character. And if you don’t know this character, let’s take a look now and check if this is a character that possesses the most powerful power and is being loved by many people because of the power that this pokemon possesses.

Personally, my favorite ugly pokemon is Probopass

Although only ranked in 2nd place, but Probopass is my favorite character because of his unique appearance with funny big eyes and long, curly beard – it looks very funny. Along with that is a hat and a very big red nose. These funny and funny elements are what I love about this character. In addition, Probopass possesses a power that is not inferior to the top characters. What about you and your favorite ugly pokemon? Leave a comment below in the comments section!

Ugly pokemon Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is considered an “ugly” Pokémon?
    This is subjective and can vary greatly between individuals. Some may find a Pokémon unattractive due to its design, color scheme, or even its in-game lore. What is considered “ugly” to one person might be “charming” or “unique” to another.
  2. What are some Pokémon often deemed “ugly” by the community?
    Some Pokémon are often singled out due to their unconventional or unappealing designs. These can include Pokémon like Garbodor, Trubbish, Muk, Grimer, or Probopass. However, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and all Pokémon have their fans!
  3. Does an “ugly” Pokémon mean it is weak in battle?
    Not at all. The aesthetic of a Pokémon has no bearing on its abilities in battle. For instance, Garbodor, often viewed as unattractive because it is essentially a pile of trash, can be quite strong in battle with the right moveset and strategy.
  4. Why does Game Freak design “ugly” Pokémon?
    Pokémon designs are intended to be varied and diverse to appeal to a wide audience. Some designs are based on real animals, while others are based on inanimate objects or mythical creatures. The designers aim to cater to all tastes, which means not every Pokémon will be conventionally “cute” or “cool.”
  5. Can “ugly” Pokémon evolve into more aesthetically pleasing forms?
    Sometimes, yes. Many Pokémon change appearance significantly when they evolve, and some might become more appealing. However, this isn’t a guarantee—sometimes, a Pokémon evolution might be seen as even “uglier” than its previous form.
  6. What purpose do “ugly” Pokémon serve in the games?
    Just like in the real world, not all creatures are conventionally attractive. “Ugly” Pokémon add to the diversity and realism of the Pokémon world, illustrating that not all creatures need to be beautiful to exist and thrive.
  7. Can “ugly” Pokémon be shiny?
    Yes, all Pokémon have shiny variants, which can sometimes change their coloring significantly. In some cases, a shiny form might even be considered more attractive than the original coloring.



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