Zendaya and the Cast of Euphoria Discuss What They Want for Their Characters in Season 3

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The cast of HBO’s hit series, Euphoria, has expressed what they hope for their characters in season 3. The show is currently in hiatus while writer Sam Levinson works on the next installment of the series. In the mean time, Zendaya, Sydney Sweeney, Hunter Schafer, and Maude Apatow have discussed how their characters can find euphoria.

Zendaya, Euphoria Cast Members Discuss Their Hopes for Season 3

One of HBO’s flagships is Euphoria. In the movie Euphoria, Zendaya plays Rue Bennett, a teenage girl who develops a heroin addiction after her father’s passing. Her battle with mental health and sobriety serves as the story’s emotional centre. She also has several mental diseases and actions to regulate them all. Sweeney portrays Cassie Howard, one of Rue’s acquaintances who lacks the concept of self-love and instead seeks approval from males. Jules Vaughn, a young woman played by Schafer, is also searching for affirmation through love relationships. The girl who struggles to be heard, Lexi Howard, is Rue’s best friend, and she is Apatow.

The actresses spoke about their roles during an awards night Q&A after seeing the season 2 episode “Stand Still Like a Hummingbird,” which saw Rue evading her mother (Nika King) and sister (Storm Reid) as they pushed her to go to rehab. Family is what Cassie needs, according to Sweeney. However, Apatow, who plays Cassie’s sister Lexi, believes that her character should stop trying to bring herself down and stop talking negatively about herself.
Schafer revealed that Jules is seeking intimacy with someone else while also looking for someone who will not criticize her. Jules, a character who identifies as LGBTQ+, has encountered many challenges in her quest for self-acceptance. Rue, according to Zendaya, “is essentially just to be able to be alive and maybe enjoy it,” to put it simply. She wished Rue “a little bit of happiness and a little bit of joy,” she said.
Rue’s mental health and her quest for happiness have repeatedly been the subject of the series. Her other mental health concerns make her numb and unable to enjoy life, so she turns to narcotics since they give her the aforementioned “euphoria.” Bipolar disorder, OCD, and possibly a few more conditions are listed as the character’s diagnoses. Many people can identify with Rue’s struggle with these afflictions.

Zendaya adds that the series creator, Levinson, based Rue’s troubles on his struggles with addiction. She claims that this is the reason Levinson’s success shows optimism that Rue can survive the series and come out okay.

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