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In the manga and anime series “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba,” Tanjiro is a demon slayer and the main protagonist. He starts off as a relatively weak and inexperienced fighter, but through hard training and battles, he becomes stronger and more skilled. By the end of the series, Tanjiro is considered to be one of the strongest demon slayers and has defeated several powerful demons. However, the exact measure of his strength is not quantified in the series.

Tanjiro’s strength also stems from his determination, bravery, and compassion, which make him a formidable opponent against demons. He is able to harness his breathing techniques, which allows him to control his own blood and use it to enhance his physical abilities. Additionally, Tanjiro has mastered the art of the “Water Dance,” a unique fighting style that involves fluid movements and precise strikes. These factors combined make Tanjiro a strong and capable demon slayer. However, as with any character in the series, his power is constantly evolving, and he continues to grow stronger as he faces new challenges.

Tanjiro Kamado

Tanjiro is known to be a kind individual by nature and to become emotional in trying circumstances. He loves and cares for his family and friends and strongly desires to look after them. He is determined to find a cure for his sister Nezuko so that she can once again become a human. Despite his inherent goodness and compassion, he does become irritated by certain things, such as Zenitsu’s unceasing sobbing and whimpering and Inosuke’s primitive behaviour. Even though Tanjiro appears to have a weak and sensitive demeanour, he occasionally experiences fits of rage, especially when he believes that one of his friends or family is in danger.
Tanjiro is portrayed as a strong fighter who never backs down from a fight throughout the entire series. His augmented superhuman traits, which include keen senses and vast intelligence, give him an advantage over his foes in battle. He also has impressive swordsmanship. As he can outwit opponents and catch them off guard, his wits and fast assaults have frequently rescued him. He managed to engage the first monster he ever encountered in a confrontation and slit its neck.
In the series, Tanjiro and his sister (Nezuko) have encountered numerous monsters, but they have all been defeated by their sheer will and tenacity. Tanjiro used his superior mind and swordsmanship to defeat Susamaru while fighting the more knowledgeable and formidable demons Yahaba and Yahaba during the battle. Another time was when Tanjiro confronted Kyogai, a hard monster who had once been a member of the Twelve Kizuki (one of the strongest demon clans in existence). He could decipher the mansion’s movement patterns as it advanced autonomously to overthrow Kyogai. Later, Tanjiro defeats Rui, a lower rank five demon, and the Mother and Father spider demons.
Tanjiro continued to advance in his training, becoming stronger and stronger. He beat Enmu, a lower-rank demon, after mastering the entire focus, which enhanced his skills. Flame Hashira, Kyojuro’s passing was also a driving force in Tanjiro’s development as a demon slayer; it inspired him to become even more powerful. One of Tanjiro’s distinguishing characteristics is the flame-like scar on his forehead. The demon slayer scar increases Tanjiro’s speed, strength, and reflexes when activated. Tanjiro first uses this mark in battle with the Upper-Rank Six demon Gyutaro, giving him the power to unleash techniques to defeat him.

Skills, Methods, and Swordsmanship

Tanjiro has the power to use special skills like the transparent world and the capacity to predict an enemy’s assault by analyzing their blood flow and muscles. Tanjiro can quicken his movements thanks to this power. A very potent ability that Tanjiro unleashed is called Bright Red Nichirin Sword. This ability was initially unlocked when his sister ignited his sword on fire using Blood Demon art, allowing him to make more devastating attacks against his foe. Tanjiro has the power to detect even the faintest fragrance over great distances, thanks to his enhanced sense of smell.
Tanjiro is frequently credited with having an exact aim and trajectory while pointing firearms at his opponents. After murdering Kyojuro, he could launch his sword across a considerable distance before it penetrated Akaza’s body as he fled the conflict. In addition, Tanjiro is significantly more intelligent than his companions, as seen by the fact that he can plan out his following movements before applying them to his adversary. He also has a keen sensory understanding because he can feel the presence of demons. Tanjiro’s extraordinary strength allows him to move quickly and jump over vast buildings and distances. It also allows him to overwhelm his opponents and avoid assaults at incredible rates.

In addition to his skills, Tanjiro has a solid physical manoeuvre he uses for defence called Hard Skull. His skull is as solid as a rock, and he has headbutted opponents to disengage from close combat by making them freeze. In contrast to his friend Inosuke, Tanjiro uses strategy and intuition to battle. He observes the actions of his opponents and searches for openings and weak points that he may use to his advantage. Tanjiro’s speed and reflexes are also a talent that shouldn’t be underestimated. He can move quickly while flashing his sword, and when you combine it with his adaptable reflexes, he becomes an even more fearsome foe. When fighting enemies, his stamina is also a critical factor in giving him the upper hand because it allows him to continuously move around the area for extended periods while launching attacks at his foes.
Although seriously injured, Tanjiro still finds the strength to push on, no matter how many times he is knocked down. This unbridled spirit to win a fight no matter what has also helped him defeat his enemies. He also goes above and beyond when he is aware that his sister or other soldiers are in danger and yet manages to muster the strength to the battle.
Tanjiro appeared destined to be a skilled swordsman; his strength increased the more demons he confronted. His confrontations with superior demons helped him hone his technique and repeatedly demonstrate his deserving of the title of Hashira. He can quickly block and counterattack his opponents while wielding his sword. Tanjiro, a fairly youthful swordsman, could outperform most of his more experienced peers.

Breathing Methods And Styles

For the Demon Slayer Corps, breathing techniques are essential; without them, they might struggle to defeat demons. All breathing patterns, including those that imitate elements like water, flame, and wind, are claimed to have descended from Sun breathing. A Demon Slayer can unleash a strong attack on their adversaries by breathing while using their weapon.

Concentration: When a person breathes, they inhale the most oxygen possible while maintaining a breathing pattern. This has several advantages for the person, including enhanced physical and mental capabilities. Along with enhancing traits like quickness and agility, it also clots wounds and slows the spread of poison.

Tanjiro’s first breathing technique was Water Breathing, which he learned from Sakonji Urokodaki, a former Water Hashira and Water Breathing Cultivator. Only the Kamado Family is aware of and teaches Hinokami Kagura, Dance of the Fire God, which is subsequently revealed to be the first breathing technique, Sun Breathing. Every generation, it has been reported that the Hanafuda earrings and the Hinokami Kagura are handed down from father to son.

Several methods Tanjiro also employs are His first form, the Water Surface Slash, enables him to produce a focused, potent slash. He soars into the air and transforms into his second form, the Water Wheel, where he spins while unleashing an assault. Improved Lateral Water Wheel in the second form releases a horizontal spin as opposed to a vertical one. The third form, “Flowing Dance,” is an assault that flows and winds, slicing anything in its path. The fourth form, “Striking Tide,” is an attack that twists and slashes repeatedly.

The Fifth Form follows this, Blessed Rain After the Drought also referred to as the “sword stroke of kindness,” which inflicts minimal to no suffering on the adversary. Sixth Form: Whirlpool – An air whirlpool caused by a whirlpool-style attack. Drop Ripple Thrust, seventh form: A swift and accurate stab on the opposition. Waterfall Basin, an attack that used to slice an opponent vertically, was the eighth form. Splashing in ninth form Using the footwork technique known as “Water Flow,” erratic and Constant Flux, the tenth form, is a powerful flowing assault that resembles a water dragon. These are only a few of the many skills Tanjiro possesses.

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